Exploring the bustling heart of Tokyo’s culinary scene, the Tsukiji Fish Market and Sushi Making Experience offers visitors a captivating glimpse into the intricate world of Japanese seafood and sushi preparation. As one of the largest fish markets globally, Tsukiji showcases the meticulous processes behind procuring and distributing the freshest catch. The highlight, however, is the hands-on sushi-making workshop, where participants learn from skilled sushi masters, gaining an appreciation for the artistry and precision required to craft these delectable delights. With an insider’s perspective on this iconic aspect of Japanese cuisine, the experience promises to leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning palates.

Key Points

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Key Points

  • Immersive 4-hour tour exploring the iconic Tsukiji Fish Market and participating in a hands-on sushi-making workshop under the guidance of an experienced sushi master.

  • Guided tour of the bustling outer market, offering insights into the intricate logistics and deep-rooted culinary traditions behind Tokyo’s renowned seafood-based cuisine.

  • Hands-on sushi-making class, where participants learn intricate techniques of sushi preparation, including proper knife handling, rice shaping, and ingredient arrangement.

  • Opportunity to savor the sushi creations made during the workshop, providing a deeper appreciation for the precision and artistry of sushi-making.

  • Tour focused on the outer market experience due to the relocation of the inner market to Toyosu, with transportation to the sushi restaurant included.

Tour Overview

The 4-hour tour offers participants a unique opportunity to explore the renowned Tsukiji Fish Market and learn the art of sushi-making from a seasoned sushi master.

Guests will tour one of the world’s largest seafood markets, where they’ll learn about how fish is caught, distributed, and sold.

At a sushi restaurant, a sushi chef will guide participants through the intricate process of crafting their own sushi. From selecting the freshest ingredients to skillfully shaping the rice and arranging the toppings, guests will gain a deeper appreciation for the precision and artistry involved in sushi-making.

This immersive experience provides a well-rounded understanding of Japan’s renowned seafood industry and culinary traditions.

Included in the Tour

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Included in the Tour

This tour includes a delectable lunch of the sushi participants crafted themselves, as well as a hands-on sushi workshop at a renowned sushi restaurant.

Plus, it provides a local and professional guide to lead the exploration of the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, along with covering the transportation fee to the sushi restaurant.

During the sushi-making class, you will learn the intricate art of preparing sushi from an experienced sushi master. After the workshop, guests can enjoy their self-made sushi creations for a satisfying lunch.

With the guidance of knowledgeable instructors and the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant Tsukiji market, this tour offers an authentic and enriching sushi-making experience.

Excluded From the Tour

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Excluded From the Tour

While the tour includes several valuable experiences, it doesn’t cover hotel pickup and drop-off, transportation to and from the attractions, extra food and drinks, or other personal expenses.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the meeting point and covering any additional costs beyond what’s specified in the tour package.

These exclusions allow the tour operator to focus on delivering the core sushi-making and market tour activities at a competitive price point.

Travelers should factor in these out-of-pocket costs when budgeting for the overall experience. By understanding what’s covered and what’s not, visitors can better prepare for a seamless and enjoyable Tsukiji Fish Market and sushi-making adventure.

Meeting and Pickup Information

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Meeting and Pickup Information

Participants meet at Tsukiji Honganji, a historic Buddhist temple located at 3-chōme-15-1 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo, at 8:15 am to begin the tour.

This central location is easily accessible by public transportation, making it a convenient starting point.

The tour ends in Shinjuku City, Tokyo, allowing participants to explore the vibrant neighborhood after the sushi-making experience.

Throughout the day, the local and professional guide ensures a seamless experience, providing transportation to the sushi restaurant and navigating the bustling Tsukiji Fish Market.

With clear meeting and pickup information, participants can look forward to an immersive and well-organized culinary adventure.

Sushi-Making Class

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Sushi-Making Class

Sushi-making takes center stage as participants explore the art and precision of crafting their own delectable sushi under the guidance of a seasoned sushi master.

The class provides a hands-on experience, where attendees learn the intricate techniques involved in preparing the perfect sushi. From properly handling the knife to shaping the rice and arranging the fresh seafood, every step is meticulously demonstrated and practiced.

