Hi! I need a female travel bu

Hi! I need a female travel buddy/buddies who is/are also going to Lover Fest West Taylor Swift Festival in Los Angeles in 2021. I will be flying business class form LHR London Heathrow, United Kingdom to LAX Los Angeles, California USA from the 24th of July returning on the 28th of July. I will be staying in an AirBnB on the nights of the 24th and 27th, in The Beverley Hills Hotel in the cheapest room on the nights of the 25th and 26th of July and plan on doing some sightseeing on the 27th in the day. I hope you can join me and make my dream a reality and give me someone to go with, as otherwise the trip won’t happen if I have no one to go with. Kind Regards, Lucy 🙂 xoxo

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