Enjoy the rich culinary heritage of Japan with the No.1 Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class in Tokyo. Led by a local chef, this hands-on experience whisks participants away on a supermarket tour to uncover the traditional ingredients that give Japanese comfort foods their unparalleled flavors. From mastering the art of ramen noodle dough to perfecting the intricate folds of gyoza, learners will savor the fruits of their labor as they dive into a shared dining experience. With comprehensive guidance and an authentic atmosphere, this class promises an unforgettable journey that’ll leave you craving for more.

Key Points

No.1 Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class in Tokyo + Supermarket Tour - Key Points

• Authentic Japanese ramen and gyoza cooking class led by a local chef in Tokyo, with a 479-review rating as the #1 class.
• Includes a guided tour of a local Japanese supermarket to learn about traditional ingredients and the best cuts of meat for gyoza.
• Hands-on instruction in expertly preparing ramen noodle dough, mixing authentic seasoning blends, and delicately folding gyoza wrappers.
• Opportunity to savor the homemade ramen and gyoza, appreciating the rich culinary heritage of Japan.
• Class offers hotel pickup and drop-off for convenience, with a vegetarian option available for dietary restrictions.

Overview of the Cooking Class

The cooking class offers participants a unique opportunity to learn the art of making authentic Japanese ramen and gyoza from a local chef in Tokyo.

With 479 glowing reviews, this is the number one ramen and gyoza cooking class in the city.

During the experience, guests will visit a local supermarket with the chef to learn about traditional Japanese ingredients.

The class then moves to the YUCas Japanese Cooking studio, where the chef will guide participants through the process of preparing home-style ramen and gyoza.

The class includes hotel pickup and drop-off, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

Whether a seasoned cook or a beginner, this class provides an immersive and hands-on introduction to the flavors of Japanese cuisine.

What’s Included in the Experience

No.1 Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class in Tokyo + Supermarket Tour - Whats Included in the Experience

Typically, the cooking class includes a local supermarket tour, where participants accompany the chef to learn about traditional Japanese ingredients.

Plus, the experience provides hotel pickup and drop-off services, ensuring a seamless and convenient start and end to the day.

During the supermarket tour, the chef introduces students to staple items like fresh ramen noodles, a variety of gyoza wrappers, and unique Japanese spices and seasonings that are integral to the dishes. This hands-on introduction allows participants to better understand the components that go into creating an authentic homemade ramen and gyoza experience.

Meeting and Pickup Details

No.1 Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class in Tokyo + Supermarket Tour - Meeting and Pickup Details

The cooking class begins at YUCas Japanese Cooking studio, where participants are picked up at 10:00 AM.

From there, the group embarks on the supermarket tour and cooking lesson.

The experience concludes back at the studio, with the class ending at the designated time.

The meeting and pickup process is straightforward, allowing participants to focus on the engaging culinary journey ahead.

The studio’s convenient location near public transportation makes it easily accessible for attendees.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a curious beginner, this cooking class provides a seamless and immersive introduction to the art of ramen and gyoza preparation in the heart of Tokyo.

Sample Menu for the Class

Participants in the ramen and gyoza cooking class can expect to learn how to prepare home-style versions of these beloved Japanese dishes.

The class focuses on two classic items – ramen and gyoza.

For the ramen, students will make the broth and noodles from scratch, ensuring an authentic flavor and texture.

The gyoza, or Japanese dumplings, are handmade with a delectable filling and crimped into shape.

Both dishes showcase the nuanced techniques and flavors of traditional Japanese home cooking.

Additional Information and Policies

No.1 Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class in Tokyo + Supermarket Tour - Additional Information and Policies

Along With the cooking class and supermarket tour, there are a few important details to be aware of.

The class isn’t wheelchair accessible, but a vegetarian option is available for those with dietary restrictions. Bookings require a minimum of two people, and infants can be accommodated.

The tour operates near public transportation, and guests will be provided with hotel pickup and drop-off services. Lastly, a full refund is offered if the class is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

Confirming your booking is recommended, and the private tour ensures a personalized experience with a local chef. This cooking class provides an immersive and authentic glimpse into Japanese culinary traditions.

Supermarket Tour With the Chef

Before the cooking class begins, the chef takes participants on a guided tour of a local Japanese supermarket. This provides an opportunity to learn about the fresh, high-quality ingredients that will be used during the cooking lesson, as well as gain insights into common Japanese cooking staples.

The chef shares valuable information about various types of ramen noodles, specialty sauces, and the best cuts of meat for gyoza. Participants can ask questions, handle the ingredients, and even sample some local produce.

This interactive supermarket tour sets the stage for a truly immersive ramen and gyoza cooking experience, as students gain a deeper understanding of the authentic flavors and techniques that will be showcased in the kitchen.

Hands-on Ramen and Gyoza Making

No.1 Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class in Tokyo + Supermarket Tour - Hands-on Ramen and Gyoza Making

After the supermarket tour, the chef enthusiastically teaches participants the secrets to making authentic home-style ramen and gyoza.

They’ll learn how to expertly prepare the ramen noodle dough, mix the perfect seasoning blends, and delicately fold the gyoza wrappers.

Throughout the hands-on workshop, the chef provides personalized guidance, ensuring each student masters the traditional techniques.

Participants will:

  • Knead the ramen dough to achieve the perfect texture
  • Craft the savory broth and customize it to their taste
  • Expertly fold the gyoza wrappers using the chef’s time-tested method
  • Plate the ramen and gyoza with vibrant garnishes for a stunning presentation

Memorable Dining Experience in Tokyo

Upon completing the hands-on ramen and gyoza making, participants embark on a memorable dining experience in Tokyo.

They savor the fruits of their labor, relishing the authentic flavors they’ve meticulously crafted under the chef’s guidance.

The fragrant ramen broth and delicately folded gyoza tantalize the senses, providing a true taste of traditional Japanese cuisine.

The class culminates in a shared meal, allowing participants to fully appreciate the art of homemade ramen and gyoza.

This immersive cooking class not only teaches the techniques but also immerses guests in the rich culinary heritage of Japan, leaving them with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the country’s beloved comfort foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Bring Any Cooking Utensils?

No, you don’t need to bring any cooking utensils. The class provides all the necessary equipment and ingredients for the cooking activities. Just come ready to learn and have fun with the local chef.

How Long Is the Supermarket Tour?

The supermarket tour typically lasts around 30 minutes. During this time, the local chef will guide participants through the market, explaining the various ingredients used in traditional Japanese cooking and answering any questions they may have.

Can I Take the Leftover Food Home?

Yes, participants can typically take home any leftover dishes they prepare during the cooking class. This allows them to enjoy the authentic flavors of the homemade ramen and gyoza even after the class has ended.

Is the Class Taught in English?

The class is taught in English by a local chef. The chef provides step-by-step instructions and guidance throughout the cooking session, ensuring participants can easily follow along and learn to prepare authentic Japanese ramen and gyoza.

Can I Request a Specific Dietary Restriction?

Yes, you can request a specific dietary restriction. The cooking class offers a vegetarian option, so you can inform the provider about any other dietary needs when booking to ensure they’re accommodated during the cooking experience.


This authentic Japanese cooking class offers an immersive culinary journey.

Participants will explore a local supermarket, master the art of ramen and gyoza-making, and savor the homemade dishes.

With comprehensive guidance from an expert chef, this experience provides an unparalleled opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of Japanese comfort foods and their rich cultural heritage.

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