Embark on an unforgettable horse riding adventure through Albania’s stunning Vjosa National Park. Traverse the captivating Lengarica Canyon, encounter ancient stone bridges, and learn about the region’s natural splendor. Discover the rejuvenating thermal baths, surrounded by tranquil hills and canyons. This intimate group experience, limited to 10 participants, offers a safety-focused exploration of Albania’s wilderness, complete with local snacks and breathtaking mountain vistas. Learn more about this captivating journey and uncover the hidden gems that await.

Key Points

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Key Points

  • Set out on a captivating half-day horseback riding adventure through the stunning Lengarica Canyon within the Fir of Hotova National Park.
  • Traverse ancient stone bridges that have withstood the test of time, showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Rejuvenate in the nearby thermal baths, with waters ranging from 30-40°C and high mineral content.
  • Admire the scenic mountain vistas and explore the captivating wilderness of Albania’s landscapes.
  • Experience an intimate group exploration with a maximum of 10 participants, ensuring a safety-focused and personalized adventure.

Discover Lengarica Canyon’s Wonders

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Discover Lengarica Canyons Wonders

The half-day horseback riding experience takes visitors through the captivating Lengarica Canyon, where they’ll discover ancient stone bridges, picturesque hills, and the region’s natural splendor.

Riding along the canyon’s trails, guests will be treated to stunning views of the verdant landscape, dotted with rugged cliffs and rushing streams.

The canyon’s history is palpable, with remnants of ancient structures and pathways serving as a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Throughout the journey, riders will have the chance to enjoy the serene beauty of this remarkable natural wonder, creating lasting memories of their time in the Permet region of Albania.

Traverse Ancient Stone Bridges

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Traverse Ancient Stone Bridges

As riders traverse the canyon trails, they’ll encounter ancient stone bridges that have endured the test of time, serving as captivating reminders of the region’s rich history.

These bridges, some dating back centuries, were once vital links connecting remote villages and allowing people to cross the rugged terrain.

Today, they offer a unique glimpse into the past, their weathered arches and sturdy construction a testament to the skill and ingenuity of the region’s builders.

Pausing to admire these architectural marvels, riders will appreciate the timeless beauty of the landscape and the enduring spirit of the Permet region.

The journey across these historic bridges is a highlight of the horseback riding experience, connecting modern adventurers to the area’s storied past.

Explore Thermal Baths’ Rejuvenation

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Explore Thermal Baths Rejuvenation

After traversing the ancient stone bridges, riders can unwind at the nearby thermal baths, where the rejuvenating waters offer a soothing respite. These natural hot springs, fed by underground volcanic activity, have long been a source of relaxation and healing for the local community.

Immersing themselves in the warm, mineral-rich waters, visitors can let go of the day’s exertions and emerge feeling refreshed and revitalized.

The thermal baths boast several key features:

  • Constant temperatures ranging from 30-40°C (86-104°F)
  • High mineral content, including calcium, magnesium, and sulfur
  • Tranquil, serene setting surrounded by picturesque hills and canyons

This restorative experience is the perfect complement to the adventurous horseback ride, leaving guests feeling both invigorated and deeply relaxed.

Scenic Horseback Riding Adventure

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Scenic Horseback Riding Adventure

Leaving the thermal baths behind, riders embark on a captivating horseback adventure through the picturesque Lengarica Canyon, marveling at the ancient stone bridges and charming hills that dot the landscape.

This half-day experience takes travelers deep into the heart of the Permet region, exploring the natural wonders of the Fir of Hotova National Park. Led by experienced guides, the group follows scenic trails, seeing the breathtaking mountain vistas.

Along the way, they stop to savor local snacks and refreshments, capturing the essence of this intimate adventure. Whether galloping through rolling meadows or trotting past crumbling ruins, the horseback riding excursion promises an unforgettable exploration of Albania’s captivating wilderness.

