Glistening turquoise waters embrace the boat as it sets sail towards the horizon, promising a journey filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

The Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island beckons travelers with the allure of three distinct destinations, each offering a unique charm and adventure.

From the sunken shipwreck to the ancient streets of Trogir Island, every stop holds a tale waiting to be unveiled, creating an experience that blends relaxation and exploration seamlessly.

Key Points

Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island - Key Points

  • Visit three stunning islands in half a day: Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, and Trogir Island.
  • Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and exploring picturesque locations with an English-speaking crew.
  • Experience diverse activities like snorkeling, exploring Duga Cove, and visiting Trogir’s UNESCO World Heritage old city.
  • Limited group sizes ensure a personalized experience with transportation, snorkeling gear, insurance, and gratuities included.

Tour Highlights

The tour’s highlights include swimming and snorkeling at the stunning Blue Lagoon, exploring the hidden gem of Duga Cove, and immersing in the UNESCO World Heritage charm of Trogir Island.

Blue Lagoon offers fantastic snorkeling spots, showcasing vibrant marine life and crystal-clear waters that make it a paradise for underwater enthusiasts.

Duga Cove, with its secluded beaches and pristine waters, captivates visitors with its scenic beauty, perfect for a relaxing escape from the bustling city life.

Trogir Island’s architectural marvels and rich history provide a unique cultural experience, transporting guests back in time.

These three destinations offer a diverse range of activities, from water adventures to cultural exploration, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling tour experience for all travelers.

Itinerary Details

Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island - Itinerary Details

Embark on an exhilarating journey as the tour sets sail to explore the detailed itinerary, unveiling the captivating destinations awaiting discovery. The itinerary includes:

  • Snorkeling Spots: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and witness the vibrant marine life beneath the surface.

  • Sightseeing Opportunities: Marvel at the stunning Shipwreck site, capturing the history and mystery surrounding the sunken vessel.

  • Exploration of Trogir Island: Enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage old city of Trogir, where architectural wonders and cultural heritage await your exploration.

Get set for a day filled with adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences as you navigate through these remarkable destinations.

Meeting and Check-In

Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island - Meeting and Check-In

Upon arriving at the Gray Line office in Split for the half-day tour, guests are required to check in at least 30 minutes prior to departure. The arrival procedures are essential to ensure a smooth start to the excursion.

During the check-in process, guests will be greeted by the tour staff who’ll verify bookings, provide any necessary information, and address any queries guests may have about the tour. It’s crucial for participants to arrive on time to avoid delays and to allow ample time for preparations before boarding.

Once checked-in, guests can relax and get ready to embark on an exciting adventure to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, and Trogir Island. The efficient check-in process sets the tone for a well-organized and enjoyable experience ahead.

Group Size and Requirements

Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island - Group Size and Requirements

Arriving promptly at the Gray Line office in Split sets the stage for guests to discover the specifics of group size and necessary requirements for the half-day tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, and Trogir Island.

  • Minimum Participants: A minimum of 8 people is required for the tour to proceed.
  • Pet Policy: Unfortunately, pets aren’t allowed on this excursion.
  • Refunds: Refunds aren’t issued for missed tours due to late arrival.

These requirements ensure that the tour operates smoothly and efficiently, providing an enjoyable experience for all participants. Make sure to adhere to these guidelines to make the most of your adventure around these stunning Croatian islands.

Safety and Cancellation Policy

For the safety and convenience of all participants, the tour’s cancellation policy allows for a full refund up to 24 hours before the start time, ensuring flexibility in unforeseen circumstances.

Safety measures are paramount, with the tour prioritizing the well-being of all guests. In case of any unexpected changes or issues, the refund policy provides peace of mind knowing that cancellations made within the specified timeframe won’t incur any financial loss.

This policy underscores the tour operator’s commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. By offering this refund option, participants can book with confidence, knowing that they’ve the flexibility to adjust their plans if necessary. It’s a proactive approach that enhances the overall experience of the tour.

Reviews and Feedback

Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island - Reviews and Feedback

Guests’ experiences and opinions shape the narrative around the tour’s quality and offerings, as reflected in the diverse range of reviews and feedback provided by participants. Customer satisfaction and destination experiences play a vital role in evaluating the tour’s success.

  • Customers express varying levels of satisfaction with the tour’s offerings.
  • Participants highlight the unique experiences at each destination visited.
  • Feedback often focuses on the interaction with the crew and the overall enjoyment of the tour.

On-Board Experiences

Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island - On-Board Experiences

Amidst the azure waters and stunning landscapes, passengers aboard the tour vessel experience a blend of relaxation and adventure during their on-board journey to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, and Trogir Island. The on-board experiences are enriched by the exciting snorkeling adventures offered at various stops along the way. Passengers can dive into the crystal-clear waters to explore the vibrant marine life beneath the surface, creating unforgettable memories. Plus, the crew camaraderie plays a significant role in enhancing the overall journey, as the friendly and knowledgeable staff members ensure that guests feel welcome and well taken care of throughout the tour. This combination of thrilling snorkeling opportunities and warm crew interactions adds a special touch to the half-day excursion.

Snorkeling Adventures Crew Camaraderie
Explore marine life Friendly staff
Crystal-clear waters Knowledgeable crew
Vibrant underwater world Welcoming atmosphere
Unforgettable memories Attentive service

Recommendations and Tips

Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island - Recommendations and Tips

Passengers can enhance their experience further by heeding the following recommendations and tips for the half-day tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, and Trogir Island.

  • Snorkeling Tips: Bring your own anti-fog solution for snorkeling masks to ensure clarity underwater.

  • Weather Conditions: Check the weather forecast beforehand and dress accordingly for sun exposure and potential wind.

  • Island Exploration: Take time to wander around Trogir Island’s narrow streets and discover its historical charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Bathroom Facilities Available on the Boat During the Tour?

Privacy concerns and hygiene standards are addressed with onboard bathroom facilities available during the tour. Guests can comfortably use these amenities while enjoying the sights and activities, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable experience on the boat.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Food and Drinks on the Tour?

Guests can bring their own food for picnics on the tour; however, there are restrictions on alcoholic beverages due to safety regulations. Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed. Ensure compliance with guidelines for a smooth sailing experience.

Is There a Designated Smoking Area on the Boat?

Smoking etiquette on the boat adheres to strict regulations. Guests must follow tour guidelines which prohibit smoking on board. This rule ensures the comfort and safety of all passengers while maintaining the tour’s standards and regulations.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Tour?

Age restrictions are in place based on safety guidelines. Participants must meet the minimum age requirement for the tour. It ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for all travelers. Safety is a top priority throughout the excursion.

Is There a Photography Policy in Place for Capturing Moments During the Tour?

Photography guidelines are in place to enhance tour memories. Guests can capture moments but are advised to respect others’ privacy and follow crew instructions. The focus remains on enjoying the experience while being mindful of fellow travelers.


Embark on the Split Half Day Tour to Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck & Trogir Island for an unforgettable adventure filled with relaxation, exploration, and culture.

With a limited group size, inclusive amenities, and a knowledgeable crew, guests are guaranteed a seamless and enjoyable experience.

From swimming in the Blue Lagoon to discovering the UNESCO World Heritage site of Trogir, this tour offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty, aquatic adventures, and unforgettable memories.

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