The Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo offers a unique opportunity to dive into the city’s thriving plant-based food scene. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable local, guests embark on a 3.5-hour exploration, savoring a full dinner and seeing Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife. From sushi sets to signature plant-based dishes, the tour showcases the creativity and diversity of the city’s vegan cuisine. Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or simply curious about the culinary landscape, this captivating experience promises to leave you with a deeper appreciation for the Japanese capital’s rich vegan culture.

Key Points

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Key Points

  • A guided 3.5-hour tour exploring Tokyo’s best vegan and vegetarian restaurants, featuring a full dinner with sushi, a plant-based dish, and 3-4 drinks.
  • Vibrant nightlife experience, with the opportunity to visit trendy bars, izakaya-style pubs, and immerse in the lively atmosphere of Shibuya.
  • Accessible to most travelers, with options catering to dietary needs like vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free.
  • Includes transportation fee and professional photography during the tour, with a meeting point and end point at the same location.
  • Flexible cancellation policy, allowing participants to cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

Tour Overview

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Tour Overview

The Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the city’s vibrant vegan and vegetarian food scene. This 3.5-hour guided tour takes participants on a journey through some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants and eateries in the city.

The tour includes a full dinner, consisting of a sushi set, one plant-based dish, and 3-4 drinks, ensuring that participants get to sample a variety of delicious and innovative plant-based cuisine.

The tour is accessible to most travelers, though it may not be suitable for those in wheelchairs or strollers, as the itinerary includes locations that may not be easily accessible.

The meeting point is in front of the Shibuya Tsutaya shop, and the tour ends at the same location.

Meeting Point and Guide

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Meeting Point and Guide

The meeting point for the Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo is in front of the Shibuya Tsutaya shop, located at Q Front, 21-6 Udagawachō, Shibuya City, in the same building as Starbucks. Participants can easily identify the tour guide, who’ll be holding an orange board displaying ‘Magical Trip’.

The tour experience includes:

  • Full Dinner with a Sushi Set, 1 plant-based food, and 3-4 drinks
  • Transportation fee
  • Photos taken during the tour
  • Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-free options available

Meeting point and end point are the same location.

Full Dinner Inclusions

Included in the full dinner is a sushi set, one plant-based food item, and 3-4 beverages.

The sushi set features an assortment of vegan sushi rolls, crafted with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

The plant-based dish could be a hearty miso-glazed tofu steak or a delectable vegetable curry.

Accompanying the meal are 3-4 drinks, such as refreshing green tea, fruity mocktails, or local Japanese craft beers.

The variety of options ensures that all dietary needs are catered to, providing a truly inclusive and satisfying dining experience.

The tour guides are knowledgeable about the menu items and happy to offer recommendations, making the food tasting a seamless and enjoyable part of the overall tour.

Transportation and Accessibility

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Transportation and Accessibility

Along With the full dinner, the tour also covers the transportation fee, making it a convenient and inclusive experience for participants.

The meeting point is located at Shibuya Tsutaya, right in front of the Starbucks, where the guide holds an orange board to help identify the group.

The tour’s accessibility includes:

  • Not wheelchair accessible, as the itinerary includes locations not accessible by wheelchair or stroller
  • Located near public transportation for easy access
  • Most travelers can participate, with some limitations
  • Guide will provide detailed information on accessibility during the tour
  • Participants should be aware of potential accessibility challenges beforehand

Cancellation Policy

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Cancellation Policy

Participants can cancel their booking up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, but changes made less than 24 hours before the experience won’t be accepted.

This policy provides flexibility for travelers while ensuring the tour operator can effectively manage bookings and minimize last-minute disruptions. This is a common practice in the tourism industry to balance the needs of customers and the logistical requirements of organizing tours.

Customers are advised to review the cancellation terms carefully when making their booking to avoid any unexpected charges or disappointments.

Exciting Vegan Dishes

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Exciting Vegan Dishes

The tour offers a curated selection of plant-based delicacies, from a satisfying sushi set to 3-4 unique vegan beverages, providing a diverse and flavorful dining experience for participants.

Guests can look forward to:

  • Artfully crafted vegan sushi rolls made with premium ingredients like avocado, cucumber, and marinated tofu

  • A hearty and wholesome plant-based main course featuring seasonal vegetables, grains, and creative sauces

  • Refreshing and innovative vegan cocktails or mocktails, such as matcha-infused drinks or fruit-based concoctions

  • Delectable vegan desserts that satisfy the sweet tooth without compromising on taste or texture

An opportunity to discover lesser-known vegan eateries and experience the vibrant vegan culture in Tokyo.

Exploring Tokyo’s Nightlife

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Exploring Tokyos Nightlife

Beyond the delectable vegan fare, the Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo invites participants to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife, seeing the unique ambiance and energy that Tokyo is renowned for.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the tour takes guests on a journey through the bustling streets of Shibuya, where neon lights and lively crowds create an electrifying atmosphere.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the city’s nightlife firsthand, sipping on refreshing drinks and soaking in the lively atmosphere.

Whether it’s the trendy bars, the izakaya-style pubs, or the vibrant street scenes, this tour offers a glimpse into the captivating world of Tokyo’s nighttime allure.

Unforgettable Culinary Experience

Modern Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo - Unforgettable Culinary Experience

The vegan night foodie tour delights participants with an unforgettable culinary experience, serving up a delectable sushi set and a selection of plant-based dishes complemented by 3-4 refreshing drinks.

Exploring Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife, the tour takes guests on a journey through the city’s diverse vegan and vegetarian offerings.

Highlights of the experience include:

  • Savoring a traditional Japanese sushi set with creative plant-based alternatives
  • Indulging in a variety of innovative vegan dishes showcasing the creativity of local chefs
  • Sipping on a range of beverages, from refreshing mocktails to artisanal teas

Discovering hidden gems and lesser-known vegan hotspots in the heart of Tokyo.

Gaining insider knowledge from a local guide passionate about the city’s vegan culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Group Size for the Tour?

The average group size for this tour is typically small, allowing for a more personalized experience. The tour guide aims to keep the group size manageable, usually capping it at around 10-15 participants.

Are Any Food Allergies or Dietary Restrictions Accommodated?

The tour accommodates various dietary restrictions, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Guests with food allergies can notify the tour operator in advance, and they’ll make the necessary arrangements to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Do Guests Receive Any Recommendations for Additional Activities?

Guests on this tour may receive recommendations for additional activities to enjoy during their time in the city, though the focus is primarily on the culinary experience. The local guide can suggest nearby attractions or experiences that align with your’ interests.

Is the Tour Available in Languages Other Than English?

The tour is available in English only. The website doesn’t mention any other language options being offered. Guests should expect the tour and all communications to be conducted in English.

Can the Tour Be Customized for Private or Corporate Groups?

The tour can be customized for private or corporate groups. The provider offers flexibility to tailor the experience to the group’s specific needs and preferences, such as adjusting the menu, group size, or itinerary.


The Vegan Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo offers an immersive exploration of the city’s vibrant plant-based dining scene.

Participants can savor a full dinner, sip on drinks, and discover trendy bars, all while seeing Tokyo’s captivating vegan culture.

This accessible tour provides a satisfying culinary experience that captures the essence of the city’s thriving vegetarian and vegan food landscape.

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