Unraveling the complex history and natural wonders of Hiroshima and Miyajima, this private tour offers a profound and insightful journey. With a government-licensed guide leading the way, visitors explore the tragic past of Hiroshima, exploring the Peace Park and A-Bomb Dome. The tour then transitions to the picturesque Miyajima Island, known for its iconic floating torii gate and serene shrines. This well-rounded experience promises to leave a lasting impression, inviting further exploration of the region’s resilience and cultural richness.

Key Points

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Key Points

  • Comprehensive tour of Hiroshima’s key sights, including the Peace Park and A-Bomb Dome, providing insights into the city’s tragic past as the first nuclear attack victim.
  • Visit to the serene Miyajima Island, renowned for its iconic floating torii gate, ancient shrines, and friendly deer.
  • Guided by a government-licensed local expert who offers insightful commentary on Hiroshima’s history, recovery, and message of peace.
  • Seamless experience with transportation, ferry rides, and entrance fees included, allowing visitors to focus on the tour.
  • Opportunity to learn about Hiroshima’s resilience and its global efforts to promote nuclear disarmament.

Tour Highlights

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Tour Highlights

The tour highlights the key sights and experiences of Hiroshima and Miyajima, allowing visitors to explore the area’s dark history and present-day beauty.

Participants will learn about Hiroshima’s tragic past as the first city to experience a nuclear attack, visiting the Peace Park and the haunting A-Bomb Dome.

They’ll then travel to the nearby island of Miyajima, known for its naturally and culturally beautiful scenery. Highlights include the iconic floating torii gate, the historic Itsukushima Shrine, and the chance to hike through the island’s serene forests.

Throughout the tour, the knowledgeable guide will provide insights and context, creating a well-rounded and meaningful experience.

Learning About Hiroshima’s History

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Learning About Hiroshimas History

As visitors explore the Peace Park and A-Bomb Dome, they’ll learn about the harrowing history of Hiroshima and the city’s transformation in the aftermath of the world’s first nuclear attack.

The guides will share stories of the devastating impact of the atomic bomb, which killed over 140,000 people by the end of 1945.

They’ll also discuss Hiroshima’s remarkable recovery, how the city has become a symbol of peace, and its efforts to promote nuclear disarmament globally.

Through these historical insights, travelers gain a deeper understanding of this resilient city and its message of hope, reconciliation, and the importance of working towards a more peaceful world.

Visiting Iconic Hiroshima Sites

On the tour, visitors explore the iconic Peace Memorial Park, home to the striking A-Bomb Dome – the sole remnant of the blast’s devastation. They learn how this somberly preserved structure now symbolizes Hiroshima’s resilience and commitment to peace.

Nearby, the serene Peace Memorial Museum provides a poignant and deeply informative account of the atomic bombing and its aftermath.

The tour then travels to the nearby island of Miyajima, where the iconic floating torii gate and ancient Itsukushima Shrine await. Visitors can wander the picturesque streets, encounter friendly deer, and soak in the island’s natural and cultural beauty.

Throughout the day, the licensed local guide provides insightful commentary, ensuring travelers gain a comprehensive understanding of Hiroshima’s complex history and present.

Exploring Miyajima Island

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Exploring Miyajima Island

After exploring the somber reminders of Hiroshima’s tragic history, the tour then ferries visitors across the sparkling waters to the picturesque island of Miyajima, where they can enjoy its natural splendor and cultural charms.

Visitors will be captivated by the iconic floating torii gate, which appears to drift on the tidal waters.

They can also hike up to the summit of Mount Misen, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the island and the Seto Inland Sea.

Back on the island, guests can interact with the friendly resident deer, sample delicious local cuisine, and visit the centuries-old Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Included Tour Inclusions

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Included Tour Inclusions

The tour includes a licensed local English-speaking guide to lead visitors through the key sites and share insights about Hiroshima’s history and Miyajima’s cultural significance. Transportation fees, ferry rides, and entrance fees are also covered, ensuring a seamless experience. Visitors will need to pay the 100-yen Miyajima Visitor tax separately in cash.

The guided exploration includes visiting the Peace Park and the iconic A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, providing a poignant look into the city’s past.

The tour then travels to the nearby Miyajima Island, a naturally and culturally beautiful spot, where visitors can admire the famous floating torii gate and explore the island’s shrines and temples.

Tour Logistics Details

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Tour Logistics Details

Visitors meet up with the guide either in Hiroshima or on Miyajima Island to begin the full-day private tour. Public transportation or local taxis are utilized to transfer between the various sites and attractions, as a private vehicle isn’t included in the tour. The transportation costs are discussed with the guide prior to the tour.

Experience the powerful contrast of Hiroshima’s dark history and present-day vibrancy.

Enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the sacred Miyajima Island.

Uncover the fascinating stories that lie within the iconic Peace Park and A-Bomb Dome.

Customize your tour with the help of your knowledgeable, English-speaking guide.

Cancellation Policy Explained

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Cancellation Policy Explained

Cancellations and changes to the private tour are handled according to a clear policy. Travelers can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, but any changes less than 24 hours before the tour aren’t accepted.

If the tour is canceled due to poor weather, the company offers either a different tour date or a full refund. This policy provides flexibility for guests while also ensuring the tour operator can efficiently manage their schedule.

Travelers can book with confidence, knowing they’ve the option to cancel or reschedule if needed. The cancellation policy is designed to balance the needs of both your and the tour provider.

Accessibility and Transportation

Hiroshima / Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour With Government Licensed Guide - Accessibility and Transportation

According to the information provided, the tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible, with the meeting points and sites located near public transportation and having surfaces suitable for accessibility. Travelers can expect to use public transportation or local taxis to transfer between the various sites on the tour.

This tour offers a convenient and accessible way to explore the highlights of Hiroshima and Miyajima:

  • No need to worry about navigating on your own
  • Relax and let the licensed guide handle the logistics
  • Explore the historic sites at your own pace
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of Miyajima Island

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Tour Itinerary?

Yes, you can generally customize the tour itinerary. Private tours often allow flexibility to adjust the schedule and focus based on your interests. Discuss any preferences with the guide to create a personalized experience.

What Should I Bring on the Tour?

On a private tour, it’s best to bring comfortable walking shoes, light clothing, sun protection, water, and any necessary personal items. The guide can provide recommendations based on the tour itinerary and weather conditions.

How Much Free Time Is Included?

The tour includes ample free time for participants to explore the sites at their own pace. The guide will provide recommendations and guidance, but allows for flexible self-discovery throughout the day.

Are Meals Provided During the Tour?

Meals are not provided during the tour. The focus of the tour is on sightseeing, visiting key historical sites, and experiencing the highlights of Hiroshima and Miyajima. Participants can plan to have meals on their own during the tour.

Can the Tour Be Extended or Shortened?

The tour can typically be extended or shortened based on your preferences. The guide will work with you to customize the itinerary to fit your schedule and interests within the allotted tour time.


The Hiroshima/Miyajima Full-Day Private Tour provides a profound and comprehensive exploration of this historically significant region.

Visitors can explore Hiroshima’s tragic past, visit iconic sites, and discover the serene beauty of Miyajima Island, all while guided by knowledgeable experts.

This tour offers a well-rounded and insightful journey, allowing travelers to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s history and culture.

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