Exploring the natural wonders of Hakone and Mount Fuji has never been easier. With a private day trip from Tokyo, travelers can discover this stunning region at their own pace. The tour offers a convenient and flexible way to visit top attractions like Lake Ashinoko and Hakone Open-Air Museum, all while enjoying the comfort of a private air-conditioned vehicle. Whether you’re seeking breathtaking landscapes, immersive cultural experiences, or just a chance to escape the city, this customizable tour promises an unforgettable day. But what makes this journey truly unique lies in the hidden gems waiting to be uncovered.

Key Points

Hakone and Mt. Fuji Day Trip With Private Vehicle - Key Points

  • Provides a private, customizable full-day tour from Tokyo to explore the highlights of Hakone, including Lake Ashinoko and Hakone Ropeway.
  • Offers air-conditioned private transportation for convenient and comfortable travel, with flexibility to adjust the itinerary to suit traveler interests.
  • Includes popular attractions like Hakone Open-Air Museum, but entry fees for these sites are not covered in the tour price.
  • Offers seamless pickup and drop-off within Tokyo’s 23 wards, with additional charges for pickups outside the city or at airports.
  • Allows for a personalized and private experience, avoiding crowded public transportation and enabling travelers to explore at their own pace.

Overview of the Tour

Hakone and Mt. Fuji Day Trip With Private Vehicle - Overview of the Tour

This private full-day tour from Tokyo typically allows visitors to explore the Hakone area, often including highlights like Lake Ashinoko, the Hakone Open-Air Museum, and the Hakone Ropeway, all accessible via air-conditioned private transportation.

The itinerary is customizable, giving travelers the flexibility to tailor the experience to their interests.

By avoiding public transport, the tour provides a convenient and comfortable way to discover the scenic Hakone region.

With private transportation, bottled water, and the option to pre-purchase admission tickets, this tour offers a hassle-free day trip from the bustling city of Tokyo to the tranquil natural beauty of Hakone.

Customizable Itinerary

Hakone and Mt. Fuji Day Trip With Private Vehicle - Customizable Itinerary

The tour’s itinerary is customizable, allowing travelers to tailor the experience to their specific interests and preferences.

While the tour often includes popular destinations like Lake Ashinoko, the Hakone Open-Air Museum, and the Hakone Ropeway, the order and duration of these activities can be adjusted to suit the group’s needs.

This flexibility ensures that visitors can maximize their time in the Hakone region and explore the attractions that most appeal to them.

Whether you’re interested in stunning natural landscapes, world-class art, or unique cultural experiences, the private tour can be customized to provide an unforgettable day trip from Tokyo to the Hakone area.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Hakone and Mt. Fuji Day Trip With Private Vehicle - Inclusions and Exclusions

The private tour includes air-conditioned transportation and bottled water, ensuring a comfortable journey.

However, admission tickets to popular attractions like the Hakone Gora Park, Hakone Open-Air Museum, and Hakone Ropeway are not covered and must be purchased separately.

These tickets range in price from JPY 550 for the Hakone Gora Park to JPY 1,600 for the Hakone Open-Air Museum and JPY 33 for the Hakone Ropeway.

While the private vehicle and bottled water are provided, visitors will need to budget for these additional entry fees to fully enjoy the sights and experiences of the Hakone area during the day trip from Tokyo.

Pickup and Drop-off Details

Hakone and Mt. Fuji Day Trip With Private Vehicle - Pickup and Drop-off Details

Pickup is available from within Tokyo’s 23 wards, with options for pickup outside Tokyo or at airports, though additional charges may apply in such cases.

Drop-off is provided at the same location as the pickup. This ensures a seamless start and end to your Hakone and Mt. Fuji day trip.

Whether you’re staying in central Tokyo or arriving at one of the airports, the private vehicle can conveniently transport you to the Hakone area and back.

