Escape the hustle and bustle of DC for a serene expedition through Virginia’s renowned wine country. This guided tour whisks visitors away in comfortable transportation, granting an insider’s look at local vineyards and the art of winemaking. Knowledgeable experts lead the way, sharing the region’s rich history as guests savor the diverse flavors of the area’s acclaimed vintages. Whether a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, this experience promises an enlightening afternoon of scenic vistas, insightful commentary, and, of course, plenty of opportunities to indulge in the fruits of the vine.

Key Points

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Key Points

  • Scenic drive from Washington, DC to Virginia’s renowned wine country with a knowledgeable guide providing insights into the region’s winemaking history.
  • Guided tours of two local vineyards showcasing traditional winemaking techniques and stunning views of the picturesque wine country.
  • Diverse wine tasting experience featuring a range of red and white wines from the featured vineyards.
  • Comfortable and hassle-free transportation in an air-conditioned van or bus, with the opportunity to admire the scenic vistas.
  • Inclusions cover transportation, tour guide, wine tastings, and snacks, while exclusions include lunch and other restrictions.

Tour Itinerary

The tour kicks off with a departure from the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington, DC, where guests board a comfortable transportation vehicle for the scenic drive to Virginia’s wine country.

Along the way, a knowledgeable guide provides insights into the region’s rich winemaking history and points out picturesque countryside vistas.

The first stop is a traditional local vineyard, where guests enjoy an in-depth tour of the facilities and learn about the wine production process. This is followed by a guided tasting of the winery’s signature offerings.

The second half of the tour follows a similar format at a second vineyard, providing visitors with a well-rounded exploration of Virginia’s thriving wine scene.

Transportation From DC

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Transportation From DC

After visiting the vineyards, guests board the comfortable transportation vehicle for the scenic drive back to the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington, DC, where the tour began.

The air-conditioned van or bus provides a relaxing journey through the rolling hills and scenic countryside of Virginia’s wine region.

Along the way, guests can admire the stunning vistas and share their favorite moments from the day’s tastings and tours.

The professional guide is on hand to answer any final questions and provide additional insights into the local wine industry.

The transportation service ensures a hassle-free return to the starting point, allowing guests to fully enjoy the Virginia wine experience from start to finish.

Winery Tour Highlights

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Winery Tour Highlights

Guests first enjoy guided tours of two local vineyards, where they learn about the region’s rich wine production history from knowledgeable professionals.

During these behind-the-scenes experiences, they’ll explore the facilities and gain insights into traditional winemaking techniques.

The tour also allows visitors to savor Virginia’s deep red and refreshing white wines, as they take in the stunning views of the picturesque wine country.

Throughout the day, the group will have the opportunity to taste a variety of wines, from bold reds to crisp, fruity whites, providing a well-rounded tasting experience that showcases the diversity of Virginia’s thriving wine scene.

Wine Tasting Experiences

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Wine Tasting Experiences

Visitors can expect to savor a range of Virginia’s finest wines during the guided tastings, which showcase the region’s diverse varietals and winemaking techniques.

The tour includes tastings at two local vineyards, where guests will learn about the history and production methods from knowledgeable wine experts.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, the tastings provide an opportunity to sample a variety of red and white wines, from bold and complex to light and refreshing.

With the stunning backdrop of Virginia’s rolling hills and vineyards, the tasting experience promises to be both educational and enjoyable for participants.

Exclusive Inclusions

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Exclusive Inclusions

The Virginia Wine Country Tour includes round-trip transportation from Washington DC, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for participants. Beyond the transportation, the tour also provides a professional guide who will lead the group on behind-the-scenes tours of two local vineyards and guide them through tastings of the region’s finest wines.

Inclusions Exclusions
Transportation from DC Not suitable for pregnant women, people under 21, and wheelchair users
Tour guide No pets, weapons, sharp objects, intoxication, smoking, vaping, glass objects, alcoholic drinks in the vehicle
Wine tastings Lunch and extra drinks are not included

The tour’s carefully curated itinerary ensures participants can fully enjoy Virginia’s vibrant wine culture, savoring the flavors and scenic landscapes that make this region a must-visit destination.

Booking and Availability

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Booking and Availability

Individuals can check availability and reserve their spot on the Virginia Wine Country Tour through the easy-to-use booking platform, with a pay later option available.

The tour is priced at $200 per person, making it an affordable and accessible way to explore Virginia’s renowned wine region.

Guests simply need to meet at the back entrance of the Marriott Marquis hotel in DC to begin their journey.

With limited availability, it’s recommended to book in advance to secure a spot.

The tour operator provides a seamless and hassle-free experience, ensuring visitors can focus on savoring the wines and breathtaking vistas of Virginia’s picturesque countryside.

Meeting Point Details

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Meeting Point Details

Travelers will meet the tour guide at the back entrance of the Marriott Marquis hotel in downtown Washington, DC to begin their Virginia wine country excursion.

This convenient meeting location allows guests to easily access the tour bus and depart for the vineyards.

The Marriott Marquis is a well-known hotel in the city, making it a straightforward starting point for the day’s activities.

Attendees should plan to arrive a few minutes early to check in with the guide and get settled before the tour departs.

From the Marriott, the group will embark on their journey to discover the scenic vineyards and sample the award-winning wines of Virginia’s picturesque countryside.

Important Restrictions

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Important Restrictions

This tour has a few important restrictions travelers should be aware of. Pregnant women, people under 21, and wheelchair users unfortunately can’t participate.

Plus, pets, weapons, sharp objects, intoxication, smoking, vaping, glass objects, and bringing alcoholic drinks on the vehicle aren’t allowed.

The reasons for these restrictions are:

  1. Pregnant women’s safety and the safety of the unborn child.
  2. Legal requirements for alcohol consumption.
  3. Accessibility and safety concerns for wheelchair users.

These rules are in place to ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience for all participants. Travelers should keep these restrictions in mind when booking and planning their Virginia wine country adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

From Dc: Virginia Wine Country Tour With Tastings - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Snacks or Drinks?

According to the tour details, outside snacks and drinks are not permitted. The tour includes complimentary wine tastings and snacks. Bringing your own food and beverages is not allowed on this activity.

Are There Any Discounts or Package Deals Available?

There may be discounts or package deals available, such as group rates for larger parties. Customers should inquire about any current promotions or bundled offerings when booking the Virginia wine country tour.

Can I Extend the Tour Duration if Needed?

Guests can extend the tour duration if needed, but this would incur additional charges. The tour operator can provide details on pricing for extending the tour beyond the standard 6-hour duration. Flexibility is available, though additional fees may apply.

Is There a Dress Code or Specific Attire Required?

There is no formal dress code, but it’s recommended to wear comfortable, casual clothing and closed-toe shoes suitable for walking around vineyards. Layers are advised as the weather can be unpredictable.

How Can I Provide Feedback or Rating on the Tour?

Customers can provide feedback or ratings for the Virginia Wine Country Tour by contacting the tour operator directly. Many tour companies also welcome reviews on their website or popular travel sites to improve the experience for future guests.


This Virginia Wine Country Tour provides a unique opportunity to explore the heart of the state’s renowned wine region.

Guided by knowledgeable experts, participants can enjoy scenic drives, in-depth winery tours, and diverse wine tasting experiences, all while learning about the region’s rich winemaking history and techniques.

With transportation from DC and exclusive inclusions, this tour offers a comprehensive and unforgettable adventure for wine enthusiasts.

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