Thinking of doing something d

Thinking of doing something different this year.As I am to be made redundant this summer I thought it would be a good time to exploit having up to 2 months off to travel, that’s if all this blows over and we can travel abroad again by August/ September. I have thought about India but don’t think I could hack it. Have done all South East Asia, Much of the Americas etc. I came across a hike, The Camino de Santiago, many do as pilgrimage or spiritual reasons but I just want to take in the beauty of the walk. It is 800km in total. It should be done in 35 days averaging 20-25 km per day. Signposted all the way, cheap accommodation along the way but I plan on only using those dorm facilities only when there is no other reasonable option. I was hoping someone might have some experience of this or others willing to take up the challenge. Drop me a lineJason

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