Set out on a sophisticated journey from Naples to the captivating island of Capri with a meticulously planned day tour. As travelers set foot on the luxurious hydrofoil ferry, they are whisked away to a world of breathtaking landscapes and cultural wonders.

The promise of a light lunch amidst the beauty of Capri’s iconic landmarks, coupled with an expertly led exploration, ensures a day filled with discovery and relaxation. But what hidden gems lie within the Gardens of Augustus, and what tales do the Faraglioni rocks hold?

There’s much more to uncover on this exclusive excursion.

Key Points

Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Key Points

  • Enjoy a comprehensive itinerary with guide commentary
  • Taste local cuisine and sail around Capri
  • Explore Anacapri and the Gardens of Augustus
  • Benefit from accommodating accommodations and dietary preferences

Tour Details

Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Tour Details

The Day Tour of Capri Island from Naples offers a comprehensive itinerary packed with exciting highlights and inclusions for travelers seeking a memorable experience. With guide commentary enriching the journey, visitors can delve deeper into the island’s history and culture.

One of the tour’s standout features is the opportunity to indulge in local cuisine tasting, allowing participants to savor the authentic flavors of Capri. From the funicular ride to exploring Anacapri shops, admiring the Faraglioni rocks, to strolling through the Gardens of Augustus, every moment is filled with discovery.

The day also includes a boat sail around Capri and a guide-led walking tour to ensure a fulfilling experience. Lunch, transportation, water, and gratuities are conveniently included, making this tour a hassle-free and enjoyable excursion.

What To Expect

Upon arrival, visitors can anticipate a seamless and immersive exploration of Capri Island, guided by knowledgeable experts and enriched with captivating experiences. The day begins with a morning pickup in Naples, followed by a hydrofoil ferry ride to Capri for a guide-led tour. Exploration tips include visiting Anacapri, the iconic Faraglioni rocks, and the stunning Gardens of Augustus. For a taste of local cuisine, lunch is included, offering a chance to savor authentic flavors of the region. The tour also includes a stop for lunch and an island tour by minivan before concluding with a drop-off back in Naples. To make the most of this experience, be sure to try some local dishes while taking in the beauty of Capri Island.

Exploration Tips Local Cuisine Suggestions
Visit Anacapri Try the traditional Caprese salad
Explore Faraglioni rocks Indulge in fresh seafood dishes
Enjoy Gardens of Augustus Sample Limoncello, a local specialty
Listen to the guide for insights Taste the famous Capri Tiramisu
Take in the island views Savor a gelato along the harbor

Additional Info

Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Additional Info

Visitors should note that this tour requires a moderate level of physical fitness and can accommodate a maximum of 40 travelers, with dietary requirements also catered to during the day trip to Capri Island from Naples.

Tour Accommodations:

  1. Moderate Physical Fitness Required: Participants should be able to walk and navigate uneven terrain comfortably.

  2. Maximum of 40 Travelers: The tour can accommodate up to 40 travelers, ensuring a personalized experience.

  3. Dietary Requirements Catered To: Special dietary needs can be accommodated, allowing all guests to enjoy the local cuisine.

While exploring Capri Island, travelers can expect a well-rounded experience that caters to their needs, including comfortable accommodations, delicious local cuisine, and attention to individual dietary preferences.

Cancellation Policy

Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Cancellation Policy

For cancellations of the Day Tour of Capri Island from Naples, a full refund is available when made 24 hours in advance.

This refund policy ensures that travelers have flexibility in their plans without incurring any financial loss.

It’s important to note that any cancellations made less than 24 hours before the tour won’t be eligible for a refund. Plus, changes to bookings aren’t accepted within 24 hours of the tour’s scheduled start time.

To adhere to these booking requirements, travelers should plan accordingly and communicate any changes in a timely manner to avoid any inconvenience.


Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Reviews

Travelers can gain valuable insights into the Day Tour of Capri Island by exploring the reviews shared by previous participants. The reviews offer a glimpse into various aspects of the tour, including:

  1. Tour Experiences:

    • Some reviewers highlighted the breathtaking views of the Faraglioni rocks and the charming Gardens of Augustus.
    • Others mentioned the enjoyable boat sail to Capri and the informative guide-led walking tour.
    • A few participants shared their experiences exploring the shops in Anacapri during the tour.
  2. Guide Quality:

    • Many reviewers praised the knowledgeable and friendly guides who enhanced their overall experience.
    • Some comments focused on the guides’ ability to provide historical and cultural insights during the tour.
    • A few reviewers mentioned the guides’ helpfulness in accommodating different preferences and needs.

