Set out on a journey of exclusive access to the revered Celtic Park through the all-encompassing Tour & Dine Package, where visitors can explore the inner workings of Celtic FC’s home ground in Glasgow, Scotland.

From behind-the-scenes glimpses of reserved team areas to the chance to take a seat in the dugout, this experience promises a unique perspective on the club’s history and legacy.

But what awaits guests at the Number 7 restaurant overlooking the pitch adds a touch of elegance and culinary delight to this immersive adventure.

Key Points

Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package - Key Points

  • Behind-the-scenes tour at Celtic Park with exclusive access to team areas
  • Enjoy a three-course meal at the Number 7 restaurant overlooking the pitch
  • Positive visitor reviews highlight knowledgeable guides and excellent dining experience
  • Easy booking process, free cancellation, and maximum of 6 travelers per tour

Overview of Celtic Park Tour

Embark on an exciting journey through the legendary Celtic Park with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. The stadium’s history dates back to 1892 when it became the iconic home of Celtic FC. Visitors can explore the rich heritage of this renowned football club while exploring hidden gems like the trophy room and reserved team areas.

Expert guides provide insightful commentary on the team’s legacy, sharing captivating stories and anecdotes. Guests also gain unique perspectives by sitting in the dugout, offering a player’s view of the pitch. This immersive experience not only showcases the stadium’s grandeur but also provides valuable team insights, making it a must-visit for football enthusiasts seeking a deeper connection with Celtic FC.

Dining Experience at Number 7

Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package - Dining Experience at Number 7

Explore the culinary delights awaiting visitors at Celtic Park’s Number 7 restaurant, where a three-course meal overlooking the pitch promises a memorable dining experience. Situated within the iconic stadium, Number 7 offers a sophisticated ambiance paired with impeccable service.

Guests can savor a delectable array of dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the best of Scottish cuisine. From traditional favorites to modern creations, the menu caters to diverse tastes, ensuring a delightful gastronomic journey.

Whether indulging in a hearty main course, sampling exquisite desserts, or enjoying a refreshing beverage, diners are treated to exceptional flavors while taking in the breathtaking views of the pitch. The Number 7 restaurant truly elevates the Celtic Park experience with its fusion of exquisite food and football ambiance.

Booking Details and Logistics

When booking the Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package, visitors can expect a seamless reservation process with detailed instructions for an unforgettable experience at the iconic Glasgow stadium.

The reservation process is straightforward, with a maximum of 6 travelers per tour/activity to ensure an intimate experience. Guests will receive clear arrival instructions and timing details, meeting at the designated Celtic Park Sports Bar.

The tour logistics are well-organized, including local guides, professional commentary on team history, and exclusive access to reserved team areas.

Plus, the cancellation policy allows for free cancellations up to 24 hours before the experience begins, providing flexibility for travelers.

Visitor Feedback and Experiences

Visitors to the Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package have shared their experiences and feedback, highlighting the tour guide’s knowledge, the delectable three-course meal, and the exclusive access to team areas at the iconic stadium.

Visitor Feedback and Experiences:

  1. Visitor testimonials rave about the tour guide’s in-depth knowledge of the team’s history and the stadium’s significance.

  2. Tour guide interactions are described as engaging and informative, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

  3. Visitors praise the delicious three-course meal served at the Number 7 restaurant, overlooking the pitch, as a highlight of their visit.

Host Responses and Acknowledgments

Hosts of the Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package warmly respond to visitor reviews, expressing gratitude for the positive feedback and showcasing their commitment to enhancing the overall experience for guests.

Acknowledging the importance of guest input, the hosts mention passing on feedback to the team, highlighting the collaborative effort to create memorable experiences. Specific staff members are acknowledged for their contributions, emphasizing the dedication of the entire team.

Future visits are welcomed with enthusiasm, ensuring visitors feel valued and appreciated. By recognizing the team’s efforts and responding to feedback, the hosts demonstrate a proactive approach to continuously improving the tour and dining package at Celtic Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Special Events or Matchday Experiences Included in the Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package?

When it comes to the Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package, visitors can enjoy special events and matchday experiences that offer a unique insight into the team’s world. These exclusive inclusions add excitement and memorable moments to the overall tour experience.

Can Guests Request Specific Dietary Accommodations or Menu Preferences for the Three-Course Meal at the Number 7 Restaurant?

Guests can request specific dietary accommodations or menu preferences for their three-course meal at the Number 7 restaurant. This ensures that individual needs are met and enhances the dining experience during their visit to the venue.

Is There an Option to Upgrade to a Private Tour Experience for a More Personalized Visit to Celtic Park?

For those seeking an exclusive touch, a private tour option offers a personalized experience at Celtic Park. Guests can delve deeper into the club’s history and enjoy a tailored visit with enhanced privacy and attention from guides.

Are There Any Exclusive Merchandise or Souvenirs Available for Purchase During the Tour or at the Celtic Park Sports Bar Meeting Point?

Exclusive merchandise and souvenir options are available for purchase at the Celtic Park Sports Bar meeting point. Visitors can find unique items to commemorate their experience, adding a special touch to their visit.

Are There Any Age Restrictions or Recommendations for Participating in the Celtic Park Tour & Dine Package?

Age restrictions for the tour are not specified, but it’s recommended that children be accompanied by an adult. Visitors can enjoy the full experience with these guidelines in mind, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable time.


Enjoy the world of Celtic FC with the Tour & Dine Package at Celtic Park.

From exclusive access to team areas to a luxurious three-course meal overlooking the pitch, this experience offers a unique blend of football history and fine dining.

With rave reviews from visitors and attentive host responses, this package is a must-visit for those looking to combine their love of football with a touch of luxury.

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