The Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt is an immersive adventure that invites teams to uncover the city’s hidden gems. Participants use their smartphones to follow clues, send progress photos, and compete for points on the leaderboard. This unique experience promises to showcase local landmarks, restaurants, and shops while testing teamwork and problem-solving skills. With a cancellation policy and international support available, the hunt caters to a wide range of participants. From exploring lesser-known corners to vying for the top spot, the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt offers an engaging way to discover the vibrant spirit of this coastal city.

Key Points

Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt - Key Points

  • A 2-hour scavenger hunt around Daytona Beach that challenges teams to uncover the city’s hidden gems and solve creative tasks to earn points.
  • Teams use smartphones with GPS and internet access to follow digital clues, send progress photos to a remote interactive host, and compete on a real-time leaderboard.
  • The scavenger hunt includes local landmarks, restaurants, and shops, showcasing the diversity and unique features of Daytona Beach.
  • Participants can earn points for their creativity and problem-solving skills, with the top-scoring team emerging victorious.
  • Cancellation is allowed up to 24 hours in advance, and international and technical support is available to ensure an inclusive and enjoyable experience.

Overview of the Scavenger Hunt

Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt - Overview of the Scavenger Hunt

The Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt invites participants to uncover the city’s hidden gems by solving a series of creative challenges and tasks during a two-hour adventure.

Players will work together in teams, following clues on their smartphones and sending progress photos to a remote interactive host.

The hunt offers the opportunity to score points and climb the leaderboard, with the option to extend the experience for free.

To participate, players will need a charged smartphone, internet access, and GPS capabilities.

The hunt can be played via WhatsApp or email, accommodating international numbers or technical difficulties.

Businesses along the hunt trail aren’t involved in the experience, allowing participants to fully enjoy the thrill of the search.

Duration and Cancellation Policy

Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt - Duration and Cancellation Policy

The Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt lasts for 2 hours, and participants can cancel their reservation up to 24 hours in advance for free.

This gives hunters plenty of time to explore the city’s hidden gems and complete the creative challenges. The hunt is designed to be a fun, interactive experience that allows teams to work together and compete for points on the leaderboard.

Regardless of the outcome, hunters will have the opportunity to uncover new parts of Daytona Beach and create lasting memories with their group. The free cancellation policy ensures flexibility, so participants can plan their schedules with confidence and avoid any last-minute conflicts.

Scavenger Hunt Highlights

Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Highlights

Uncovering hidden gems across Daytona Beach, the scavenger hunt challenges participants to solve creative tasks and score points on the interactive leaderboard.

Teams work together, following clues on their smartphones and sending progress photos to the remote host for real-time guidance. Throughout the 2-hour experience, hunters are encouraged to explore lesser-known corners of the city, unearthing its unique character and leaving with a deeper appreciation for Daytona Beach’s vibrant culture.

The scavenger hunt offers:

  • Opportunities to uncover Daytona Beach’s hidden treasures
  • Collaborative challenges that require teamwork and problem-solving
  • A chance to climb the leaderboard and compete against other groups
  • A remote host providing live support and feedback throughout the hunt

Scavenger Hunt Inclusions

Participants receive a digital scavenger hunt document that guides them through the experience, along with access to a remote interactive live host who provides support and feedback throughout the hunt.

Teams can also track their leaderboard standing and take advantage of a free hunt extension if desired.

To participate, hunters will need a charged smartphone with internet access and GPS capabilities.

While businesses along the hunt trail don’t play a role in the experience, the digital clues and challenges will lead participants to uncover hidden gems around Daytona Beach.

The hunt encourages teamwork and problem-solving as players compete to score the most points and climb the leaderboard.

Smartphone and Internet Requirements

A charged smartphone with internet access and GPS capabilities is required to fully participate in the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt. Participants will need these mobile device features to access the digital clues, track their progress, and communicate with the remote interactive host throughout the experience.

The scavenger hunt utilizes a variety of digital tools and resources, including:

  • GPS and map functions to navigate the hunt trail
  • Internet connectivity to access the digital scavenger hunt document
  • The ability to send progress photos to the remote host
  • WhatsApp or email communication for international numbers or technical difficulties

These technological requirements ensure that participants can fully engage with the creative challenges and tasks, uncover hidden gems, and work together as a team to climb the leaderboard during the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt.

International and Technical Support

For international participants or those experiencing technical difficulties, the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt offers alternative communication options, ensuring a seamless experience.

Participants can opt to play via WhatsApp or email if they don’t have access to the required smartphone features, allowing them to fully engage with the creative challenges and tasks regardless of their location or technical constraints.

The remote interactive live host is available to provide assistance and support, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the hunt.

The flexibility to adapt to different communication methods and technical setups means the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt is accessible to a wide range of participants, creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.

Businesses on the Scavenger Hunt Trail

The businesses along the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt trail don’t actively participate in the event, but they play an important role in providing the clues and challenges that participants must navigate.

The scavenger hunt incorporates local landmarks, restaurants, shops, and other points of interest as part of the experience. While the businesses themselves aren’t involved in the organization or execution of the hunt, their presence and unique features serve as the backdrop for the activities participants must complete.

This integrated approach allows the scavenger hunt to showcase the diverse offerings of Daytona Beach while engaging participants in an interactive and immersive way.

Participants must find specific businesses and complete tasks related to them.

Clues may direct teams to unique architectural details or special promotions at participating locations.

Businesses provide a sense of place and authenticity to the scavenger hunt experience.

The scavenger hunt highlights the local character and attractions of Daytona Beach.

Scoring and Leaderboard

As teams navigate the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt, they’ll earn points for successfully completing challenges and uncovering hidden gems, with their progress tracked on a real-time leaderboard.

Each task is worth a certain number of points, rewarding both creativity and problem-solving skills.

The leaderboard provides a motivating element, allowing teams to see where they stand compared to others and strive to climb higher.

The remote host closely monitors the progress, offering hints and support as needed to keep the hunt engaging and fun.

With points tallied at the end, the top-scoring team emerges victorious, making the Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt a competitive yet collaborative experience for all participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Level of Difficulty of the Scavenger Hunt?

The level of difficulty of the scavenger hunt is not explicitly stated, but it appears to be designed for a general audience. The creative challenges and tasks suggest it’s moderately challenging, requiring teamwork and problem-solving skills to uncover hidden gems and score points.

Can I Participate With a Group Larger Than the Maximum Size?

Yes, participants can join the scavenger hunt in groups larger than the maximum size. The host will provide instructions on how to accommodate larger groups and ensure everyone can participate effectively in the experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating?

The Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt doesn’t have any age restrictions. Participants of all ages can take part, working together in teams to solve challenges and uncover hidden gems around the city. It’s an engaging activity for the whole family.

Are There Any Prizes Awarded for the Top-Performing Teams?

Yes, the top-performing teams in the scavenger hunt are typically awarded prizes. While the specific prizes may vary, they often include gift cards, discounts, or other rewards to recognize the teams’ achievements and success in the competition.

Can I Request Custom Scavenger Hunt Locations or Themes?

Yes, customers can typically request custom scavenger hunt locations or themes. The hunt organizers often work closely with clients to create a unique experience tailored to their interests and needs, including choosing specific sites or incorporating themed challenges.


The Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt offers an engaging and immersive way to explore the city’s hidden gems.

Participants can expect a fun-filled adventure, showcasing local businesses and testing their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

With the interactive host and leaderboard, the hunt promises an opportunity to discover Daytona Beach’s lesser-known corners and compete for points in a unique and exciting experience.

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