Embark on an intriguing exploration of York’s captivating history with ‘Mad Alice’s The Bloody Tour of York,’ the esteemed recipient of the Best Tour Award Europe 2024. Discover a world where the past comes alive, as Mad Alice leads participants through the city’s enigmatic tales of witches, queens, and murderers.

From the atmospheric Shambles to the interactive Jorvik Viking Centre, this immersive experience promises a blend of entertainment and education that will leave visitors enthralled. Join the ranks of those who have unraveled York’s mysteries through this award-winning tour and prepare for an unforgettable journey.

Key Points

Mad Alice's The Bloody Tour of York -Best Tour Award Europe - Key Points

  • Immersive guided tour in York with alternative history storytelling
  • Engaging and educational experience suitable for all ages
  • Award-winning tour with entertaining and informative content
  • Highly recommended for its interactive and humorous approach

Tour Overview

Embark on an immersive journey through York, England with the award-winning tour, The Bloody Tour of York with Mad Alice, for a captivating exploration of the city’s alternative history.

This tour offers an immersive experience like no other, delving into the lesser-known tales of York’s past. Mad Alice, the knowledgeable guide, weaves a narrative filled with stories of witches, queens, and murderers, providing a unique perspective on the city’s history.

Participants can expect an engaging and interactive atmosphere where they not only learn about York’s alternative history but also get entertained along the way. With a maximum of 40 travelers per tour, guests can enjoy a personalized experience that’s both educational and entertaining.

Tour Highlights

Mad Alice's The Bloody Tour of York -Best Tour Award Europe - Tour Highlights

Discover the chilling allure of the Shambles and the captivating exhibits at the Jorvik Viking Centre on The Bloody Tour of York with Mad Alice. Step back in time and learn about alternative history as Mad Alice weaves tales of witches, queens, and murderers through the winding streets of York.

The Shambles, with its timber-framed buildings and narrow lanes, offers a glimpse into the medieval past, setting the stage for a truly immersive experience. At the Jorvik Viking Centre, interactive displays bring the Viking era to life, providing a hands-on exploration of York’s rich history.

These tour highlights not only entertain but also educate, ensuring a memorable and enlightening journey through the darker side of York’s past.

Tour Features

Mad Alice's The Bloody Tour of York -Best Tour Award Europe - Tour Features

Enjoy an interactive and educational journey through the darker side of York’s history with The Bloody Tour of York with Mad Alice, featuring engaging storytelling and entertaining insights. The tour boasts the following key features:

  1. Interactive Entertainment: Mad Alice’s storytelling style brings historical anecdotes to life, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience for all participants.

  2. Historical Anecdotes: Explore the intriguing tales of witches, queens, and murderers that have left a mark on York’s past, providing a rich historical context to the city’s darker side.

  3. Entertaining Insights: Mad Alice not only educates but also entertains, making the tour a blend of fun and knowledge that keeps guests captivated throughout the journey.

Tour Inclusions

Mad Alice's The Bloody Tour of York -Best Tour Award Europe - Tour Inclusions

Included in The Bloody Tour of York with Mad Alice is a guided walking tour that promises an immersive experience through York’s alternative history, featuring tales of witches, queens, and murderers. This interactive experience provides historical insights into the darker side of York’s past, engaging visitors with intriguing stories and captivating narration. Participants can expect a blend of entertainment and education as they explore the city’s mysteries and legends. Below is a breakdown of what the tour inclusions entail:

Tour Inclusions Description
Guided Walking Tour Immersive journey through York’s alternative history
Historical Insights Tales of witches, queens, murderers, and more

Meeting Point Details

Mad Alice's The Bloody Tour of York -Best Tour Award Europe - Meeting Point Details

For those joining The Bloody Tour of York with Mad Alice, the meeting point is conveniently located at College Street in York. When arriving at the designated spot, participants can expect the following:

  1. Easy Accessibility: College Street is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, making it convenient for all travelers.

  2. Central Location: Situated in the heart of York, College Street provides a central meeting point for visitors to gather before embarking on the tour.

  3. Accessible Options: The meeting point at College Street caters to individuals with accessibility needs, offering wheelchair access, stroller accessibility, and welcoming service animals for a comfortable and inclusive experience.

Pricing Information

When considering The Bloody Tour of York with Mad Alice, travelers can anticipate a diverse range of pricing options starting from $19.34. For those seeking budget options, Mad Alice provides competitive pricing compared to similar tours in the area. Below is a cost comparison table showcasing the different pricing options available:

Tour Package Price Inclusions
Basic Tour $19.34 Guided Walking Tour
Premium Tour $29.99 Guided Tour + Souvenir
VIP Experience $49.99 Guided Tour + Dinner
Family Package $79.99 Guided Tour for 4

These packages cater to various preferences and offer excellent value for an immersive York experience.

Traveler Testimonials

Travelers rave about The Bloody Tour of York with Mad Alice, describing it as both entertaining and educational. The testimonials highlight Mad Alice’s ability to engage participants with interactive experiences and captivating storytelling. Traveler feedback emphasizes the tour’s blend of humor and historical insights, making it a memorable and informative adventure through York’s darker past.

  1. Mad Alice’s engaging storytelling keeps participants hooked throughout the tour.

  2. The interactive experiences create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere for travelers.

  3. Travelers appreciate the educational insights into York’s history combined with entertaining elements, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mad Alice's The Bloody Tour of York -Best Tour Award Europe - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mad Alice’s the Bloody Tour of York Suitable for Children?

For children, Mad Alice’s tour of York offers a mix of child-friendly activities and educational experiences. While some content may be scary, the tour incorporates age-appropriate themes, making it both engaging and informative.

Are There Any Restrictions on Photography During the Tour?

Photography guidelines on the tour encourage respectful tourist etiquette. Guests are advised to ask permission before taking photos, especially in sensitive areas. Capturing memories is allowed, but be mindful of others and the historical significance.

Can Participants Interact With Costumed Characters During the Tour?

Participants on the tour can interact with costumed characters, providing an engaging and immersive experience with historical reenactments. This entertainment element enhances engagement, offering a unique opportunity to interact with York’s intriguing past.

Are There Any Refreshment Stops Included in the Tour?

Food breaks are not included on the tour, but there are nearby cafes and eateries for participants to grab a snack or drink. Restroom breaks are accommodated during the tour as needed.

How Long Does the Tour Typically Last and What Is the Pace of Walking Involved?

The tour typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, covering a moderate walking pace suitable for most participants. Engaging and immersive, it offers a mix of entertainment and education, ensuring an enjoyable experience exploring York’s history.


Step into the dark and intriguing world of York with Mad Alice’s The Bloody Tour of York, winner of the Best Tour Europe 2024 award. This immersive experience brings to life the city’s rich history with captivating storytelling, interactive elements, and a touch of humor.

Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a unique adventure, this tour is a must-visit attraction that promises an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Don’t miss out on this exciting journey through York’s past!

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