Enjoy the captivating world of Japanese culture with this unique experience on the scenic Miyajima island. Explore the timeless traditions of kimono wearing, tea ceremony, and calligraphy under the guidance of English-speaking experts. Explore the history and significance of these artistic practices as you engage in hands-on activities amidst the tranquil surroundings of the historic Tokujuji Temple. With a small group size, you’ll enjoy personalized attention and a chance to fully appreciate the depth and beauty of Japan’s rich heritage. Prepare to be enchanted by this remarkable cultural journey.

Key Points

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Key Points

  • Opportunity to immerse in traditional Japanese arts like kimono wearing, tea ceremony, and calligraphy in a tranquil, historic temple setting.
  • Personalized guidance from skilled, English-speaking staff to ensure a deeper, more meaningful cultural experience.
  • Hands-on learning and practice of proper techniques for wearing kimono, preparing and tasting matcha tea, and crafting calligraphic artwork.
  • Chance to appreciate the aesthetics, hospitality, and spiritual aspects of these time-honored traditions in a serene, intimate group.
  • Participants will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for Japan’s rich cultural heritage through this immersive experience.

Overview of the Experience

This immersive cultural experience in Hiroshima, Japan, offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the traditions of kimono, tea ceremony, and calligraphy at the historic Tokujuji Temple on the scenic Miyajima island.

Participants can don a beautiful traditional kimono, learn the art of calligraphy, and partake in a serene tea ceremony, all while immersed in the tranquil surroundings of the temple.

The experience provides a chance to truly take in Japanese culture, gaining a deeper appreciation for the country’s rich heritage.

With a maximum group size of 6 and the assistance of English-speaking staff, this activity ensures a personalized and memorable cultural journey.

Kimono Wearing and Dressing

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Kimono Wearing and Dressing

Visitors begin their cultural experience by donning a traditional Japanese kimono, a process meticulously guided by the knowledgeable instructors.

With attention to detail, they learn the proper techniques for wearing and adjusting the multilayered garment, ensuring a flattering and authentic look.

The experience includes:

  • Selection of the appropriate kimono style and size
  • Proper folding and draping of the kimono
  • Tying the obi (sash) for a secure and stylish fit
  • Completing the look with accessories like zori sandals
  • Posing for photographs to capture the elegant ensemble

Immersed in the timeless tradition, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate artistry and attention to detail that goes into the traditional Japanese kimono.

Calligraphy: An Ancient Art

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Calligraphy: An Ancient Art

Participants then enjoy the age-old art of Japanese calligraphy, wielding the brush with reverence and precision to create their own unique masterpieces.

Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, they learn the proper techniques and etiquette of this revered practice. Dipping the brush into black ink, they meticulously form the flowing, elegant characters that represent Japanese writing.

The serene environment and focus required foster a sense of mindfulness and concentration. By the end of the session, guests leave with a deeper appreciation for the artistry and discipline of calligraphy, as well as a personalized work of art to treasure.

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Following the intricate steps of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, guests enjoy the graceful choreography of this time-honored ritual. A skilled tea master guides them through the meticulous preparation and presentation of matcha, the vibrant green tea, as they learn to appreciate the profound connection between the host, your, and the tea itself.

The ceremony highlights:

  • The importance of each movement and gesture
  • The significance of the utensils and their arrangement
  • The focus on mindfulness and the present moment
  • The appreciation of the season and natural elements
  • The blending of hospitality, aesthetics, and spirituality

This immersive experience allows participants to discover the depth and beauty of Japanese cultural traditions.

Matcha Making and Tasting

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Matcha Making and Tasting

During the matcha making and tasting experience, guests learn the intricate steps of crafting the vibrant green tea.

A skilled tea master demonstrates the proper techniques for whisking the fine powder with hot water, creating a frothy, umami-rich beverage brimming with antioxidants.

Participants then get to try their hand at the delicate art, carefully measuring and blending the ingredients to achieve the perfect consistency.

The tasting portion allows visitors to savor the complex flavors and aromas of the freshly prepared matcha, gaining a deeper appreciation for this beloved Japanese ritual.

With guidance from the knowledgeable tea master, guests depart with newfound skills and a heightened understanding of the cultural significance of this centuries-old tradition.

Exploring Miyajima’s Historic Temple

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Exploring Miyajimas Historic Temple

After learning the art of matcha making and tasting, guests venture across the scenic Miyajima island to the historic Tokujuji Temple, where they’ll enjoy centuries-old Japanese traditions.

This serene temple offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Explore the ornate architecture and Buddhist iconography
  • Witness a traditional tea ceremony hosted by an experienced geisha
  • Try your hand at the delicate art of calligraphy under the guidance of a master
  • Stroll through the tranquil temple gardens, admiring the ancient pagodas and serene ponds
  • Gain insights into the deep spiritual and cultural significance of this revered site

This holistic experience provides a profound connection to Japan’s rich heritage, leaving guests with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the country’s timeless traditions.

Meeting and Pickup Details

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Meeting and Pickup Details

The meeting point for this cultural experience is okeiko Japan Miyajima, located at 741-1 Miyajimachō, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0588, Japan.

From the Miyajima Ferry port, guests can easily find the meeting point by crossing the public area. The experience is conveniently located near public transportation, making it accessible for travelers.

An English assistant is available to provide guidance throughout the activities. The group size is limited to 6 travelers, ensuring personalized attention.

The experience is wheelchair accessible, accommodating guests of all abilities. Regardless of age, participants as young as 6 years old are welcome to join in the culture.

Cancellation is flexible, with a full refund available up to 24 hours before the scheduled experience.

Inclusions and Cancellation Policy

An Amazing Set of Cultural Experience: Kimono, Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy - Inclusions and Cancellation Policy

This cultural experience includes all necessary tools and materials for the activities, as well as any applicable taxes and fees. The cancellation policy provides a full refund up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time, offering flexibility for travelers.

The experience includes:

  • Wearing a traditional kimono
  • Trying your hand at calligraphy
  • Participating in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony
  • Learning to make matcha (green tea)
  • All necessary equipment and supplies

With a maximum group size of 6 and an English assistant available, this immersive cultural exploration on the scenic island of Miyajima is an excellent way to authentically engage with Japan’s rich heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Participants Take Photos During the Activities?

Participants are generally encouraged to take photos during the activities, as capturing the experience is part of the culture. However, flash photography may be prohibited in certain areas to respect the traditional setting.

Is There a Dress Code for the Experience?

The experience has no specific dress code, but participants are encouraged to dress comfortably. Traditional Japanese attire, such as the kimono, is provided during the activities, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the cultural experience.

What Is the Minimum Group Size for the Activities?

The minimum group size for the activities is 1 traveler. The experience can accommodate groups as small as a single participant, allowing for a personalized and intimate culture.

Can the Experience Be Customized for Private Groups?

The experience can be customized for private groups. okeiko Japan Miyajima offers flexible arrangements to accommodate groups of any size, ensuring a tailored and exclusive culture.

Are Participants Required to Have Any Prior Experience?

No prior experience is required for this cultural experience. Participants of all skill levels can enjoy trying on a kimono, practicing calligraphy, and participating in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.


This immersive cultural experience in Japan offers a rare chance to explore the country’s rich heritage.

Participants can explore the traditions of kimono wearing, calligraphy, and the revered tea ceremony, all while surrounded by the tranquil setting of Miyajima island.

With personalized guidance and a small group size, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for Japan’s artistic and spiritual practices through hands-on activities and mindful engagement.

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