Kyoto’s Arashiyama and Sagano districts are home to some of Japan’s most iconic sights, from the towering bamboo groves to the serene river views. With a private tour led by a government-licensed guide, visitors can explore these enchanting landscapes at their own pace. The flexible itinerary allows the group to customize their experience, focusing on 3-4 key sites that pique their interest. Whether it’s crossing the famous Togetsukyo Bridge or immersing oneself in the tranquility of UNESCO-listed Tenryuji Temple, this tour promises to unveil the rich cultural heritage and traditions that make this region so captivating. With an expert guide at the helm, the journey through Kyoto’s natural wonders is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Key Points

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Key Points

  • Private guided tour showcasing the iconic bamboo groves, historic temples, and scenic landscapes of Arashiyama and Sagano in Kyoto.
  • Tour led by a licensed local guide, providing insights into Kyoto’s rich history and cultural significance.
  • Flexible itinerary allows customization of 3-4 sites based on participant preferences, with options including Togetsukyo Bridge and Tenryuji Temple.
  • Tour includes public transportation or local taxis, while entrance fees, lunch, and personal expenses are excluded.
  • Flexible cancellation policy with full refunds up to 24 hours prior to the tour, ensuring peace of mind for travelers.

Overview of the Tour

This private tour to Arashiyama and Sagano in Kyoto allows visitors to discover the highlights of these picturesque districts.

Led by a licensed local guide, the customizable walking tour showcases renowned temples, serene nature spots, and insider tips on secret local gems.

Guests can stroll through the iconic bamboo groves, cross the famous Togetsukyo Bridge, and explore the historic Jojakko-ji Temple and Tenryuji Temple.

The tour can be tailored to the preferences of the group, focusing on 3-4 sites of their choice.

Throughout the experience, the knowledgeable guide provides fascinating insights into Kyoto’s rich history and Japanese culture.

With public transportation or local taxis used between locations, this private tour offers an immersive and personalized exploration of Arashiyama and Sagano.

Highlights of the Tour

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Highlights of the Tour

The tour’s highlights include a stroll through Arashiyama’s iconic bamboo groves, where visitors can marvel at the towering green stalks swaying in the breeze.

Guests then cross the famous Togetsukyo Bridge, which offers stunning views of the Katsura River and the surrounding mountains.

Next, the tour visits Jojakko-ji Temple, a serene Buddhist temple known for its beautiful gardens.

The final highlight is Tenryuji Temple, one of Kyoto’s most important Zen temples, with impressive architecture and panoramic vistas of the Arashiyama area.

Throughout the tour, the knowledgeable guide provides insights into Kyoto’s rich history and cultural significance, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Inclusions and Exclusions

The private tour includes a licensed local English-speaking guide who accompanies participants throughout the journey. Public transportation or local taxis are utilized to travel between the sightseeing spots.

However, the tour excludes entrance fees, lunch, and any other personal expenses incurred by the participants.

The key inclusions and exclusions of the tour are:

  • The tour includes a licensed local English-speaking guide and public transportation or local taxis.
  • The tour excludes entrance fees, lunch, and any other personal expenses.
  • Participants are responsible for covering their own costs beyond the guided services provided.

Tour Details

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Tour Details

Walking tours are the format of this private excursion, as no private vehicle is provided for transportation between the sites. The maximum group size is limited to 7 participants, ensuring a personalized experience.

Plus, the tour is wheelchair accessible, accommodating visitors with mobility needs.

The flexible itinerary allows you to customize the tour, choosing 3-4 sites from the highlights mentioned. This enables you to focus on the areas of greatest interest, whether it’s the serene bamboo groves, the historic temples, or the scenic bridges.

Throughout the tour, your licensed local guide will provide valuable insights into Kyoto’s rich history and cultural traditions, enriching your understanding of this captivating destination.

