Hello all, Im 47 and want to start traveling extensively. I am looking for someone who wants to get to know each other through emails and then starting next fall I plan on getting out to see the world. I love to hike, snorkel, I want to learn to surf and dive. I get along usually better with women, I had 4 aunts growing up as a kid, a young mother, and not really any male figures in my life so I just tend to talk better with the opposite sex. I am not looking for romantic interludes but if it happens so be it. I am looking for good people who want to be around other good people. So if anyone wants to get to know me for future trips please contact me. Also if you are interested in hiking in the Catskills or Adirondacks I have plenty of gear and could easily guide a trip. Take care and good luck to everyone on their trips. Joe

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