Traveling between Osaka Itami Airport and Osaka City just got more convenient and cost-effective. The shared transfer service provides an 80-minute journey, with a starting price of $17.88 per person. Passengers can be picked up directly from the airport or a designated location in the city, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With an impressive 4.9/5 rating from 30 reviews, this service is known for its efficiency, organization, and punctuality. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this shared transfer offers a compelling option to consider. But what sets this service apart, and why might it be the perfect choice for your Osaka journey?

Key Points

  • The shared transfer service offers an 80-minute journey from Osaka Itami Airport to locations within Osaka City, providing affordable and efficient transportation.
  • Booking and payment options include a flexible ‘reserve now & pay later’ policy, free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, and various pickup/drop-off points.
  • Guests must provide their full names, flight details, and drop-off location to ensure smooth coordination and a hassle-free experience.
  • The service is highly rated for its efficiency, organization, punctuality, value for money, and friendly service, with an overall rating of 4.9/5 from 30 reviews.
  • The transfer service includes pickup from the airport or a designated meeting point, and door-to-door transportation to the desired location within Osaka City.

About the Transfer Service

Osaka Itami Airport To/From Osaka City: Shared Transfer - About the Transfer Service

The shared transfer service from Osaka Itami Airport to Osaka City provides an 80-minute journey for passengers. Travelers can enjoy a convenient shared ride from the airport terminal to any address within Osaka City.

The meeting point is either the Itami Airport or a location in Osaka City, depending on the passenger’s preference. This transfer service offers an affordable and hassle-free way to reach one’s destination in the city.

With a duration of 80 minutes, the transfer ensures a timely and efficient transportation solution for those arriving at or departing from Osaka Itami Airport.

Booking and Payment Options

Osaka Itami Airport To/From Osaka City: Shared Transfer - Booking and Payment Options

Customers can book the shared transfer service from Osaka Itami Airport to Osaka City at a starting price of $17.88 per person.

The payment can be handled on a ‘reserve now & pay later‘ basis, and travelers enjoy the flexibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

This offers great convenience and peace of mind when planning the trip.

The service provides transfers to any desired address within Osaka City, ensuring a hassle-free journey from the airport to the final destination.

With an overall rating of 4.9/5 based on 30 reviews, the transfer service is praised for its transportation, value for money, service, and organization, making it an excellent choice for travelers visiting Osaka.

Pickup and Drop-off Locations

Osaka Itami Airport To/From Osaka City: Shared Transfer - Pickup and Drop-off Locations

The driver will pick up guests from the Itami Airport terminal and drop them off at their desired address within Osaka City.

If the pickup location is a hotel, guests should wait in the lobby. If it’s an apartment or home, they should wait outside the main entrance. However, if the apartment or home is unreachable, guests will need to meet the driver at a nearby location.

This shared transfer service ensures a seamless journey from the airport to your accommodation in Osaka City. The driver will handle all the transportation logistics, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Just provide your flight and location details, and the team will take care of the rest.

Required Guest Information

To book the shared transfer service from Osaka Itami Airport to Osaka City, guests must provide their full name, age, service date, flight details (number, airport code, estimated arrival and departure times), and the address or hotel name and contact information for their drop-off location.

This information is essential for the driver to coordinate the pickup and drop-off seamlessly.

The process is straightforward:

  1. Guests share their full name and age for all travelers.
  2. Guests provide their flight details, including the flight number, airport code, and estimated arrival and departure times.
  3. Guests specify the address or hotel name, along with the contact information, for their drop-off location in Osaka City.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Travelers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for the shared transfer service, reflecting its high quality. With an impressive overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews, customers have praised the service across several key areas.

They highlight the efficiency and organization of the transportation, noting the driver’s punctuality and professionalism in getting them to their destination on time. Customers also express satisfaction with the value for money, appreciating the reasonable price point.

On top of that, reviewers commend the friendly and attentive service provided, indicating a consistently pleasant experience. The glowing customer feedback underscores the reliability and excellence of this shared transfer service between Osaka Itami Airport and Osaka City.

Transfer Service Inclusions

Upon booking the shared transfer service, travelers can expect a comprehensive package that includes various amenities. Specifically, the service provides pick-up from the Itami Airport terminal and drop-off at the desired address within Osaka City, ensuring a seamless door-to-door experience.

The service features:

  1. An 80-minute journey from the airport to the city center, allowing passengers to comfortably reach their destination.
  2. The option to be picked up from either the Itami Airport or a predetermined address in Osaka City, catering to the needs of different travelers.
  3. Convenient meeting points, where passengers can easily meet the driver, whether it’s the airport terminal or the lobby of their hotel or residence.

Transfer Service Exclusions

While the shared transfer service includes a range of conveniences, there are a few exclusions travelers should be aware of.

The service doesn’t cover personal expenses incurred during the journey, such as meals, beverages, or any additional stops or activities beyond the direct airport-to-city transfer. Plus, the service doesn’t provide assistance with luggage beyond normal loading and unloading. Travelers are responsible for ensuring their belongings are securely stored and accounted for throughout the trip.

The service also doesn’t include any meet-and-greet or assistance at the airport beyond the designated pickup location. Travelers should plan accordingly and communicate any special needs or requirements prior to their arrival.

Getting to the Meeting Point

At the Itami Airport, the driver will meet travelers at the designated pickup area, typically located near the arrivals section of the terminal. From there, the driver will assist with loading any luggage and guide guests to the shared transfer vehicle.

For those being picked up from a hotel, apartment, or home in Osaka City, the process is straightforward:

  1. Wait in the lobby if being picked up from a hotel.
  2. Wait outside the main door if being picked up from an apartment or home.
  3. If the address is inaccessible, meet the driver at a nearby, agreed-upon location.

The driver will ensure a smooth transition from the pickup point to the shared transfer, making the journey to Osaka City a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Request a Specific Pick-Up or Drop-Off Time?

Yes, you can request a specific pick-up or drop-off time. The transfer service offers flexible timing to accommodate your needs, allowing you to customize your travel experience to match your schedule.

Is It Possible to Make Changes to My Booking After Reservation?

Yes, you can make changes to your booking after reservation. The transfer service offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, allowing you to modify your pick-up or drop-off details as needed.

What Items Are Allowed to Be Brought on the Transfer?

Passengers can bring standard carry-on luggage, such as suitcases, backpacks, and handbags, on the transfer. Oversized or bulky items may need to be stored separately. It’s best to check with the service provider for any specific restrictions.

How Will I Recognize the Driver at the Airport?

The driver will be holding a sign with the guest’s name on it at the airport’s main terminal. They’ll be dressed professionally and will approach the guest to introduce themselves and assist with luggage.

Is There a Surcharge for Additional Luggage or Passengers?

There is no surcharge for additional luggage or passengers. The price quoted per person covers the shared transfer service from the airport to the desired address in Osaka City, regardless of the number of bags or people in the group.


The shared transfer service from Osaka Itami Airport to Osaka City offers a reliable and affordable transportation option.

With a starting price of $17.88 per person and an impressive 4.9/5 rating, the service provides a hassle-free and efficient journey, ensuring travelers reach their destination on time.

The service’s flexibility in pickup and drop-off locations makes it a convenient choice for travelers visiting Osaka.

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