Hi, I am currently university

Hi, I am currently university student in Canada. Planning to travel during 20th December to 9th Jan in Europe. Here is my travel itinerary: 20th to 23th Rome,Italy 23th to 25th Florence,Italy 25th to 26th Milan,Italy 26th to 27th Interlaken ,Swiss 27th to 28th Bern ,Swiss 28th to 1st Jan 2020 Paris, France (Countdown New year eve at Eiffel Tower) 1st to 4th Nice, Monaco City, Cannes 4th to 9th Barcelona, Spain. If you are interested in or you have a part of plan in common, please be free to contact me. We can visit spots, have lunch/dinner, take bus/train together. All expenses go dutch. Btw I am Chinese male, whatever you are boy or girl, wherever you come from, as long as you are easy-going and travel lover. I just wanna see the world:)

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