The tour operator is flexible in accommodating your preferences, making your sightseeing experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, but no refund is provided if the tour is canceled less than 24 hours prior. This flexible policy allows travelers to adjust their plans if needed without penalty. However, it’s important to note that the experience may also be canceled due to poor weather conditions. In such cases, the tour operator will offer either a different date or a full refund.

Cancellation Period Refund Policy
24+ hours in advance Full refund
Less than 24 hours No refund
Poor weather Different date or full refund

This cancellation policy ensures travelers can book with confidence while also allowing the tour operator to maintain high-quality services.

Accessibility and Transportation

Hakone and Mt. Fuji Day Trip With Private Vehicle - Accessibility and Transportation

Private transportation is provided for the Hakone and Mt. Fuji day trip, with an air-conditioned vehicle available for pickup within Tokyo’s 23 wards. Additional charges may apply for pickups outside of Tokyo or at airports.

The tour is stroller accessible, though it’s not wheelchair friendly. Infant seats can be provided upon request.

The tour involves a fair amount of walking, so participants should be prepared for that. The private vehicle allows for a flexible and comfortable experience, avoiding the need to navigate public transportation.

The tour is located near public transit options, making it easy to access for those staying in the Tokyo area. The transportation and accessibility aspects of this tour are well-suited for most visitors.

Private Tour Experience

Hakone and Mt. Fuji Day Trip With Private Vehicle - Private Tour Experience

One of the key highlights of this Hakone and Mt. Fuji day trip is the private tour experience it offers. Participants can enjoy a customizable itinerary, exploring the region’s top attractions at their own pace and with the convenience of a dedicated air-conditioned vehicle.

Key Features Description
Customizable Itinerary Participants can tailor the day’s activities to their interests, whether it’s relaxing by Lake Ashinoko, admiring the sculptures at the Hakone Open-Air Museum, or taking in the views from the Hakone Ropeway.
Private Transportation No need to navigate public transit – the private vehicle ensures a comfortable and efficient journey between destinations.
Personalized Experience With a private tour, participants can ask questions, take breaks, and explore at their own pace, creating a truly memorable experience.

Reviews and Additional Information

With over 75 reviews, this Hakone and Mt. Fuji day trip receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from past participants.

Reviewers praise the tour’s flexibility, comfortable transportation, and knowledgeable guides, who help them make the most of their time in the region.

The private vehicle allows travelers to avoid crowded public transport, while the customizable itinerary ensures they see the sights that interest them most.

Though admission tickets aren’t included, the tour makes it easy to visit top attractions like the Hakone Open-Air Museum and Hakone Ropeway.

And with the option to be picked up and dropped off within Tokyo, getting to and from the tour couldn’t be more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Maximum Group Size for This Private Tour?

The private tour has no set maximum group size. The tour is customized for your group, whether that’s a solo traveler, couple, or larger party. The private vehicle accommodates your group size comfortably.

Can I Book This Tour for a Specific Time of Day?

Yes, you can book this private tour for a specific time of day. The tour’s itinerary is customizable, so you can arrange the departure and return times to fit your schedule.

Does the Tour Include Any Meals or Snacks?

The tour doesn’t include any meals or snacks. Guests are responsible for their own food and refreshments during the trip. Bottled water is provided, but visitors should plan to bring any other desired food or drinks.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Types of Activities Permitted?

The tour has no strict activity restrictions, allowing visitors flexibility to customize their itinerary. However, the focus is on sightseeing activities like visiting museums, parks, and using the Hakone Ropeway. Visitors should check any activity-specific requirements or limitations.

Can I Request a Different Language for the Tour Guide?

Yes, you can request a different language for the tour guide. The tour provider offers the flexibility to accommodate language preferences, ensuring a comfortable and informative experience for all participants.


This private day trip to Hakone and Mount Fuji offers a customizable and comfortable way to explore the region’s natural beauty.

With a private vehicle, travelers can tailor the itinerary to their interests, whether it’s admiring stunning landscapes, immersing in art, or experiencing Japanese culture.

The tour provides hassle-free transportation, making it an ideal option for maximizing time in Hakone.

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