Enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Matsue, Japan, with the Private Kimono Elegant Experience. This 15-minute activity allows you to don a traditional kimono and have your hair styled, transforming you into a true Japanese princess. Conveniently located near Matsue Station, the experience offers a flexible schedule and a full refund if canceled up to 24 hours in advance. With exceptional reviews praising the authenticity and professionalism of the staff, this affordable activity delivers an unforgettable glimpse into Japan’s time-honored traditions. But the true magic of the experience lies in the castle town’s captivating atmosphere, where you’ll discover how…

Key Points

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Key Points

  • A 15-minute private kimono rental and hair styling experience in the historic castle town of Matsue, Japan.
  • Offered daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with a full refund for cancellations up to 24 hours prior.
  • Includes kimono rental and hair styling for an affordable price, starting from $36.06.
  • Highly rated by guests as an unforgettable and authentic traditional cultural experience.
  • Easily accessible by public transportation, with limited paid parking available for those driving.

Activity Details

The Kimono Experience in Matsue takes place in the city of Matsue, Japan. The activity lasts approximately 15 minutes and includes the rental of a kimono as well as a hair styling session.

Participants will meet at the designated meeting point in the Okudani-cho area of Matsue, where the experience begins. The activity runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Sunday, with a flexible start time within that range. At the end, you will return to the original meeting point.

The experience isn’t wheelchair accessible but is conveniently located near public transportation. Confirmation is provided upon booking, and the experience is subject to weather conditions.

Cancellation Policy

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Cancellation Policy

Regarding the Kimono Experience in Matsue, the cancellation policy allows for a full refund if canceled up to 24 hours before the start time. However, no refunds are provided for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the start, and changes aren’t accepted within that same 24-hour window.

Plus, the experience is weather-dependent, so it may be subject to cancellation or rescheduling due to inclement conditions.

This policy ensures flexibility for travelers while also accounting for the logistical considerations of operating the kimono rental and styling service. Participants are encouraged to review the cancellation terms carefully when booking to plan their visit accordingly.

Price and Inclusions

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Price and Inclusions

The Kimono Experience in Matsue starts from $36.06, offering a Lowest Price Guarantee and a free cancellation option up to 24 hours before the start time.

The rental fee and hair styling are included in this price, providing participants a complete kimono experience.

This affordable package allows visitors to fully enjoy the traditional Japanese culture, as they don the elegant kimono and get their hair professionally styled.

The great value and flexible cancellation policy make this activity accessible and convenient for travelers.

Whether you’re looking to capture beautiful photos or simply enjoy the unique cultural experience, the Kimono Experience in Matsue delivers an unforgettable and reasonably priced opportunity.

Positive Reviews

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Positive Reviews

Overwhelmingly positive reviews from Viator and Tripadvisor users highlight the exceptional quality of the Kimono Experience in Matsue, with an impressive 5.0 overall rating.

Guests rave about the friendly and helpful staff who guided them in finding the perfect kimono and styling their hair. They felt like true princesses, immersed in the traditional Japanese culture. The experience left a lasting impression.

‘Great experience! Staff is super friendly and helped us find the perfect kimono. They did a great job styling our hair. We felt like princesses!’

‘An unforgettable journey back in time, filled with elegance and cultural authenticity.’

Highly recommended for anyone seeking a truly memorable kimono experience in Japan.’

Directions to Meeting Point

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Directions to Meeting Point

Getting to the meeting point for the Kimono Experience in Matsue is straightforward. The activity takes place at 堀川小町, 316-2 Okudan-chō, Matsue, Shimane 690-0872, Japan, which is easily accessible by public transportation.

How to Get There Details
Train Catch the JR San’in Main Line to Matsue Station, then it’s a short 10-minute walk to the meeting point.
Bus Take the Ichibata Bus to the Okudan-cho stop, which is right next to the activity location.
Taxi Hop in a taxi from Matsue Station, the journey takes around 5 minutes.
Walking For the adventurous, it’s about a 25-minute pleasant stroll from Matsue Station to the meeting point.
Parking Limited paid parking is available near the activity location if you’re driving.

The clear directions and multiple transportation options make getting to the Kimono Experience in Matsue hassle-free.

Kimono and Hair Styling

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Kimono and Hair Styling

Upon arrival, friendly staff will guide participants through the process of donning a traditional Japanese kimono. Visitors can select from an array of vibrant kimono fabrics and patterns, each meticulously crafted to evoke the elegance of Japanese culture.

Concurrently, the staff will artfully style the participant’s hair, transforming them into a living embodiment of Japan’s timeless sartorial heritage.

The experience includes:

  1. Kimono rental fee
  2. Hair styling
  3. Professional guidance from the staff

Participants will emerge from the experience feeling like they’ve stepped back in time, immersed in the timeless beauty and traditions of Japan.

Matsue Castle Town Experience

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Matsue Castle Town Experience

After the kimono and hair styling experience, visitors can explore the historic Matsue Castle Town. Matsue is renowned for its well-preserved traditional architecture, offering a glimpse into Japan’s feudal past. Strolling through the charming streets, travelers can admire the samurai residences, historic shrines, and picturesque canals that define the town’s unique character.

Matsue Castle Town Highlights
Matsue Castle Iconic 17th-century castle
Horikawa Sightseeing Boats Scenic canal cruises
Kitamuki Shrine Historic Shinto shrine
Buke Yashiki Former samurai residences
Meimei-an Tea House Traditional tea ceremony

Accessibility and Transportation

Private Kimono Elegant Experience in the Castle Town of Matsue - Accessibility and Transportation

The Kimono Experience in Matsue is accessible by public transportation, as the meeting point is located near the city’s train station and other major transit hubs.

Guests can easily reach the activity’s starting point using local buses, trains, or even on foot. The experience isn’t wheelchair accessible, but the staff is happy to provide assistance to those with mobility challenges.

Train: The Matsue Station is a short walk from the meeting point.

Bus: Several bus routes have stops close to the activity location.

Walking: The meeting point is situated in the charming Matsue Castle Town, making it a pleasant stroll from various landmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear the Kimono Outside the Activity Location?

Yes, you can wear the kimono outside the activity location. The kimono rental is included in the experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the traditional attire during your time in Matsue.

How Long Does the Hair Styling Take?

The hair styling typically takes about 30-45 minutes. The staff will carefully arrange your hair in a traditional Japanese style, ensuring you look your best for the kimono experience. They’ll work efficiently to complete the styling before you put on the kimono.

Can I Take the Kimono Home After the Experience?

Unfortunately, no. The kimono rental is part of the activity experience and is not included for guests to take home. The kimono and hair styling must be returned to the activity provider at the end of the experience.

Are There Any Discounts for Large Groups?

Yes, the activity offers discounts for larger groups. According to the information, the more people book the activity together, the lower the per-person price. Group sizes and specific discount rates are not provided, but the activity welcomes large bookings.

Is There a Dress Code for the Activity?

There is no strict dress code for this activity. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably, as they’ll be trying on traditional Japanese kimonos and having their hair styled. Casual attire is acceptable.


The Private Kimono Elegant Experience in Matsue, Japan, offers a unique opportunity to take in the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Guests can don a traditional kimono, have their hair styled, and feel like a Japanese princess for 15 minutes.

With a convenient location near Matsue Station, a flexible schedule, and exceptional reviews, this affordable activity provides an unforgettable glimpse into the country’s time-honored traditions.

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