Imagine stepping into the world of Maggie Beer’s FarmShop in Barossa Valley, where you can witness firsthand the magic of creating gourmet delights. Picture yourself indulging in a cooking demonstration, tasting exquisite wines and gins, and enjoying a delicious lunch platter—all in the serene ambiance of the FarmShop.

But that’s just the beginning. The experience offers a blend of flavors and hospitality that will leave you craving for more.

Key Points

Barossa Valley: Maggie Beers FarmShop Experience - Key Points

  • Hands-on cooking with local produce and wine pairing insights elevate culinary skills.
  • Small group setting ensures personalized attention and a rundown.
  • Enjoy a guided wine and gin tasting, followed by a relaxing lunch with Pheasant Farm Wine.
  • Exemplary staff interactions, delicious food, and exceptional service create a welcoming atmosphere.

Experience Details

Barossa Valley: Maggie Beers FarmShop Experience - Experience Details

When looking into the details of the Maggie Beers FarmShop experience in Barossa Valley, you’ll find that it offers a 2.5-hour interactive session for a limited group of 10 participants.

During this intimate gathering, participants can expect to receive valuable cooking tips from experts and learn about wine pairing.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance your culinary skills while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Barossa Valley.

With a focus on interactive learning, this experience provides a hands-on approach to understanding the nuances of cooking and wine selection.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned food enthusiast, these cooking tips and wine pairing suggestions are sure to elevate your gastronomic adventures.

Experience Description

Barossa Valley: Maggie Beers FarmShop Experience - Experience Description

Enjoy the culinary delights of the Maggie Beers FarmShop experience in Barossa Valley through an interactive session that includes a cooking demonstration, wine and gin tasting, and a delightful lunch platter.

Get hands-on with cooking techniques using local produce, guided by experts in Maggie’s studio kitchen. Learn valuable tips for utilizing Maggie’s range at home, enhancing your culinary skills and knowledge.

Indulge in a guided tasting of Pheasant Farm Wines and Maggie’s Orchard Gin, savoring the flavors of the region. Enjoy a picturesque setting for a relaxing lunch on the Dam, accompanied by a glass of Pheasant Farm Wine, making for a truly memorable gastronomic experience.


Barossa Valley: Maggie Beers FarmShop Experience - Inclusions

Let’s now explore what’s included in the Maggie Beers FarmShop experience in Barossa Valley. Participants can look forward to a small group cooking demonstration where they’ll learn from skilled professionals in a hands-on setting.

Plus, guests will enjoy a guided tasting of wines and gin, getting the chance to savor the flavors of the region. The experience also includes a full platter lunch, allowing visitors to indulge in a selection of delicious dishes.

To complement the meal, a glass of Pheasant Farm Wine is provided, enhancing the overall culinary journey. As an added convenience, hotel pick-up and drop-off are included, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Important Information

For a rundown of the Maggie Beers FarmShop experience in Barossa Valley, visitors should take note of the essential information provided by the Farmshop team.

When planning a visit, keep in mind:

  • Accessibility Accommodations: The venue is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all guests can comfortably enjoy the experience.

  • Group Size Limitations: The FarmShop experience is limited to 10 participants per session, allowing for an intimate and personalized interaction.

  • Minimum Guest Numbers Required: Ensure that the minimum guest numbers are met to avoid any disruptions to your planned visit.

Customer Reviews

Visitors can explore the firsthand experiences shared by guests who’ve participated in the Maggie Beers FarmShop experience in Barossa Valley. Many guests have praised the exemplary staff interactions, noting the team’s warmth and knowledge that enhanced their visit.

The reviews consistently highlight the culinary delights offered, with guests raving about the delicious food and engaging activities. These positive reviews often mention the exceptional quality of service provided by the FarmShop team, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for visitors.


To find Maggie Beers FarmShop in Barossa Valley, simply check in at the location provided on Google Maps for easy navigation.

  • Parking Availability
  • Nearby Attractions
  • Easy Access via Main Road

Once you arrive, you’ll notice ample parking spaces available near the FarmShop, making it convenient for visitors. Plus, if you have some extra time on your hands, there are several attractions worth exploring nearby.

From picturesque vineyards to charming local markets, the area around Maggie Beers FarmShop offers a variety of experiences to complement your visit. And don’t worry about getting lost—just follow the signs or ask the friendly locals for directions, and you’ll be savoring the delights of the FarmShop in no time!

Pricing and Duration

Barossa Valley: Maggie Beers FarmShop Experience - Pricing and Duration

The FarmShop experience at Maggie Beer’s in Barossa Valley offers a delightful blend of interactive activities, tastings, and a delicious lunch, all wrapped up in a 2.5-hour session.

For a price starting from $79.22 per person, guests can enjoy a small group cooking demonstration, guided tastings of wines and gin, a full platter lunch, and a glass of Pheasant Farm Wine.

When comparing costs with similar experiences in the region, Maggie Beer’s FarmShop provides excellent value for the quality and variety of activities offered.

With the session’s duration set at 2.5 hours, visitors can efficiently manage their time to make the most out of the culinary adventure without feeling rushed.

Accessibility and Group Size

Accessibility and Group Size:

Wheelchair accessibility is ensured at Maggie Beer’s FarmShop experience, which limits group size to 10 participants for an intimate and engaging culinary adventure.

  • Wheelchair access allows all visitors to enjoy the experience fully.
  • Limited group size ensures personalized attention and interaction.
  • Small groups foster a cozy atmosphere, perfect for learning and socializing.

Visitors can rest assured that the experience is designed to cater to a smaller group size, promoting a more hands-on and immersive encounter with the culinary delights at Maggie Beer’s FarmShop. The wheelchair access further extends the inclusivity of the experience, welcoming all guests to partake in this unique and delightful adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Guests Participate in Any Hands-On Cooking Activities During the Experience?

Yes, guests can fully enjoy hands-on cooking workshops during the experience. They get to participate in interactive cooking activities, learn valuable culinary skills, and enjoy a truly engaging and educational hands-on experience.

Are There Any Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the Lunch Platter?

Yes, there are vegetarian and vegan options available on the lunch platter. The menu choices cater to various dietary preferences, ensuring all guests can enjoy a delicious meal during the experience.

Is There a Gift Shop On-Site Where Guests Can Purchase Maggie Beer Products?

Yes, there is a gift shop on-site where guests can purchase a wide selection of Maggie Beer products. The shop offers various merchandise options, including culinary workshops and cooking classes. Visitors can enjoy exploring and purchasing these items.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants in the Experience?

There are no age restrictions for participants in the experience. The activity is child friendly and senior friendly, welcoming all age groups to join in the interactive cooking demonstration, wine and gin tasting, and lunch platter.

Is There a Dress Code for the Experience, Such as Casual or Formal Attire?

There’s no formal dress code for Maggie Beers FarmShop. Guests usually opt for casual attire, keeping it comfortable for the interactive cooking demo, wine tasting, and lunch. Enjoy the experience in relaxed style!


To sum it up, the Maggie Beers FarmShop Experience in Barossa Valley offers a delightful culinary adventure for food and wine enthusiasts. With a cooking demonstration, wine and gin tasting, and a delicious lunch platter, guests are sure to have a memorable time.

The intimate setting, wheelchair-friendly facilities, and high customer ratings make this experience a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in the flavors and hospitality of the region.

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