The Manga Lesson in Nakano, Tokyo, offers a unique opportunity for aspiring artists to learn from a professional Japanese manga artist. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, this hands-on workshop provides personalized guidance on essential manga techniques, from using screen tones to mastering the pen and ink. With access to the necessary tools and materials, you’ll create an original illustration under the expert supervision of the instructor. But the real magic lies in the chance to learn about the captivating world of Japanese manga and uncover insights that just might transform your artistic journey.

Key Points

Manga Lesson With a Professional Japanese Manga Artist in Nakano - Key Points

  • A hands-on manga drawing lesson taught by a professional Japanese manga artist in Nakano, Tokyo, suitable for beginners and experienced artists.
  • Instruction on essential manga tools like screen tones, pens, ink, and specialty paper, along with personalized feedback to develop techniques.
  • Conveniently located near public transportation in the Nangoku Building 2F, with a smooth meeting and pickup process.
  • Flexible cancellation policy allowing full refunds up to 24 hours before the lesson.
  • Opportunity to create an original manga illustration as a cherished souvenir showcasing the acquired skills.

Overview of Manga Lesson

This manga lesson offers participants a unique opportunity to learn the art of manga drawing from a professional Japanese manga artist in Nakano, Tokyo.

Aspiring artists, whether beginners or seasoned practitioners, can expect tailored instruction and the chance to utilize essential manga tools such as screen tones, pens, ink, and specialty paper.

The lesson is suitable for anyone interested in honing their manga skills, from novices seeking to kickstart their artistic journey to experienced artists looking to refine their techniques.

Included in the Lesson

The lesson includes a professional manga artist instructor who’ll guide participants through the art of manga drawing, providing hands-on demonstrations and personalized feedback.

Attendees will also have access to essential manga tools, such as screen tones, pens, ink, and specialty paper, to create their own unique manga piece during the session.

Drinks are also included, so participants can stay refreshed as they explore their creative side.

With the guidance of an experienced artist and the right supplies, aspiring manga enthusiasts can learn valuable techniques and bring their manga dreams to life by the end of the lesson.

Whether you’re a beginner or a practicing artist, this experience caters to all skill levels.

Meeting and Pickup Details

Manga Lesson With a Professional Japanese Manga Artist in Nakano - Meeting and Pickup Details

Participants meet up at the Nangoku Building 2F, located at 2-7-13 Arai in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, before being guided to the Manga School Nakano, where the activity concludes.

The meeting point is convenient, as it’s close to public transportation.

Once the lesson is complete, everyone returns to the original meeting location.

The entire experience is well-organized, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for all.

Participants don’t have to worry about getting lost or finding the venue, as the meeting and pickup details are clearly communicated.

This streamlined process allows the focus to remain on the exciting manga lesson itself.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling the manga lesson is flexible, as visitors can get a full refund up to 24 hours before the experience starts. However, any changes less than 24 hours prior won’t be accepted.

This policy provides customers with ample time to plan their schedules and make necessary adjustments if needed. The strict 24-hour cutoff ensures that the instructor and materials are reserved exclusively for those who’ll attend.

This cancellation policy strikes a balance between customer convenience and logistical considerations, making the manga lesson experience seamless and reliable for all participants. Regardless of when the booking is made, visitors can feel confident in their ability to modify or cancel their plans if circumstances change.

Additional Information

Within 48 hours, visitors receive confirmation of their booking, subject to availability.

The manga lesson is stroller accessible, though not wheelchair friendly.

It’s conveniently located near public transportation, making it accessible for most travelers.

While the group lesson is private, participants can book either single or group tuition as needed.

Infants and accompanying adults not partaking in the activity join free of charge.

Viator messages provide the activity’s exact times and additional details.

This hands-on experience with a professional Japanese manga artist in Nakano is an excellent opportunity for beginners and practicing manga artists alike to hone their skills and create a unique piece of artwork to take home as a memorable souvenir.

Tools and Materials

During the manga lesson, participants utilize a variety of specialized tools and materials to create their manga artwork. These include screen tones, manga pens, ink, and high-quality manga paper, all provided by the professional instructor.

The screen tones allow artists to add rich textures and shading to their drawings, while the manga pens with their precise nibs enable intricate line work. The archival-quality ink ensures the longevity of the final pieces.

The instructor guides participants on how to properly use these tools to achieve the authentic manga aesthetic. With these specialized materials at their fingertips, students can confidently bring their creative manga visions to life.

Instructor Expertise

The professional manga artist leading the lesson brings a wealth of industry experience, having worked on numerous published manga series over the course of their career.

Participants can expect tailored, hands-on instruction from this seasoned practitioner, who’ll share insider techniques and tips for crafting authentic manga artwork.

With an eye for detail and a passion for the craft, the instructor guides students through the creative process, providing personalized feedback to help them develop their skills.

Whether you’re a beginner or a practicing manga artist, you’ll benefit from the expert’s deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the medium, leaving the lesson with a completed piece that captures the essence of the Japanese manga art form.

Takeaway Artwork

Participants will take home a completed piece of manga art as a cherished souvenir from the lesson, having brought their creative vision to life under the guidance of the professional instructor.

Whether a beginner artist or a seasoned manga enthusiast, attendees will walk away with an original manga illustration they crafted themselves using the specialized tools and techniques taught during the session.

This tangible memento captures the excitement of the learning experience and serves as a lasting reminder of the skills acquired. Attendees can proudly display their new manga artwork, showcasing their newfound talents to friends and family long after the lesson has concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Lesson Taught Entirely in English?

The lesson may not be taught entirely in English, as the instructor is a professional Japanese manga artist. However, the school likely provides some English instruction or translation support to accommodate international students.

Can I Purchase Additional Manga Supplies On-Site?

Yes, you can purchase additional manga supplies on-site. The lesson includes all the necessary materials, but you’re welcome to buy extra screen tones, pens, ink, or paper from the instructor if you need them during the session.

Is the Lesson Held in a Private Studio or Classroom?

The lesson is held in a private studio or classroom space. The description indicates it’s a "group lesson" that is not public, so you will have a dedicated, private learning environment with the professional manga artist instructor.

Can I Bring My Own Manga Tools to the Lesson?

Yes, participants can bring their own manga tools to the lesson. The professional artist-instructor will provide necessary materials, but using familiar tools can help artists feel more comfortable during the hands-on instruction.

How Many Students Are Typically in a Group Lesson?

The group lesson typically has 4-6 students, though the exact number may vary. The instructor can provide personalized guidance to each student within the group setting. Private lessons are also available for those who prefer one-on-one instruction.


The Manga Lesson in Nakano, Tokyo, offers a unique opportunity for aspiring artists to learn from a professional Japanese manga artist.

Participants receive hands-on guidance, personalized feedback, and the necessary tools to create an original manga illustration, taking home a cherished souvenir of their creative journey.

Whether a beginner or experienced artist, the lesson ensures a memorable and rewarding artistic experience.

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