As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the tranquil waters of Clew Bay, adventure beckons aboard the 90-minute cruise departing from Westport.

The allure of this maritime escapade lies not only in its brevity but in the promise of uncovering hidden gems of Ireland‘s west coast. With a blend of natural beauty and historical significance waiting to be explored, this cruise offers a taste of intrigue that will linger long after the journey ends.

Key Points

Clew Bay Cruise, Westport ( 90 Minutes ) - Key Points

  • Enjoy a captivating 90-minute cruise along stunning coastal scenery in Clew Bay, Ireland.
  • Witness diverse marine life, seal colonies, and iconic landmarks like Croagh Patrick and John Lennon’s island.
  • Experience onboard amenities like heated lounges, Wi-Fi, and outdoor viewing decks for a comfortable journey.
  • Appreciate insightful commentary, exceptional staff, and breathtaking views, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Cruise Duration and Location

The Clew Bay Cruise in Westport, Ireland, offers a captivating 90-minute journey along the stunning coastal scenery. Passengers are treated to breathtaking scenic views while having the opportunity to spot diverse marine life in the crystal-clear waters.

The cruise provides a unique vantage point to admire the beauty of the rugged coastline and observe seals basking on the rocks. As the boat glides through the bay, guests can marvel at the rich biodiversity of the area, including seabirds and occasionally dolphins that playfully swim alongside the vessel.

This short yet immersive experience allows travelers to soak in the natural wonders of Clew Bay and create lasting memories of encounters with the local wildlife.

Cruise Highlights

Clew Bay Cruise, Westport ( 90 Minutes ) - Cruise Highlights

Indulge in a journey showcasing captivating coastal scenery and fascinating wildlife encounters on the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport, Ireland. During this 90-minute adventure, passengers will be treated to an array of highlights that include seal colonies, the majestic Croagh Patrick, John Lennon’s island, and breathtaking coastal scenery. Witnessing these natural wonders from the deck of the cruise ship is an experience like no other, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. The chance to see the playful seal colonies in their natural habitat, the iconic silhouette of Croagh Patrick, and the allure of John Lennon’s island set against the stunning coastal backdrop makes this cruise a must-do for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Seal Colonies Croagh Patrick John Lennon’s Island
Encounter playful seals in their natural habitat Marvel at the majestic silhouette of Croagh Patrick Discover the allure of John Lennon’s island

Onboard Amenities

Clew Bay Cruise, Westport ( 90 Minutes ) - Onboard Amenities

As passengers embark on the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport, they can look forward to enjoying a range of onboard amenities designed to enhance their experience.

The cruise offers onboard comfort with amenities such as a heated lounge, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, ensuring passengers can relax and stay connected throughout the journey.

The outdoor viewing deck provides excellent sightseeing opportunities, allowing passengers to soak in the breathtaking coastal scenery, spot seal colonies, and admire landmarks like Croagh Patrick and Inishgort Lighthouse.

Plus, the availability of a restroom onboard adds to the convenience for travelers. With these amenities in place, passengers can fully enjoy the beauty of Clew Bay while enjoying a comfortable and engaging cruise experience.

Meeting Point Details

Clew Bay Cruise, Westport ( 90 Minutes ) - Meeting Point Details

Passengers embarking on the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport will convene at Westport Cruises, located at The Quay in Cloonmonad, Westport, Ireland. Upon arrival, visitors will find ample parking availability at the meeting point for added convenience.

Check-in procedures are straightforward; passengers are required to arrive at the Westport Cruises location and present their booking confirmation. It’s recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time to allow for boarding procedures.

The staff at Westport Cruises will assist passengers with the check-in process, ensuring a smooth transition from the meeting point to the stunning Clew Bay Cruise experience.

What’s Included

Clew Bay Cruise, Westport ( 90 Minutes ) - Whats Included

Visitors on the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport will have access to amenities such as WiFi onboard, restrooms, and air-conditioned facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Inclusions Overview Benefits Breakdown
All Fees and Taxes Hassle-free experience with no hidden costs
WiFi onboard Stay connected and share your experience
Restroom onboard Convenience for all passengers

Additional Information

Providing essential details and guidelines for a smooth sailing experience, the additional information for the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport enhances visitors’ understanding of the excursion.

While the cruise doesn’t offer accessibility accommodations for wheelchairs, service animals are welcome onboard. Passengers should arrive 30 minutes before departure for boarding.

In case of cancellations due to weather, guests can opt for a different date or receive a full refund. The cancellation policy allows for a full refund if canceled 24 hours before the start time.

With a maximum capacity of 50 travelers, it’s advisable to book in advance. These details ensure a seamless experience, allowing guests to prepare adequately and enjoy the beauty of Clew Bay without concerns about accessibility or weather contingencies.

Customer Reviews

Clew Bay Cruise, Westport ( 90 Minutes ) - Customer Reviews

Upon embarking on the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport, travelers have overwhelmingly praised the insightful commentary, stunning scenery, and exceptional staff. Customer satisfaction levels are consistently high, with many highlighting the informative and amusing commentary provided during the cruise.

Visitors frequently mention the breathtaking coastal scenery, seal colonies, and the chance to spot wildlife like seals and seabirds as standout features of the experience. The staff’s professionalism and friendliness have also been commended, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the trip.

Families and individuals alike have found the cruise to be an enjoyable and enriching experience, with many recommending it to friends and other travelers seeking a unique way to explore Clew Bay.

Cancellation Policy

Clew Bay Cruise, Westport ( 90 Minutes ) - Cancellation Policy

For cancellations of the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport, a full refund is available up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time. In case of weather-related cancellations, passengers are offered the option of rescheduling for a different date or receiving a full refund. However, if cancellations occur less than 24 hours before the experience, no refunds are provided. It’s important to note that a minimum number of travelers may be required for the cruise to proceed. Below is a simple table summarizing the refund policy for the Clew Bay Cruise:

Cancellation Timeframe Refund Policy
Up to 24 hours before Full refund
Less than 24 hours No refund
Weather-related Reschedule or full refund

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear for the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport?

When preparing for the Clew Bay Cruise in Westport, visitors should opt for comfortable attire that suits the weather conditions. Dress code includes layers for changing temperatures, waterproof jacket, and sturdy shoes for a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Are Food and Drinks Available for Purchase Onboard the Cruise?

Onboard snacks and beverages are available for purchase during the cruise. Payment options include cash and credit cards. The menu offers a variety of items to satisfy different tastes and preferences, enhancing the overall experience for passengers.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Passengers on the Cruise?

For safety reasons, there is a minimum age requirement for passengers on the cruise. This rule is in line with safety regulations to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all travelers on board.

Can I Bring My Own Camera or Should I Expect a Photographer Onboard?

Passengers can bring their own camera to capture and enjoy the stunning scenery on the cruise. There is no onboard photographer provided, so guests are encouraged to snap memorable moments during the 90-minute journey.

Are There Any Special Discounts Available for Groups or Special Occasions?

Special occasions and group discounts are available for Clew Bay Cruise. Celebrate your event with special rates for groups, ensuring a memorable experience. Contact the provider for more details on these exciting offers.


Experience the magic of Clew Bay Cruise in Westport, Ireland, where stunning coastal views, cultural landmarks, and friendly staff await.

With amenities like heated lounges and outdoor decks, this 90-minute excursion promises a memorable journey for all.

Conveniently located at Westport Harbour, this cruise offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for families and individuals alike.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable maritime experience!

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