Set out on a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Paris with the Paris Cooking Class and Lunch experience, a perfect blend of hands-on learning and gastronomic delight. Picture yourself strolling through a bustling food market in the Latin Quarter, carefully selecting the freshest ingredients under the guidance of expert chefs.

But what happens next, as you bring these ingredients back to the kitchen and uncover the secrets behind crafting a French feast that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more?

Key Points

Paris Cooking Class and Lunch With Wine Plus Market Visit Option - Key Points

  • Learn French cooking techniques and create a 3-course meal with wine.
  • Explore a food market in Paris’ Latin Quarter for fresh ingredients.
  • Enjoy a culinary experience with a small group and knowledgeable instructors.
  • Enjoy French cuisine, from appetizers to dessert, in a 4.5- or 6-hour course.

Experience Details

Paris Cooking Class and Lunch With Wine Plus Market Visit Option - Experience Details

Set out on a Paris culinary adventure where you can choose between a 4.5- or 6-hour cooking class to learn the tricks and techniques of French cuisine. Participants will create a delectable three-course meal, complete with French wine, during this immersive experience that includes a market visit in Paris’ Latin Quarter.

The menu typically features dishes like salmon tartare, coq au vin, and poached peach with raspberry coulis and homemade vanilla ice cream. Instructors provide guidance on menu planning, cooking methods, and wine pairing.

This small-group tour, limited to 11 people, offers a hands-on approach to mastering French culinary techniques in a fun and engaging setting. Participants can expect a memorable and educational experience while indulging in the flavors of French cuisine.

Additional Info

Paris Cooking Class and Lunch With Wine Plus Market Visit Option - Additional Info

For those considering participation, valuable information regarding the Paris cooking class and lunch with wine plus market visit option is provided in the ‘Additional Info’ section.

This culinary experience immerses participants in the art of French cuisine, offering a hands-on opportunity to create traditional dishes like coq au vin and poached peach with raspberry coulis. With French wine included for lunch, guests can also learn about wine pairing to enhance their dining experience.

It’s essential to note that the minimum age for participation is 12 years, and a minimum drinking age of 18 years is required. Specific dietary requirements can be accommodated with prior notice.

This small-group tour allows for personalized attention and ensures a memorable culinary adventure in the heart of Paris.


To gain insights into the Paris cooking class and lunch with wine plus market visit option, travelers often turn to the reviews section, where past participants share their firsthand experiences and recommendations.

The reviews consistently highlight the culinary techniques taught during the class, praising the opportunity to learn tricks and methods of French cooking. Participants also appreciate the wine pairing aspect of the experience, with the French wine included with lunch being a particular favorite.

Many reviewers commend the knowledgeable and fun instructors who guide them through creating dishes like salmon tartare, coq au vin, and poached peach with raspberry coulis.

Cancellation Policy

The experience’s cancellation policy offers a full refund for cancellations made at least 6 days in advance, with no refund available for cancellations made less than 2 days before the scheduled activity.

  • Refund Process: Refunds are issued based on specific timeframes.

  • Reservation Flexibility: Ensure you plan accordingly to avoid cancellation fees.

  • Minimum Travelers: Check if there’s a minimum number required for the experience.

  • Clear Terms: Understand the terms and conditions for cancellations.

  • Early Planning: Secure your spot early to remain flexible with your schedule.

Price and Booking

Navigating through the culinary wonders of Paris is now just a few clicks away as you explore the Price and Booking details for the Paris Cooking Class and Lunch With Wine Plus Market Visit Option. The experience starts from $209.38 with a free cancellation option up to 6 days in advance. You can reserve now and pay later, ensuring flexibility in your scheduling. To secure your spot, check availability, select your preferred date, and indicate the number of travelers. When booking, you can also provide any specific dietary requirements. The meal options include creating an appetizer, main dish, and dessert, accompanied by French wine during lunch. The table below summarizes the Price and Booking details:

Price Booking
Starting from $209.38 Free cancellation up to 6 days in advance
Reserve Now and Pay Later option available Flexible scheduling for your convenience


When heading to the Paris Cooking Class and Lunch With Wine Plus Market Visit Option, participants should make their way to the meeting point at Le Foodist on 59 Rue Cardinal Lemoine.

Here are some directions and tips for your culinary adventure:

  • Follow Rue Cardinal Lemoine until you reach number 59 where Le Foodist is located.
  • The meeting point is easily accessible by public transportation, making it convenient for all participants.
  • Once you arrive, the instructor will guide you through the market visit and the cooking class, focusing on culinary techniques.
  • During lunch, enjoy French wine that’s expertly paired with your meal, enhancing your dining experience.
  • At the end of the day, you’ll return to the meeting point, having gained new skills in cooking and wine pairing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Participants Take Home Any Leftovers From the Cooking Class?

Participants cannot take home any leftovers from the cooking class. The leftover policy does not allow for take-home options. Enjoying the meal during the course is part of the experience, ensuring freshness and authenticity in the culinary journey.

Is There a Dress Code for the Cooking Class and Market Visit?

When attending the cooking class and market visit in Paris, guests should dress comfortably and respectfully, adhering to cultural norms. It’s advisable to wear casual attire suitable for cooking and walking in the market, respecting local customs.

Are There Any Options for Vegetarians or Vegans During the Cooking Class?

For vegetarians or vegans during the cooking class, ingredient substitutions and recipe modifications can accommodate dietary preferences. The instructor can tailor recipes to suit specific dietary restrictions, ensuring a delicious culinary experience for all participants.

Will There Be Opportunities to Purchase Any of the Ingredients or Wines Used During the Class?

Opportunities to purchase ingredients or wines used during the class may be limited. However, participants can inquire about culinary mementos or market souvenirs for unique takeaways. It’s advisable to check with instructors for availability.

Are There Any Specific Skills or Experience Required to Participate in the Cooking Class?

To join the culinary experience, guests don’t need advanced cooking proficiency. The class is tailored for beginners and enthusiasts. Participants will learn essential French cooking skills under expert guidance, making it a fun and informative experience for all.


Indulge in the ultimate culinary adventure with the Paris Cooking Class and Lunch experience. Learn the art of French cuisine from expert instructors, explore a vibrant food market in the Latin Quarter, and savor a delicious meal paired with French wine.

Whether you’re a beginner or a cooking enthusiast, this hands-on experience promises a memorable journey through the flavors of France. Book your spot now for a day filled with delicious food and cultural discovery!

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