The Terrarium Workshop offers an engaging hands-on experience for nature enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Participants can craft their own personalized miniature ecosystems, learning from an expert on the materials, plants, and techniques needed to build a thriving terrarium. With packages starting at $96 per person, this one-hour session blends science, history, and craft – providing a unique opportunity to explore the delicate balance of light, moisture, and airflow that sustains these captivating living displays. Whether a novice or seasoned green thumb, the workshop promises to leave attendees with a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of these miniature worlds.

Key Points

Terrarium Workshop - Key Points

  • The terrarium workshop offers options starting from $96.00 per person and allows participants to reserve a spot and pay later.
  • The 1-hour workshop covers materials, plants, and tricks for maintaining a healthy terrarium, suitable for both individuals and groups.
  • The workshop host is an internationally certified terrarium expert who blends science, history, and craft in the terrarium-building process.
  • The workshop provides all necessary tools and supplies, including a terrarium bottle, moss, soil, rocks, and other decorative elements.
  • The workshop teaches the importance of balancing light, moisture, and airflow for long-term terrarium health and how to create a self-sustaining indoor oasis.

Terrarium Workshop Details

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Workshop Details

The Terrarium Workshop offers a range of options, with prices starting from $96.00 per person. Participants can reserve their spot and pay nothing today, as the workshop is on a ‘reserve now & pay later‘ basis.

The duration of the workshop is 1 hour, and attendees can check availability to find suitable starting times. During the workshop, you will learn about the materials and plants that thrive in terrariums, as well as tricks to maintaining a healthy miniature ecosystem.

The hands-on experience covers the entire terrarium-building process, exploring the science, history, and craftsmanship involved. The workshop is suitable for both individuals and groups, making it a great team-building activity or a unique gift idea.

Terrarium Workshop Description

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Workshop Description

During the Terrarium Workshop, you will learn about the materials and plants that do best in these types of miniature ecosystems. They’ll also discover tricks to caring for their new terrarium so it thrives, sometimes for years.

The workshop covers terrarium building from A to Z, blending science, history, and craft. It’s suitable for adults and would make a lovely gift for any occasion. Participants will create their own terrarium, using a variety of materials like moss, soil, rocks, and decorative elements.

The host, a scientist and musician, is an internationally certified terrarium expert who loves sharing their knowledge and learning about different cultures. This hands-on workshop is both educational and enjoyable.

Terrarium Workshop Inclusions

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Workshop Inclusions

As part of the Terrarium Workshop, participants receive an assortment of essential materials needed to create their own thriving miniature ecosystem. These include a terrarium bottle, various types of moss, high-quality soil blended with perlite and fertilizer, sphagnum moss, peat moss, activated carbon, an array of rocks and pebbles, as well as burlap, scissors, control sticks, a cleaner, decorations, and even a string light to enhance the ambiance.

The workshop provides:

  • All the necessary tools and supplies to build a complete terrarium
  • Guidance on how to layer the different materials for optimal plant growth
  • Tips on selecting the right plants and decorations to personalize the terrarium

Terrarium Workshop Suitability

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Workshop Suitability

This Terrarium Workshop caters to a wide range of participants, from individuals and couples to groups looking for a fun team-building activity or a unique celebration like a birthday or bachelorette party.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking to explore a new creative hobby, this workshop offers an engaging and hands-on experience.

The expert host, a scientist and musician with a passion for teaching, ensures the workshop is suitable for all skill levels.

With a duration of just one hour, it’s a perfect activity for those with busy schedules.

Terrarium Workshop Host Background

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Workshop Host Background

The workshop host, a scientist and musician, is internationally certified in science and terrarium teaching.

With a passion for sharing skills and learning new cultures, they’ve traveled to more than 30 states across America and driven across the USA twice.

Attendees can expect an engaging and informative experience:

  • The host loves to share their expertise and enthusiasm for terrariums and the natural world.
  • Drawing from their extensive travels, the host brings a diverse cultural perspective to the workshop.
  • Participants will benefit from the host’s commitment to continuous learning and growth in their field.

Terrarium Care and Maintenance

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Care and Maintenance

Properly caring for and maintaining a terrarium is crucial to ensuring its long-term health and vibrancy. With the right techniques, one can cultivate a thriving miniature ecosystem that can sometimes flourish for years on end.

The key lies in striking the perfect balance of light, moisture, and airflow. Avoid over-watering, which can lead to mold and rot. Instead, mist the plants lightly and ensure proper drainage.

Provide ample yet indirect sunlight, and consider a grow light if needed. Regularly remove any dead or dying foliage to prevent the spread of disease.

With a bit of diligence, one’s terrarium will thrive, offering a serene and self-sustaining oasis indoors.

Terrarium Building Process

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Building Process

Once the fundamentals of terrarium care have been established, it’s time to explore the terrarium building process step-by-step. Participants will learn how to carefully select the right materials, assemble the various layers, and bring their miniature ecosystem to life.

The workshop covers the essential terrarium components, including:

  • Selecting the perfect vessel, from small jars to ornate glass containers
  • Layering drainage materials like rocks and activated carbon to maintain healthy soil
  • Choosing the most suitable plants and arranging them for maximum visual appeal

With the guidance of the experienced host, attendees will gain the skills to create their own thriving terrariums, ready to be enjoyed for years to come.

Terrarium Ecosystem Science

Terrarium Workshop - Terrarium Ecosystem Science

Terrariums are miniature ecosystems that showcase the intricate balance between living organisms and their environment.

Participants will dive into the science behind these self-sustaining habitats, learning how to create the optimal conditions for their plant and microbial communities to thrive.

During the workshop, they’ll discover the importance of soil composition, moisture levels, and air circulation in maintaining a healthy terrarium.

By understanding the principles of photosynthesis, decomposition, and nutrient cycling, you will gain the knowledge to keep their little worlds thriving for years to come.

The instructor will share tricks and techniques to ensure the delicate balance is maintained, empowering attendees to become terrarium caretakers extraordinaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terrarium Workshop - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take My Terrarium Home on the Same Day?

Yes, you can take your terrarium home on the same day. The workshop includes all the necessary materials and guidance, allowing participants to complete and take their new terrarium with them after the session.

How Often Do I Need to Water My Terrarium?

Terrariums typically only need to be watered every 1-2 weeks. The enclosed environment helps retain moisture, so overwatering is a common mistake. Check the soil – if it feels dry, it’s time to add a small amount of water.

Can I Use Any Type of Container for My Terrarium?

You can use a variety of containers for a terrarium, but certain types work better than others. Glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids are ideal as they create the necessary humid environment for your plants to thrive.

Are the Workshops Held on Weekends or Weekdays?

The workshops are typically held on both weekends and weekdays, providing flexibility for attendees. Availability and start times can be checked on the booking page to find a session that fits your schedule.

Do I Need Any Prior Experience to Attend the Workshop?

No prior experience is necessary to attend the workshop. The instructor provides step-by-step guidance, allowing participants to create their own unique terrarium regardless of skill level. All necessary materials and supplies are included in the workshop fee.


The Terrarium Workshop offers an engaging, hands-on experience for creating a thriving, personalized miniature ecosystem.

Participants will learn from an expert and leave with a one-of-a-kind terrarium, equipped with the knowledge to maintain its delicate balance.

Whether a nature enthusiast or a budding hobbyist, this workshop blends science, history, and craft for an unforgettable creative adventure.

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