The sushi master shares insights into the rich history and cultural significance of this traditional Japanese cuisine, making the experience both educational and engaging.

Visiting the Outer Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Visiting the Outer Tsukiji Fish Market

After the hands-on sushi-making experience, the tour takes participants to the outer Tsukiji fish market, one of the world’s largest seafood markets. Here, they enjoy the bustling atmosphere, observing the meticulous processes involved in catching, distributing, and selling the diverse array of fresh fish and marine products. Guided by a local expert, visitors gain valuable insights into the intricate logistics that ensure the market’s smooth operation and the pivotal role it plays in Tokyo’s renowned culinary scene.

The outer Tsukiji market offers a fascinating glimpse into:

  1. The vast array of seafood, from tuna and salmon to exotic specimens.
  2. The efficient auction system where buyers bid on the day’s catch.
  3. The skilled vendors meticulously preparing and presenting their wares.
  4. The vibrant energy and camaraderie of the market community.

Seafood Market Insights

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Seafood Market Insights

As visitors wander through the bustling outer Tsukiji fish market, they’re met with a dazzling array of seafood that reflects Japan’s diverse marine ecosystems. From the glistening tuna and salmon to the more exotic species, the sheer variety on display underscores the market’s pivotal role in Tokyo’s renowned culinary landscape.

Species Source Region Price Range (per kg)
Tuna Southern Japan ¥2,000 – ¥4,000
Salmon Northern Japan ¥1,000 – ¥2,000
Sea Bream Western Japan ¥1,500 – ¥3,000
Octopus Southern Japan ¥800 – ¥1,500
Uni (Sea Urchin) Northern Japan ¥3,000 – ¥5,000

Witnessing the intricate dance of wholesalers, retailers, and chefs as they select the finest catch is a captivating experience that offers a glimpse into Japan’s deep-rooted culinary traditions and seafood obsession.

Tour Policies and Restrictions

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit and Sushi Making Experience - Tour Policies and Restrictions

Alongside the immersive sushi-making experience and exploration of the bustling Tsukiji outer market, the tour comes with a set of policies and restrictions that visitors should be aware of.

While the tour doesn’t provide hotel pickup or drop-off, transportation to the market is included. Visitors will also need to cover any extra food, drink, or personal expenses not specified in the tour package.

Plus, the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, but strollers are allowed, and infant seats are available.

It’s important to note that the iconic Tsukiji inner market has moved to Toyosu since October 2018, so this tour focuses on the outer market experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take Photographs During the Sushi-Making Class?

Yes, guests are generally allowed to take photographs during the sushi-making class. However, it’s best to be respectful and avoid disrupting the class or distracting the sushi master. Photography policies may vary, so it’s recommended to check with the tour operator beforehand.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions or Allergies to Consider?

The tour provider accommodates various dietary needs and food allergies. Guests should notify the company in advance of any restrictions or allergies so they can ensure the sushi-making experience is tailored to individual requirements.

What Is the Dress Code for the Tour?

Casual, comfortable attire is recommended for the tour. Guests should wear closed-toe shoes and avoid loose or flowing clothing that could get caught during the sushi-making workshop. The tour is mostly indoors, so light layers are suggested.

Can I Buy Additional Sushi Supplies at the Market?

Yes, visitors can purchase additional sushi supplies at the market. The outer Tsukiji market offers a variety of seafood and sushi-making ingredients that participants can buy to supplement their sushi-making experience.

Is There an Age Limit for the Sushi-Making Class?

There is no age limit for the sushi-making class, though infants and toddlers are free of charge. The tour is suitable for all ages, with infant seats available to ensure a comfortable experience for families.


The Tsukiji Fish Market and Sushi Making Experience offers a unique chance to take in Tokyo’s culinary heritage.

Visitors explore the vast seafood market, then craft their own sushi under a sushi master’s guidance, gaining an appreciation for the art and precision of this traditional Japanese cuisine.

It’s a remarkable opportunity to explore the heart of Tokyo’s vibrant food culture.

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