Hello there! So, Im a French

Hello there! So, Im a French woman finally ready to start my dream (traveling) life! Thanks 2020!! Looking for traveling partner/team to navigate across the Atlantic and go to South/Central America. Reasy to start traveling from September-December 2020 depending on how we are allowed to start traveling again. Im used to travel, live in communities/with people, adapt to any way of living although Im more careful whose energy I choose to have my own get mixed with. Im very social, but tend to become more of a happy loner for a while now. Im also a mother of a 7yo child. Im thinking how I can either have him travel with me full time for a year or how to take him a few months over here and there. I’ll find a way to make him happy and still achieve my goals and dreamlife. Im thinking of traveling from communities to communities once in South/Central America and maybe buy a piece of land or settle in a quiet place at some point over there. If you have any plans that could meet mines, or you have a boat and look for a motivated partner to go around the world even (im not stuck on South/Central America though I think it’s a limitless continent to start exploring), then come on just write me!!!

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