Hello together :) After my Tr

Hello together 🙂 After my Travelbuddy unfortunately had to cancel spontaneously, I am urgently looking for open-minded and travel-enthusiastic people the desire to travel together from 20.10 to 6.11 the northern part of India. I would prefer to travel with women or in a mixed group. My imagination so far is from 22.10 in the direction of Punjab to the Golden Temple continue to Dharamsala and Shimla to travel to explore the diversity of nature and culture. Basically, apart from staying in the Ashram at the Phool Chatti Ashram (26.11-01.11), I am open to any suggestions and I always enjoy traveling without a plan. Spontaneously, most of the best things happen – in this sense, I am very happy about your messages !! Greetings from Gurgaon. Cheers, Lisa (weingartner_lisa@yahoo.de)

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