The Adults Party Art Experience offers a unique opportunity for groups to explore their creative sides. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a complete beginner, this event caters to a range of skill levels and interests. With options ranging from 40-minute painting sessions to 2.5-hour multi-art workshops, there’s something to suit every preference. What’s more, the inclusive nature of the experience means you can indulge your artistic flair without the hassle of organizing supplies. So, why not gather your colleagues, friends, or family and discover the joy of artistic expression together?

Key Points

  • Offers a range of creative activities like canvas painting, fluid art, and shooting/spinning art for groups of 5-80 people.
  • Prices start from €61.87 per person with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Provides all necessary supplies, including premium acrylic paints, brushes, and protective clothing.
  • Caters to both experienced artists and complete beginners, focusing on unleashing inner creativity.
  • Promises a dynamic and action-packed art experience, suitable for team-building or social gatherings.


Adults Party Art Experience - Overview

The adults party art experience offers a range of creative activities, catering to groups of 5-6 people up to 80 people.

Prices start from €61.87 per person, with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

Participants can choose from various options, including the 40-minute Art Splash canvas painting, the 1.5-hour Art Touch fluid art experience, the 1.5-hour Art Shot shooting and spinning art experience, or the 2.5-hour Art Blast which combines shooting, spinning, and fluid art.

All experiences include canvas, paint, and premium clothes protection, allowing guests to dive into the world of art without worry.

Comfortable shoes and clothes are the only requirements to enjoy this unique party art adventure.

Duration and Capacity

Adults Party Art Experience - Duration and Capacity

The adults party art experience caters to a range of group sizes, with a minimum of 5-6 people and a maximum of up to 80 participants.

Depending on the chosen activity, the duration of the experiences varies from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours.

For the Art Splash option, guests can enjoy a 40-minute canvas painting session, while the Art Touch and Art Shot experiences last 1.5 hours and include fluid art and shooting/spinning art activities.

The most comprehensive offering, the Art Blast, provides a 2.5-hour session with both shooting/spinning art and fluid art components.

Regardless of the chosen package, participants can expect a fun, creative, and immersive art-focused party experience.

Art Splash

Adults Party Art Experience - Art Splash

The Art Splash experience offers a 40-minute canvas painting session, where participants can unleash their creativity on a 16×20 canvas. It’s a quick, fun way to explore your artistic side in a social setting. The session includes all the necessary materials, like paint and brushes, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything. Plus, you’ll get to take home your masterpiece at the end.

Highlights Details
Duration 40 minutes
Canvas size 16" x 20"
Included Paint, brushes, canvas
Takeaway Your own artwork

Whether you’re an experienced painter or a complete beginner, the Art Splash experience is a great way to tap into your creativity and have a blast with friends.

Art Touch

For the Art Touch experience, participants can enjoy a 1.5-hour fluid art session on a 16×20 canvas and access to an art room.

This hands-on activity allows individuals to experiment with various painting techniques, such as pouring, swirling, and blending, to create unique, abstract works of art.

The fluid art experience encourages a free-flowing, spontaneous approach, where participants can let their creativity flow and explore the interplay of colors and textures on the canvas.

The art room provides a dedicated space for participants to enjoy the creative process, with access to a range of art supplies and materials.

The Art Touch experience is perfect for those seeking a more in-depth and immersive art-making adventure.

Art Shot

Building on the immersive fluid art experience of the Art Touch, the Art Shot takes the creativity a step further with a 1.5-hour shooting and spinning art session on a larger 36×36 canvas, shared among a group of 7 participants. This dynamic activity allows individuals to experiment with unique painting techniques that involve propelling paint across the canvas, creating captivating, abstract compositions.

Technique Description Result
Shooting Using a spray bottle or syringe to fling paint across the canvas Spontaneous, organic patterns
Spinning Rotating the canvas while applying paint Mesmerizing, swirling designs
Shared Canvas Collaborating on a single 36×36 canvas Cohesive, multi-layered artwork

The Art Shot encourages teamwork, risk-taking, and a playful exploration of the artistic process, resulting in unique and visually striking pieces.

Art Blast

Combining the dynamic elements of the Art Shot and the immersive fluid art experience of the Art Touch, the Art Blast offers a comprehensive 2.5-hour session that allows participants to engage in both shooting/spinning art and fluid art techniques.

During this action-packed event, guests can create two impressive artworks – a 36’x36′ canvas through the shooting/spinning art experience, as well as a 16’x20′ fluid art piece.

With all supplies, including paint and premium clothes protection, provided, the Art Blast promises a fun and creative way for groups of 5 to 80 people to unleash their artistic side.

Whether a team-building activity or a lively social gathering, the Art Blast is sure to impress.


The adults party art experience includes a variety of inclusions to enhance the creative journey. Participants receive the necessary canvas sizes based on the group size, along with a selection of premium paints to bring their artistic visions to life. On top of that, the experience provides protective clothing to ensure a mess-free and enjoyable session.

Included Items Description Quantity
Canvas Sizes based on group size Per person
Paint Premium acrylic paints Assorted colors
Clothes Protection Aprons, smocks, etc. One per participant
Art Supplies Brushes, palettes, etc. Communal use
Guidance Instruction and assistance As needed


Participants should wear comfortable shoes and clothes to the adults party art experience. This will allow them to move around freely and fully engage in the artistic activities.

The experience involves painting, fluid art, and shooting/spinning art, all of which can get a bit messy. Wearing clothing that’s easy to move in and that you don’t mind getting paint on is essential.

Closed-toe shoes are recommended for safety, as the art-making process may involve some light physical movement. By dressing appropriately, participants can fully enjoy the creative experience without worrying about their attire.

The focus should be on having fun and unleashing their inner artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Choose the Colors and Designs for My Painting?

Yes, participants can typically choose their own colors and designs for their paintings. The art experiences provide a wide range of paint colors and materials to allow for creative expression during the painting sessions.

Is There an Age Limit for Participants?

There is no age limit for participants. The art experience is open to adults of all ages. Children under 18 are welcome to participate but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Can I Bring My Own Art Supplies?

No, participants cannot bring their own art supplies. The experience provides all necessary materials, including canvas, paint, and protective clothing. This ensures a consistent and safe creative environment for all guests.

Is Food and Drink Provided During the Event?

No, the adults party art experience does not provide any food or drink. Participants are responsible for bringing their own refreshments to enjoy during the creative activities. The focus of the event is on the art-making experience itself.

Do I Need to Have Any Prior Art Experience?

No, prior art experience is not required. The activities are designed to be fun, creative experiences for people of all skill levels. Instructors provide guidance to ensure everyone can participate and enjoy the art-making process.


The Adults Party Art Experience offers a range of creative activities catering to groups of various sizes.

With options like canvas painting, fluid art, and mixed media, it’s an accessible way for both experienced artists and beginners to explore their creativity in a lively social setting.

All necessary supplies are provided, making it a fuss-free and enjoyable art-filled experience.

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