Morning Pickup

Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Morning Pickup

Each morning, participants of the Day Tour of Capri Island can expect a prompt pickup in Naples to kick off their exciting exploration of the stunning island. The tour ensures a seamless start to the day, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the upcoming adventure. As travelers board the transportation, anticipation builds for the day ahead filled with scenic views and delightful local cuisine. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits them during the morning pickup:

Morning Pickup Highlights
1. Comfortable Transportation
2. Friendly Local Guide
3. Scenic Route to Port
4. Introduction to Capri’s History
5. Insider Tips for the Day

With everything taken care of from the start, visitors can sit back, enjoy the ride, and get ready for an unforgettable experience on Capri Island.

Hydrofoil Ferry Ride

Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Hydrofoil Ferry Ride

Upon departing from Naples, visitors to Capri Island embark on an exhilarating hydrofoil ferry ride across the glistening waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The hydrofoil experience offers not only a quick and efficient mode of transportation to Capri island but also provides stunning scenic views along the way.

Here are some key points to note about the hydrofoil ferry ride:

  1. Hydrofoil Experience: Passengers can enjoy the thrill of gliding smoothly over the water, cutting down travel time to Capri.

  2. Scenic Views: The journey offers picturesque panoramas of the sea and the surrounding coastline, setting the tone for a memorable day trip.

  3. Capri Island, Transportation Efficiency: The hydrofoil ensures a convenient and timely arrival on Capri, maximizing time for exploration and activities on the island.

Island Tour by Minivan

Day Tour of Capri Island From Naples With Light Lunch - Island Tour by Minivan

After the invigorating hydrofoil ferry ride, visitors to Capri Island embark on an informative and scenic island tour by minivan, exploring its captivating sights and attractions.

The minivan tour takes guests to various scenic viewpoints around the island, offering breathtaking panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea and the rugged coastline.

Along the way, travelers get to indulge in the delightful flavors of local cuisine, stopping for a light lunch at a charming restaurant that showcases traditional Capri dishes.

This part of the tour allows visitors to enjoy the authentic culinary culture of the island while taking in the stunning natural beauty that Capri has to offer.

The combination of scenic exploration and gastronomic delights makes the minivan tour a memorable experience for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Entrance Fees to Attractions on Capri Island Included in the Tour Price?

Entrance fees to attractions on Capri Island are included in the tour price. The tour inclusions cover sightseeing options like the funicular ride, Anacapri shops, Faraglioni rocks, and Gardens of Augustus, providing a comprehensive experience for visitors.

Is There Free Time to Explore Capri on Our Own During the Tour?

During the tour, visitors have some free time to explore Capri’s charming shops and relax on its beautiful beaches. This allows for personal discovery and leisure, enhancing the overall experience of the day trip.

Can We Bring Our Own Food or Snacks on the Tour?

Yes, guests can bring their snacks on the tour for personal enjoyment. However, the tour includes a light lunch, so additional food options may not be necessary. It’s recommended to check with the tour operator for any specific restrictions.

Is There a Restroom on the Hydrofoil Ferry to Capri?

Restroom availability on the hydrofoil ferry to Capri is limited. The ferry typically offers basic amenities. Passengers are advised to use the facilities before boarding. It’s recommended to plan ahead for any restroom needs during the journey.

Are There Any Specific Dress Code Requirements for Visiting the Attractions on Capri Island?

When visiting attractions on Capri Island, it’s recommended to wear comfortable attire suitable for the weather conditions and respectful of cultural norms. Dress code is generally casual but modest, with comfortable shoes for walking tours.


Embark on the enchanting Day Tour of Capri Island from Naples for a memorable experience filled with stunning sights, delicious food, and seamless transportation.

With a guide-led walking tour, a delightful light lunch, and a scenic ferry ride, this excursion promises a day of adventure and relaxation.

Don’t miss out on exploring the beauty of Capri Island with this well-organized and highly-rated tour.

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