Exploring Arashiyama’s Bamboo Groves

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Exploring Arashiyamas Bamboo Groves

As one explores Arashiyama’s iconic bamboo groves, the towering stalks rise majestically, casting a serene, verdant ambiance that transports visitors to a realm of tranquility. The gentle rustling of the bamboo leaves creates a mesmerizing symphony, complementing the peaceful atmosphere.

Visitors can wander along the well-maintained paths, marveling at the sheer scale and density of the bamboo forest.

The experience is further enriched by:

  • Opportunities to capture breathtaking photographs that showcase the bamboo’s striking visual appeal
  • Encounters with local artisans showcasing traditional bamboo crafts and practices
  • Chance to gain insights into the cultural significance of these bamboo groves in Kyoto’s history

Visiting Iconic Temples

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Visiting Iconic Temples

Along With the serene bamboo groves, visitors to Arashiyama can explore the area’s iconic temples, which offer a deeper glimpse into Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage.

These historically significant structures serve as hubs for spiritual practice and contemplation, inviting travelers to enjoy the timeless traditions that have defined the region for centuries.

The tour highlights Jojakko-ji Temple, a Zen Buddhist temple dating back to the 14th century, and the breathtaking Tenryuji Temple, one of Kyoto’s five grand Zen temples and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As guests wander the temple grounds, they’ll learn about the architectural styles, religious rituals, and the integral role these sacred spaces have played in Kyoto’s cultural identity.

Customizing the Tour

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Customizing the Tour

The tour’s flexibility allows guests to customize their experience, choosing up to 4 sites that best suit their interests and preferences. This personalized approach ensures visitors can maximize their time in Arashiyama and Sagano, focusing on the aspects of the districts that most captivate them.

Some highlights guests may opt to include in their customized tour:

  • The iconic Togetsukyo Bridge, offering stunning views of the Katsura River
  • The serene Tenryuji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site with beautiful gardens
  • Lesser-known local spots, providing an authentic glimpse into Kyoto’s culture and traditions

This tailored tour enables travelers to create a truly memorable experience, seeing Kyoto’s rich history and natural wonders at their own pace.

Cancellation Policy

Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour With Government-Licensed Guide - Cancellation Policy

Travelers can take advantage of a flexible cancellation policy, with full refunds available up to 24 hours prior to the tour’s scheduled start time. This allows for last-minute changes or unexpected circumstances without penalizing the customer.

Once the 24-hour window has passed, no refunds will be issued. However, the tour operator understands that plans can change, so they offer the option to reschedule the tour for a later date at no additional cost.

This ensures that customers can enjoy the Arashiyama and Sagano Bamboo Private Tour without worrying about non-refundable fees. The cancellation policy provides peace of mind and flexibility, allowing travelers to book with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Tour Typically Last?

The tour typically lasts 3-4 hours, depending on the number of sites visited and the pace of the group. Travelers can customize the itinerary to focus on their interests within this timeframe.

Can We Stop for Lunch During the Tour?

Yes, the tour can typically accommodate a lunch stop. The guide is flexible and can help arrange a lunch break at a local restaurant or eatery that fits the group’s preferences and schedule during the tour.

Is the Tour Available in Other Languages Besides English?

The tour is available in other languages besides English. The licensed local guide can provide the tour in multiple languages, including Japanese, Mandarin, and other languages, to accommodate the preferences and needs of different participants.

Do We Need to Bring Any Special Equipment?

No special equipment is needed for this walking tour. Comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and sun protection are recommended. The licensed guide will provide all necessary information and navigate the tour sites.

Can We Make Changes to the Itinerary on the Day of the Tour?

Yes, the tour itinerary can be customized on the day of the tour. Guests can choose 3-4 sites they’d like to visit from the available options, allowing them to personalize their experience with the guide’s assistance.


The Kyoto Arashiyama & Sagano Bamboo Private Tour with a government-licensed guide offers a customizable and immersive experience in the heart of Kyoto’s cultural heritage.

Visitors can explore the serene bamboo groves, visit renowned temples, and cross the iconic Togetsukyo Bridge, all while learning about the rich history and traditions of this captivating region from a knowledgeable local guide.

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