Intimate Group Exploration Experience

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Intimate Group Exploration Experience

This intimate group exploration experience offers travelers a chance to discover the natural wonders of the Permet region in a small-scale setting, with a maximum of 10 participants.

The adventure includes:

  • Trekking through the stunning Lengarica Canyon, with its ancient stone bridges and picturesque hills.
  • Visiting thermal baths to soak in the rejuvenating waters.
  • Exploring ruins, hot springs, and other hidden gems along the way.

The experience is designed to provide a personalized and immersive journey, with safety-focused equipment and transportation. Snacks, beverages, and optional lunch are included, ensuring a well-rounded and carefree exploration of this remarkable region of Albania.

Snacks and Refreshments Included

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Snacks and Refreshments Included

The horseback riding experience includes a variety of snacks and refreshments to keep travelers nourished and hydrated throughout the adventure. Participants will enjoy fresh fruits, cookies, and water during the ride.

For a bit of indulgence, the tour also provides wine or soft drinks. These tasty treats and beverages are included in the overall package, ensuring travelers can focus on the stunning scenery and engaging equestrian experience without worrying about packing their own snacks.

The inclusion of these refreshments reflects the tour operator’s commitment to providing a well-rounded and convenient adventure for guests exploring the natural beauty of the Permet region.

Transportation and Insurance Provided

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Transportation and Insurance Provided

The tour includes air-conditioned vehicle transportation to and from the meeting point, ensuring a comfortable and convenient start and end to the horseback riding adventure.

Plus, the package provides insurance coverage for participants, offering peace of mind throughout the experience.

The transportation and insurance benefits of this offering include:

  • Comfortable and efficient 4×4 jeep transfers to and from the ranch
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for all participants
  • Stress-free logistics so you can focus on the adventure

With these thoughtful inclusions, the horse riding experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet is designed to provide a seamless and worry-free day of exploring the stunning natural landscapes of Albania.

Arrival and Departure Details

Amazing Horse Riding Experience at Vjosa National Park in Permet - Arrival and Departure Details

Arriving at the Funky Guest House & Adventures, the pick-up point, travelers are then whisked away by a 4×4 jeep for the 15-minute journey to the ranch where the horseback riding commences.

This convenient transportation ensures a seamless start to the adventure.

Upon completion of the half-day horseback riding experience, the group is transported back to the original meeting point at the Funky Guest House & Adventures.

The entire process is designed for maximum efficiency and comfort, allowing travelers to focus on the incredible sights and experiences that await them on the trails of the Permet region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Book the Activity for a Larger Group?

Yes, the activity can accommodate larger groups. The experience is limited to a maximum of 10 travelers, but multiple groups can be booked for the same day to accommodate larger party sizes.

What Is the Age Range for This Horseback Riding Experience?

The horseback riding experience is open to travelers of all ages. There is no minimum age requirement, though minors must be accompanied by an adult. The maximum group size is 10 travelers to ensure an intimate adventure.

Do I Need Any Prior Horseback Riding Experience?

No prior horseback riding experience is required for this half-day adventure. The experience is suitable for beginners, as it’s an intimate group activity with a safety rider provided to guide participants throughout the scenic canyon and countryside.

Can I Bring My Own Horse or Rent One On-Site?

Riders can rent horses on-site for the experience. A personal horse cannot be brought, as the tour operator provides the horses. All necessary equipment and safety gear are included in the horseback riding adventure.

Are There Any Restrictions on What I Can Bring With Me?

There are no restrictions on what travelers can bring with them. However, the tour provides snacks, water, and other essentials. Travelers should pack light and only bring necessary personal items for the horseback riding activity.


This unforgettable horse riding adventure through Vjosa National Park in Permet, Albania, offers an immersive exploration of the region’s natural wonders.

Traverse the captivating Lengarica Canyon, discover ancient stone bridges, and rejuvenate in the thermal baths’ mineral-rich waters.

The intimate group experience, with local snacks and transportation provided, ensures a safety-focused adventure amidst breathtaking mountain vistas.

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