Explore the stunning landscapes of Queenstown from a unique perspective on the Guided Segway Tour. Glide effortlessly along Lake Wakatipu and discover the charm of Queenstown Gardens with a knowledgeable local guide. Safety gear and full Segway training are provided, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for all participants. But what unexpected sights might you stumble upon during this 1 to 2-hour adventure?

Key Points

Queenstown: Guided Segway Tour - Key Points

  • Learn to ride a Segway with a local guide in Queenstown.
  • Glide along Lake Wakatipu and visit main sites.
  • Explore Queenstown Gardens on a 1 to 2-hour adventure.
  • Receive full Segway training at the beginning of the tour.
  • Available in English and Chinese, with a small group size for a personalized experience.

Tour Details

Queenstown: Guided Segway Tour - Tour Details

Offering a unique experience for visitors, the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour provides an exciting opportunity to explore the stunning surroundings of Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

The tour, priced from €50.66 per person, lasts 1 to 2 hours and is available in English and Chinese for groups limited to 8 participants. Participants benefit from a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours in advance.

Highlights include gliding along Lake Wakatipu, Segway training, guided visits to main sites, exploring Queenstown Gardens, and capturing photos with picturesque mountain scenery.

This interactive tour immerses guests in the beauty of Queenstown while learning to ride a Segway and being led by a knowledgeable local guide.

Experience Highlights

Queenstown: Guided Segway Tour - Experience Highlights

Visitors on the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour can look forward to learning how to ride a Segway and exploring the stunning surroundings of Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown with a knowledgeable local guide.

The experience includes a guided tour around Lake Wakatipu, where participants can glide along the lakeside and visit main sites while snapping photos with the breathtaking mountain scenery as a backdrop.

The tour covers all the key spots in Queenstown, including the picturesque Queenstown Gardens.

Segway training is provided at the beginning of the tour to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident riding the Segway.

This 1 to 2-hour adventure promises an exciting way to discover the beauty of Queenstown while having fun on a Segway.


Queenstown: Guided Segway Tour - Inclusions

Included in the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour are full Segway training, a live guide, a helmet, gloves for cold days, and extra warm clothing. Participants receive comprehensive instruction on Segway operation, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

The live guide enhances the tour with local insights and historical information. The provision of a helmet prioritizes safety during the excursion. Plus, gloves are available for cooler weather, and extra warm clothing is provided for added comfort.

It’s recommended that guests wear appropriate footwear and dress according to the weather conditions for an optimal Segway adventure experience.


Guests need to meet specific criteria to participate in the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour. The tour isn’t suitable for pregnant women, individuals with mobility impairments, wheelchair users, or visually impaired individuals. Plus, there are specific weight restrictions in place. Participants must weigh over 77 lbs (35 kg) and under 260 lbs (118 kg) to join the tour.

These restrictions ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants during the Segway experience. It’s important for prospective guests to consider these limitations before booking the tour to avoid any inconveniences on the day of the activity.

If you meet these criteria, you’re all set to glide along Lake Wakatipu and explore Queenstown on a Segway!

Pricing Information

The Queenstown Guided Segway Tour is priced from €50.66 per person. Here are some key pricing details to consider:

  1. Affordable Options: The tour offers competitive pricing starting from €50.66, making it a cost-effective way to explore Queenstown.

  2. Variety of Packages: Guests can choose between 1-hour and 2-hour tour options, allowing flexibility based on their preferences and schedule.

  3. Inclusions: The tour price covers essential elements such as full Segway training, a live guide, helmet, gloves (for cold days), and extra warm clothing, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience without hidden costs.

Duration and Language

Queenstown: Guided Segway Tour - Duration and Language

Now shifting focus to the duration and language aspect of the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour, participants can expect a choice between 1-hour and 2-hour tours offered in English and Chinese.

Duration Language Price
1 hour English €50.66
2 hours Chinese €70.92

The 1-hour tour provides a quick yet comprehensive Segway experience, covering the main bay and Queenstown Gardens. On the other hand, the 2-hour tour, conducted in Chinese, offers a more in-depth exploration of all main spots with a local guide sharing insights. Whether opting for the English or Chinese tour, both options promise an exciting and informative adventure through the stunning landscapes of Queenstown.

Group Size and Cancellation Policy

With a limit of 8 participants, the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour ensures a personalized experience for each guest. The small group size allows for individual attention and a more intimate tour setting. On top of that, the tour offers a flexible cancellation policy, providing peace of mind for travelers.

Here are a few key points to note:

  1. Intimate Experience: Small group size ensures personalized attention.
  2. Flexible Cancellation: Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance offers flexibility.
  3. Peace of Mind: Guests can book with confidence knowing they can cancel without penalty if needed.

These features make the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour a convenient and customer-friendly option for exploring the beautiful sights of Queenstown.

Customer Reviews

Queenstown: Guided Segway Tour - Customer Reviews

Explore what customers are saying about their experiences on the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour.

With an impressive overall rating of 4.8/5 based on 42 reviews, visitors have shared positive feedback on the tour’s transportation and value for money. Customers have highlighted their enjoyable experiences with the knowledgeable guides, smooth Segway control, and engaging tour content.

Many reviewers appreciated the scenic route around Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown, with some mentioning the convenience of the Segway training provided.

The tour’s combination of sightseeing and Segway riding seems to have left a lasting positive impression on participants.

If you’re looking for a fun and informative way to explore Queenstown, these glowing customer reviews suggest that the Guided Segway Tour could be a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Queenstown: Guided Segway Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Children Participate in the Queenstown Segway Tour?

Children can participate in the Queenstown Segway Tour. The tour is suitable for kids, offering a fun and interactive experience. They can enjoy gliding along Lake Wakatipu, exploring Queenstown Gardens, and taking in the stunning mountain scenery.

Are There Restrooms Available During the Tour?

Restrooms are not available during the tour. Participants should plan accordingly. The tour focuses on exploring Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu with a local guide, offering Segway training and photo opportunities. Enjoy the ride!

Is There a Weight Limit for Participants on the Segways?

Yes, there is a weight limit for participants on the Segways. Riders must be over 77 lbs (35 kg) and under 260 lbs (118 kg). This ensures safety and optimal performance during the tour.

Can I Bring My Own Camera to Take Photos?

Yes, participants can bring their own camera to take photos during the Queenstown Guided Segway Tour. It’s a great way to capture the scenic beauty of Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown Gardens while gliding along on the Segway.

Do I Need Prior Segway Riding Experience to Join the Tour?

No, prior Segway riding experience is not needed to join the tour. Participants receive full Segway training before the excursion. The local guide leads the tour, ensuring everyone feels confident and comfortable riding the Segway.


Don’t miss out on the chance to explore Queenstown in a fun and unique way with the Guided Segway Tour.

With affordable pricing, local guides, and stunning landscapes, this adventure is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Book now for an unforgettable experience in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful destinations.

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