Enjoy the captivating cultural traditions of Japan with an unforgettable experience in Miyajima. Explore the art of wearing a kimono, practice the tranquil tea ceremony, hone your calligraphy skills, and create a personalized amulet – all under the guidance of experienced instructors. This highly-rated activity offers a comprehensive glimpse into the country’s rich heritage, complete with supplies, food tasting, and keepsake photos. Discover the charm of these timeless practices and unveil the hidden stories that lie within.

Key Points

Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Key Points

  • Offers a comprehensive cultural experience in Miyajima, Japan, with hands-on activities like wearing kimonos, practicing calligraphy, participating in a tea ceremony, and creating amulets.
  • Led by experienced teachers who provide step-by-step guidance and ensure an authentic and immersive cultural learning experience.
  • Includes all necessary supplies, photos, and a food tasting, allowing participants to fully engage with and appreciate the Japanese traditions.
  • Emphasizes mindfulness, attention to detail, and the significance of the cultural practices, fostering a deeper understanding of Japanese heritage.
  • Accommodates a maximum of 8 travelers for a personalized experience, with flexible booking options and a full refund if canceled at least 24 hours in advance.


Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Overview

The cultural activity in Miyajima offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese practices, including wearing kimonos, participating in a tea ceremony, learning calligraphy, and crafting amulets, all within a few hours.

The experience is highly reviewed, with 41 reviews, and takes place in Hiroshima, Japan.

The activities are led by experienced teachers who provide the necessary supplies and take photos during the lessons, which are then sent to participants via email.

The activity includes all taxes, fees, and handling charges, as well as food tasting, making it a comprehensive and convenient cultural experience.

Activities Included

Participants get to wear provided kimonos and traditional aprons during the cultural lessons. They’ll learn the art of Japanese calligraphy, perform a traditional tea ceremony, and even make their own amulet.

The knowledgeable teachers guide participants through each activity, ensuring they get the most out of the experience. Photos are taken throughout the lessons and sent via email, so participants can relive the memories.

This well-rounded cultural activity in Miyajima offers a unique opportunity to take in the rich traditions of Japan. With just a few hours, travelers can dive deep into these beloved cultural practices and take home their very own handmade amulet as a keepsake.

Kimono Lesson

Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Kimono Lesson

One of the highlights of the cultural activity is the chance to don a traditional Japanese kimono and learn the intricate art of wearing it properly.

Participants are provided with a beautifully patterned kimono and a traditional apron to wear during the lesson. The instructor guides them through the steps of:

  • Selecting the correct size and fit
  • Wrapping the kimono around the body
  • Tying the obi (sash) at the waist
  • Ensuring the kimono is neatly and elegantly arranged

Throughout the process, the instructor offers tips and adjustments to ensure a perfect, authentic look.

Participants leave the lesson feeling transformed, with a newfound appreciation for this timeless Japanese art form.

Calligraphy Experience

Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Calligraphy Experience

After the kimono lesson, participants dive into the captivating art of Japanese calligraphy.

An experienced instructor guides them through the proper techniques, from holding the brush to forming the elegant strokes that compose traditional characters. They learn to cultivate the patience and mindfulness required to master this centuries-old practice, honing their skills as they create their own unique calligraphic works to take home.

The teachers provide step-by-step instruction and demonstrations, ensuring that even beginners can produce beautiful pieces. With the teacher’s expertise and the tranquil atmosphere, the calligraphy experience becomes a meditative journey that allows participants to connect with Japanese culture on a deeper level.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Japanese Tea Ceremony

Next, the group embarks on the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, an age-old practice that cultivates mindfulness and appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. An expert instructor guides them through the meticulous steps, from meticulously cleaning the utensils to gracefully preparing and serving the matcha tea.

The participants learn:

  1. The significance of each movement and gesture in the tea ceremony.
  2. How to properly whisk the matcha powder and pour the tea.
  3. The importance of aesthetics and attention to detail in this art form.
  4. Ways to mindfully savor the delicate flavor and aroma of the tea.

Through this immersive experience, the group gains a deeper understanding and respect for this revered cultural tradition.

Amulet Making

Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Amulet Making

The final activity of the cultural experience allows participants to create their own amulet, a traditional Japanese charm believed to bring good luck and protection.

Under the guidance of the instructor, visitors will select a customized design and learn the step-by-step process of making their own amulet. They’ll use special materials and techniques to craft a unique talisman that can be taken home as a meaningful souvenir.

This hands-on activity provides an opportunity to explore Japan’s rich cultural heritage and create a personalized item imbued with symbolic significance. By the end, you will have a one-of-a-kind amulet to cherish, serving as a reminder of their immersive cultural journey in Miyajima.

Meeting and Pickup

Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Meeting and Pickup

The cultural experience starts at the okeiko Japan Miyajima venue, located at 741-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0588, Japan. Visitors will meet the instructors at this centralized meeting point and from there, they’ll embark on the immersive activities throughout the day.

The meeting point and end point are the same, providing convenience and simplicity.

Guests can expect:

  1. A confirmation within 48 hours, subject to availability.
  2. A full refund if canceled at least 24 hours before the start time.
  3. A maximum of 8 travelers to ensure a personalized experience.
  4. All taxes, fees, and handling charges included, along with food tasting.

This hassle-free arrangement allows visitors to fully enjoy the cultural activities without worrying about logistics.

Booking and Policies

Cultural Activity in Miyajima: Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Amulet - Booking and Policies

Booking this cultural experience in Miyajima is straightforward, with confirmation provided within 48 hours based on availability. Should guests need to cancel, they’ll receive a full refund if done at least 24 hours prior to the start time. Group size is capped at 8 travelers, ensuring a personalized and intimate session.

Booking and Policies
Confirmation Within 48 hours Subject to availability
Cancellation Policy Full refund 24 hours prior to start
Group Size Maximum of 8 travelers
Meeting Point okeiko Japan Miyajima, 741-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0588, Japan
End Point Same as meeting point

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Kimono for the Lesson?

Participants can’t bring their own kimono for the lesson. The experience includes wearing provided kimonos during the activities. Bringing your own kimono wouldn’t be possible as the experience is designed to provide traditional Japanese attire as part of the cultural activities.

How Long Is Each Activity During the Cultural Experience?

The cultural experience includes 3 activities that each take a few hours. Participants will learn Japanese calligraphy, perform a tea ceremony, and make an amulet during the multi-part session.

Are Private Lessons Available for the Cultural Activities?

Private lessons for the cultural activities are not explicitly mentioned in the overview. However, the small group size of 8 travelers suggests the experience may be more personalized than a large group tour. Guests should inquire about private lesson options when booking.

Can I Keep the Amulet I Make During the Workshop?

Yes, participants can keep the amulet they make during the workshop. The amulet is one of the activities included in the cultural experience, and it’s provided for attendees to make and take home as a souvenir.

Is There a Dress Code for the Cultural Activities?

There’s no strict dress code, but participants are provided with traditional kimonos and aprons to wear during the cultural activities. This allows them to fully enjoy the Japanese cultural experience.


This immersive cultural activity in Miyajima allows visitors to fully embrace Japan’s rich heritage.

From donning a traditional kimono to mastering the art of calligraphy and the tea ceremony, it’s a comprehensive introduction to the country’s time-honored practices.

Crafting a personalized amulet serves as the perfect memento to cherish this remarkable journey through Japanese culture.

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