Embark on an unparalleled journey through the captivating landscapes of Cappadocia with the Goreme to North Cappadocia Tour. This meticulously curated excursion not only showcases the region’s iconic sites but also provides travelers with a deeper understanding of its rich history and cultural significance.

As visitors traverse from the ancient caves of Zelve Open-Air Museum to the majestic Uchisar Castle, they are met with a tapestry of wonders waiting to be explored. With expert guides, sumptuous meals, and seamless transfers included, this tour sets the stage for an unforgettable exploration of Cappadocia’s hidden gems and untold stories.

Key Points

  • Comprehensive 8-hour tour covering 7 Cappadocia highlights.
  • Includes pottery demonstration in Avanos and wine tasting in Ürgup.
  • Small-group tour limited to 15 people for a personalized experience.
  • Lunch, guide, hotel transfers, and drinks included for a hassle-free journey.

Tour Highlights

Goreme to North Cappadocia Tour. Guide, Lunch and Transfers Incl. - Tour Highlights

Set out on a captivating journey through north Cappadocia from Goreme, where you can explore seven mesmerizing highlights, including the historical caves of Zelve Open-Air Museum.

Along the way, travelers will discover numerous photo opportunities and hidden gems waiting to be explored. This tour offers cultural insights into the region, allowing visitors to enjoy the local cuisine and traditions.

From the lunar landscapes of Devrent Valley to the panoramic vistas from Uchisar Castle, each stop provides a unique experience. Explore the 5th-century settlement of Çavusin and witness a pottery demonstration in Avanos, adding a hands-on element to the journey.

This tour promises a comprehensive exploration of north Cappadocia’s most captivating attractions.

Tour Itinerary

Travelers on the Goreme to North Cappadocia tour will embark on a captivating journey through a carefully curated itinerary that showcases the region’s most iconic landmarks and cultural experiences. The tour itinerary includes a visit to Avanos for a pottery demonstration, exploring the 5th-century Church of St. John the Baptist in Çavusin, and discovering the unique rock formations of Devrent Valley and Zelve Open Air Museum. Plus, guests will explore Pasabag Valley with its enchanting ‘fairy chimneys,’ ascend to the summit of one, visit Uchisar Castle for spectacular views, and enjoy a winery visit in Ürgup for wine tasting. The tour concludes with a drop-off back at the travelers’ Goreme hotel.

Tour Itinerary
Avanos Pottery Demonstration Çavusin Church
Devrent Valley Exploration Zelve Open Air Museum
Pasabag Valley Fairy Chimneys Uchisar Castle
Ürgup Winery Visit Goreme Hotel Drop-off


Included in this tour are lunch, a professional guide, hotel pickup and drop-off, drinks, and gratuities. Guests will have the opportunity to witness a fascinating pottery demonstration in Avanos, showcasing the traditional artistry of the region.

Plus, the tour includes a delightful wine tasting experience in Ürgup, allowing visitors to savor the flavors of local wines amidst a picturesque setting. With these enriching activities and conveniences provided, guests can fully enjoy the cultural and culinary delights of Cappadocia.

From the moment of pickup at their Goreme hotel to the drop-off at the end of the tour, every detail is taken care of to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all participants.

Additional Information

Visitors should note that this tour isn’t wheelchair accessible and requires a moderate level of physical activity to fully enjoy the itinerary. While the tour is near public transportation, it’s important to consider the following additional information:

  1. Accessibility Options: The tour isn’t suitable for individuals requiring wheelchair accessibility.

  2. Tour Group Size: Limited to a maximum of 15 travelers, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.

  3. Child-Friendly Activities: Although infants must sit on laps, older children can engage in pottery demonstrations and explore historical sites.

  4. Local Cultural Experiences: From pottery demonstrations in Avanos to visiting the 5th-century Church of St. John the Baptist in Çavusin, the tour provides rich insights into Cappadocia’s cultural heritage.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the Goreme to North Cappadocia Tour provides clear guidelines for refunds and changes based on the timing of the cancellation. A full refund is available if canceled up to 24 hours in advance of the tour. However, cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start time aren’t eligible for a refund. Changes requested less than 24 hours before the tour start time won’t be accepted.

It’s important to note that the tour is weather-dependent. In case of poor weather conditions, an alternative date will be offered, or customers can opt for a full refund. This policy ensures that participants are informed about the refund policy and accommodates unforeseen circumstances like adverse weather conditions.


Navigating the intricate pathways and captivating landmarks of the Goreme to North Cappadocia Tour is made effortless with the expert guidance provided on this comprehensive 8-hour excursion. Travelers can expect a seamless journey through the historical sites and delightful local cuisine experiences along the way.

Here are four key directions to anticipate during the tour:

  1. Follow the guide through the ancient caves of Zelve Open-Air Museum, where history comes alive.
  2. Taste the flavors of local cuisine during a lunch break in Avanos, renowned for its pottery production.
  3. Explore the 5th-century Church of St. John the Baptist in Çavusin, a remarkable historical site.
  4. Ascend to the summit of a fairy chimney in Pasabag Valley and marvel at the unique rock formations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Children Participate in This Tour?

Children are welcome on the tour with no age restrictions. The family-friendly itinerary includes engaging activities suitable for all ages. Participants can enjoy the sights of north Cappadocia comfortably, making it a great experience for families.

Is There a Dress Code for the Tour?

When exploring Cappadocia, visitors should wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes for walking. Respect local customs by avoiding revealing attire in cultural sites. Dress modestly out of cultural sensitivity to ensure a pleasant and respectful experience.

Are Vegetarian or Vegan Meal Options Available for Lunch?

Vegetarian and vegan meal options are available for lunch on the tour. The guide can assist with any dietary restrictions. Enjoy local cuisine or opt for alternatives suited to these preferences. Culinary delights await!

Is There Free Wi-Fi on the Tour Bus?

Free Wi-Fi is not available on the tour bus. While the tour offers connectivity to Cappadocia’s wonders, guests won’t have internet access during the journey. Availability of Wi-Fi for passengers seeking online connectivity is currently not provided.

Are There Opportunities for Shopping During the Tour?

While exploring north Cappadocia, visitors can enjoy shopping opportunities to purchase unique local crafts. The tour provides chances to discover traditional items like pottery and textiles, allowing travelers to take home authentic souvenirs from the region.


Experience the magic of Cappadocia with the Goreme to North Cappadocia Tour. From ancient caves to stunning landscapes, this 8-hour adventure offers a comprehensive exploration of the region’s highlights.

With a professional guide, delicious lunch, and convenient transfers included, guests can enjoy the rich culture and history of this enchanting destination without any hassle.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of Cappadocia with this unforgettable tour.

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