The Ishigaki Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the stunning natural beauty of Ishigaki Island from the water. Whether you choose to paddle on a stand-up paddleboard or navigate a canoe, you’ll be treated to breathtaking sunset views and the chance to spot a variety of local wildlife. With knowledgeable guides providing insights into the landscape, this tour promises an immersive and unforgettable adventure. But what makes this experience truly special is the chance to witness the island’s iconic limestone formations up close and personal.

Key Points

[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Key Points

  • Offers guided sunset SUP or canoe tours around the scenic waterways of Ishigaki Island, allowing participants to enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Provides all necessary equipment, including SUP or canoe, liability insurance, and sales tax coverage.
  • Includes a pickup service from the southern area of Ishigaki Island, with the meeting point at the Ishigaki Port Terminal’s bus terminal.
  • Showcases the unique limestone formations along the coastline and offers opportunities to spot local wildlife.
  • Concludes the tour back at the Ishigaki Port Terminal, providing a hassle-free experience.

Experience Overview

[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Experience Overview

The Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour in Ishigaki, Japan boasts an impressive 48 reviews and a Badge of Excellence, offering an immersive experience for visitors.

This activity provides participants with SUP (stand-up paddleboard) or canoe equipment, as well as liability insurance and sales tax coverage.

The tour guides share insights about the landscape and local wildlife, giving guests the opportunity to explore limestone caves along the way.

After the adventure, the group returns to the starting point at the Ishigaki Port Terminal.

With its stunning natural scenery and personalized service, the Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour is a must-try for those seeking an unforgettable outdoor excursion in Ishigaki.

Activity Details

[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Activity Details

The Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour in Ishigaki, Japan includes SUP (stand-up paddleboard) or canoe equipment, as well as liability insurance and sales tax coverage for the experience fee.

Participants will receive all the necessary gear to safely enjoy the tour, which takes place on the scenic waterways around the island.

Whether you choose to paddle a SUP or a canoe, you’ll be able to learn about the natural beauty of the limestone caves and surrounding landscape.

The activity details are designed to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all participants, allowing them to focus on the stunning sunset views and the unique wildlife that can be spotted along the way.

Meeting and Pickup

[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Meeting and Pickup

The tour operator offers a free pickup service from the southern area of Ishigaki Island, covering the stretch from the ANA Intercontinental Hotel to the Fusaki Resort.

Participants can meet the guide at the Ishigaki Port Terminal’s bus terminal, the designated meeting point for the Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour. This convenient arrangement ensures a hassle-free start to the adventure.

Guests can simply gather at the bus terminal, where the guide will be waiting to welcome them and transport them to the launch site. This pickup service eliminates the need for participants to find their own way to the starting point, making the experience seamless and enjoyable from the very beginning.

Tour Description

[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Tour Description

Once participants have been picked up and brought to the meeting point, the guide will provide a history about the landscape and birds they’ll encounter during the tour. Guests will have the opportunity to see limestone caves as the tour makes its way to the ending point back at the Ishigaki Port Terminal.

Feature Description
Landscape The tour winds through the scenic waterways surrounding Ishigaki Island, showcasing the unique limestone formations that dot the coastline.
Wildlife Guests can expect to see a variety of local bird species, from graceful herons to vibrant kingfishers, as the guide shares fascinating insights about the area’s ecosystem.
Ending Point The tour concludes back at the Ishigaki Port Terminal, where participants can easily depart or continue their exploration of the island.


[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Policies

Confirmation occurs at the time of booking, and the activity isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Public transportation is available nearby.

Infants must sit on laps, and participants can’t have heart problems or other serious medical conditions.

Maximum group size is 30 travelers.

Cancellation policy allows for a full refund up to 24 hours before the start time.

The Ishigaki Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour has several key policies:

  • Participants must be in good physical condition and free of any serious medical issues.
  • The tour has a maximum capacity of 30 travelers to ensure a personalized experience.
  • Cancellations made at least 24 hours prior to the start time are eligible for a full refund.
  • Infants are permitted but must remain on the laps of their guardians throughout the tour.
  • The activity isn’t suitable for wheelchair users, but public transportation options are available nearby.

Cancellation Policy

[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made at least 24 hours prior to the tour’s start time qualify for a full refund. This policy provides flexibility for guests who may need to adjust their plans. For cancellations made less than 24 hours before the tour, no refund will be issued. This ensures the operator can effectively manage tour logistics and resources.

Cancellation Timing Refund Amount
24+ hours in advance Full Refund
Less than 24 hours No Refund
No-show No Refund

The cancellation policy strikes a balance between accommodating unexpected changes and maintaining the integrity of the tour operation.


[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Accessibility

The Ishigaki Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, as stated in the policies. Guests with mobility challenges may need to consider alternate tour options.

The meeting point at Ishigaki Port Terminal is near public transportation, making it easier for guests to reach the starting location. Infants are allowed to sit on laps during the tour, accommodating families with young children.

While the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, guests without serious medical conditions like heart problems can participate, providing some flexibility. The tour has a maximum of 30 travelers, which can make it easier for guests with accessibility needs to navigate the experience.

Public Transportation

[Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour - Public Transportation

The tour provides free pickup service from various locations on the southern side of Ishigaki Island, making it accessible for guests without their own transportation.

The meeting point is the Ishigaki Port Terminal, which is conveniently located at the bus terminal. This pickup service allows participants to easily reach the starting point of the tour without the hassle of arranging their own transportation.

The tour’s accessibility via public transportation options makes it a convenient choice for visitors to Ishigaki who want to experience the stunning sunset SUP or canoe tour without the added burden of driving themselves.

This thoughtful pickup service enhances the overall experience and ensures guests can focus on enjoying the tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Bring Our Own Sup/Canoe Equipment?

According to the experience overview, guests cannot bring their own SUP/canoe equipment. The tour provides all necessary equipment as part of the experience fee. The activity is not suitable for guests to use their own gear.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants?

There’s no minimum age requirement for participants. Infants can sit on laps during the tour. However, all participants must be able to follow the guide’s instructions and safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Are Life Jackets Provided, or Do We Need to Bring Our Own?

Life jackets are provided for all participants on this activity. Customers do not need to bring their own life jackets, as the tour operator ensures everyone’s safety by supplying the necessary safety equipment.

Can We Stop for a Swim During the Tour?

Participants can typically take a swim break during the tour if the weather and conditions permit. The tour operator will advise if and when a swim stop is feasible based on the day’s circumstances.

Is Photography or Videography Allowed During the Tour?

Photography and videography are generally allowed during the tour. However, guests should be mindful not to interfere with the guide’s instructions or the experience of other participants. It’s best to check with the tour operator for any specific policies.


The Ishigaki Sunset SUP/Canoe Tour offers an immersive experience on the scenic waterways around Ishigaki Island.

Guests can choose between stand-up paddleboarding or canoeing, and enjoy stunning sunset views while learning about the local landscape and wildlife from knowledgeable guides.

The tour concludes at the Ishigaki Port Terminal with a convenient pickup service, providing a hassle-free start to the adventure.

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