Explore the depths of Naples with the Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in the Standard Route. Uncover a subterranean world filled with secrets from the past, but what makes this ticket stand out?

Travelers find themselves immersed in a journey that intertwines history with mystery, providing a glimpse into a bygone era. The ticket not only grants access to hidden chambers but also offers a chance to walk in the footsteps of those who shaped Naples’ underground landscape.

Key Points

Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Key Points

  • Explore the historical tunnels beneath Naples, including WWII shelters and Fascist statues.
  • Enjoy a guided tour with informative guides in English or Italian.
  • Descend 33 yards below ground to discover hidden artifacts and underground history.
  • Experience a unique and engaging tour filled with historical significance and value for money.

Ticket Details

Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Ticket Details

When booking the Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route, travelers secure a comprehensive experience delving into the historical tunnels beneath Naples, Italy. These tunnels hold immense historical significance, with origins dating back to the 1850s.

During World War II, they served a crucial role as a military hospital, showcasing a different facet of their past. Visitors descending 33 yards beneath the surface will encounter remnants of this era, such as an air bomb shelter and artifacts from that time.

The tour also features Fascist statues and historic cars, adding to the rich tapestry of history within the underground passageways. This excursion provides a unique opportunity to explore a lesser-known aspect of Naples’ past.


Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Location

Nestled in the vibrant city of Naples, Italy, the Galleria Borbonica awaits explorers seeking a journey through its historical tunnels. Located at Galleria Borbonica – Ingresso Vico Grottone, the site holds immense historical significance, originating in the 1850s and serving as a military hospital during World War 2. The underground tunnels offer visitors a glimpse into the past, showcasing an air bomb shelter, Fascist statues, and even historic cars. For those exploring the area, nearby attractions include the Royal Palace of Naples, Castel dell’Ovo, and the bustling Via Toledo shopping street, making it an ideal spot for a day of historical and cultural exploration in Naples.

Nearby Attractions Historical Significance Location
Royal Palace of Naples Origins from 1850s Galleria Borbonica – Ingresso Vico Grottone
Castel dell’Ovo Military hospital WW2 Vico del Grottone, 4, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy
Via Toledo shopping street Fascist statues


Visitors to Galleria Borbonica have lauded the tour as a fascinating and informative experience in Naples. The reviews highlight the following:

  • Tour highlights: Visitors praised the historical artifacts, WWII bomb shelters, and the underground tunnels.

  • Informative guides: Many reviewers appreciated the guides’ knowledge and ability to make the tour engaging.

  • Historical significance: The tour’s focus on the tunnels’ origins in the 1850s and their use as a military hospital during World War 2 was well-received.

  • Value for money: Visitors found the overall experience to be worth the cost, recommending it as a must-do activity in Naples.

Additional Information

Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Additional Information

The tour at Galleria Borbonica offers additional information for visitors to consider before embarking on this underground exploration in Naples. Visitors should note that the tour is not wheelchair accessible and may not be suitable for claustrophobic individuals or those with walking issues. Reduced pricing is available for specific age groups, and a maximum of 50 travelers are allowed per tour. It is advisable to book in advance as there is a full refund policy for cancellations made 24 hours before the tour. The reviews from past visitors highlight the informative guides, the historical significance of the site, and the overall value for money.

Additional Information
Not wheelchair accessible Reduced pricing Max 50 travelers Refund 24h prior

Visitor Experiences

Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Visitor Experiences

Descending 33 yards beneath the surface at Galleria Borbonica in Naples offers visitors a fascinating and unique exploration of historical artifacts and WWII bomb shelters. Engaging storytelling brings the tunnels to life, providing insight into their origins and historical significance.

Visitors praise the guides for their in-depth knowledge and ability to make the tour engaging. The experience is lauded as informative, showcasing a rich collection of historical artifacts that captivate the imagination.

The WWII bomb shelters add a layer of intrigue, offering a glimpse into a tumultuous past. Some suggest exploring different tour options based on personal preferences to enhance the overall visit.


Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Accessibility

Exploring the accessibility of Galleria Borbonica involves considering factors such as wheelchair access, age-related accommodations, and the overall ease of navigating the historical site. Disability accommodations are limited, as the site isn’t wheelchair accessible, and it may pose challenges for individuals with walking issues.

While there are no specific age restrictions, reduced pricing tiers are available for certain age groups, making it more affordable for visitors of varying ages to experience the historical tunnels. It’s important to note that the underground tour involves descending 33 yards beneath the surface, which may not be suitable for everyone.

For those considering a visit, understanding the accessibility options and pricing tiers can help in planning a smooth and enjoyable experience at Galleria Borbonica.


Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Pricing

For a rundown of the pricing structure at Galleria Borbonica, visitors can find detailed information on admission fees and available discounts. When considering ticket options, visitors can choose from various pricing categories based on age and group size. The historical significance of the site is reflected in the pricing, offering visitors a chance to explore the tunnels at affordable rates. Here are some key points to note:

  • Ticket options available for different age groups.
  • Discounts offered for groups with a specified number of travelers.
  • Special rates for students and seniors.
  • Free admission for children under a certain age.

These pricing options ensure that visitors can enjoy the historical significance of Galleria Borbonica at reasonable rates.


Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in Standard Route - Directions

Navigating to Galleria Borbonica is straightforward, with its entrance located at Ingresso Vico Grottone in Naples, Italy. Once visitors arrive at the meeting point, they’ll begin their underground exploration journey.

The tour highlights include descending 33 yards beneath the surface to discover an air bomb shelter, Fascist statues, and historic cars. The guides will lead the way, providing insightful commentary in English or Italian.

Visitors will explore the history of the tunnels, from their origins in the 1850s to their role as a military hospital during World War 2. To make the most of the experience, comfortable shoes are recommended for walking through the underground passages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Restrictions on What Visitors Can Bring With Them on the Tour of Galleria Borbonica?

Visitors are advised to check for food restrictions and bag size limitations before embarking on the Galleria Borbonica tour. It’s crucial to ensure compliance with these regulations to make the experience smooth and enjoyable.

Is There a Dress Code or Specific Attire Recommended for the Underground Tunnels Tour?

When exploring the underground tunnels, visitors should wear comfortable shoes and a sweater due to the cool temperatures underground. Dress code for the tour is casual and practical to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Are There Any Specific Safety Measures or Precautions in Place for Visitors During the Tour?

Safety guidelines are strictly enforced during the tour. Visitors are advised to follow the guide’s instructions, stay with the group, and wear appropriate footwear. The tour duration is approximately 1.5 hours, ensuring an informative and safe experience underground.

Can Visitors Take Photographs or Videos During the Tour of Galleria Borbonica?

Visitors can capture their memories with photography allowed and video recording permitted during the Galleria Borbonica tour. Remember to respect others’ space while snapping pictures of the fascinating historical artifacts and underground tunnels.

Are There Any Specific Time Slots or Schedules for the Tours of Galleria Borbonica, or Can Visitors Arrive at Any Time During Opening Hours?

Tour schedules at Galleria Borbonica offer flexibility, allowing visitors to arrive at any time during opening hours. Visitor experiences recommend early arrival for a less crowded tour. The site provides an engaging and convenient exploration.


Uncover the hidden history of Naples with the Galleria Borbonica Entrance Ticket in the Standard Route.

Descend underground to explore tunnels dating back to the 1850s, used as a military hospital in World War 2.

With informative guides, fascinating artifacts, and positive reviews, this tour offers a unique experience for history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this intriguing underground world and discover a different side of Naples’ past.

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