Sarasota’s Evening Sip and Dine Tour offers a captivating glimpse into the city’s vibrant culinary scene. Guests embark on a progressive journey, immersed in a diverse range of regional flavors, local history, and cultural influences. From carefully curated menu items to expertly selected wines and cocktails, this immersive experience celebrates Sarasota’s rich heritage, architectural gems, and thriving art district. Whether you’re a discerning foodie or simply seeking to uncover the city’s unique character, this tour promises to leave you hungry for more.

Key Points

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Key Points

  • A 4-hour twilight culinary exploration that immerses guests in Sarasota’s vibrant dining scene, featuring a diverse range of menu items across four distinct restaurants.

  • A progressive culinary journey that showcases the diversity of Sarasota’s dining culture, with 8-10 different menu items paired with wines and cocktails.

  • An opportunity to discover Sarasota’s rich history, art, and local influences through the lens of its thriving gastronomic landscape.

  • A diverse array of savory menu selections from participating restaurants, highlighting the region’s unique flavors and complemented by expertly paired wines or cocktails.

  • A curated selection of crisp white wines, bold reds, and signature craft cocktails that enhance the dining experience and provide a well-rounded exploration of Sarasota’s beverage offerings.

Twilight Culinary Exploration

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Twilight Culinary Exploration

The Evening Sip and Dine Tour offers a 4-hour twilight culinary exploration that immerses guests in the vibrant dining scene of Downtown Sarasota.

Over the course of the evening, visitors will be taken to four distinct restaurants, each offering a diverse range of menu items.

This progressive culinary journey is intertwined with the local history, art, and culture of the area.

Guests can expect to savor 8-10 different dishes paired with wines and cocktails, providing a well-rounded gastronomic experience.

Complimentary transportation resources are available after the tour, ensuring a safe and seamless experience from start to finish.

Diverse Dining Destinations

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Diverse Dining Destinations

Four distinct restaurants showcase the diversity of Sarasota’s dining scene, each offering a unique culinary experience throughout the Evening Sip and Dine Tour.

Guests will savor a progressive journey of 8-10 different menu items, ranging from classic local flavors to innovative global cuisines.

These diverse destinations highlight the vibrant dining culture of downtown Sarasota, where visitors can indulge in carefully crafted cocktails, fine wines, and mouthwatering dishes that celebrate the region’s rich history and local influences.

Whether it’s a modern Mediterranean meal or a taste of the Old Florida, this tour provides a well-rounded exploration of Sarasota’s thriving gastronomic landscape.

Local History and Culture

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Local History and Culture

Interwoven throughout the Evening Sip and Dine Tour are captivating insights into Sarasota’s rich history and vibrant cultural landscape.

As guests embark on this culinary adventure, they’ll uncover the fascinating stories behind the city’s architectural gems, artistic enclaves, and time-honored traditions that have shaped its unique identity.

The tour guides skillfully weave these cultural elements into the dining experience, providing context and depth to each restaurant visit.

From the historic Gulfstream Hotel to the thriving art district, the Evening Sip and Dine Tour offers a multisensory exploration of Sarasota’s past and present, immersing guests in the city’s distinct character and inspiring a deeper appreciation for its heritage.

Savory Menu Selections

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Savory Menu Selections

Diners on the Evening Sip and Dine Tour can look forward to savoring a diverse array of savory menu selections from the participating restaurants. The progressive culinary journey will feature 8-10 different dishes, each paired expertly with wines or cocktails.

Guests might start with a hearty charcuterie board or stuffed mushroom caps, then move on to savory entrees like braised short ribs or grilled salmon. Local specialties like shrimp and grits or roasted garlic hummus will also make an appearance, highlighting the region’s diverse flavors.

No matter one’s tastes, the evening’s savory offerings will delight the palate and leave diners thoroughly satisfied.

Beverage Pairings Galore

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Beverage Pairings Galore

Carefully curated wine and cocktail pairings will complement the savory menu selections throughout the Evening Sip and Dine Tour, enhancing the holistic culinary experience for guests.

From crisp white wines to bold reds, and signature craft cocktails, the beverage offerings will tantalize the senses and elevate each dish.

Expect to savor:

  1. A refreshing gin-based cocktail paired with a light seafood starter.
  2. A medium-bodied red wine complementing a hearty main course.
  3. A sweet dessert cocktail to round out the indulgent meal.

These expertly paired beverages won’t only delight the palate but also provide insight into Sarasota’s vibrant bar scene and its talented mixologists.

Complimentary Transportation Resources

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Complimentary Transportation Resources

The tour organizers ensure safe and convenient transportation for participants after the culinary exploration, offering a range of options to help them navigate the vibrant downtown area with ease.

Guests can take advantage of the tour’s complimentary transportation resources, which include wheelchair-accessible vehicles and access to nearby public transportation.

This thoughtful service allows tour-goers to fully enjoy the experience without worrying about getting to and from the various restaurants.

Whether guests need a ride back to their hotel or simply want to continue exploring the city, the tour’s transportation options make it easy to get around safely and efficiently.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Accessibility and Inclusivity

The Evening Sip and Dine Tour prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring the event is welcoming and accommodating to all guests.

The tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible, with transportation services that cater to mobility needs. Plus, the tour welcomes service animals, allowing participants to fully enjoy the culinary journey with their companions.

Some key features that contribute to the tour’s accessibility and inclusivity include:

  1. Wheelchair-friendly transportation and venues
  2. Assistance for guests with visual or hearing impairments
  3. Accommodations for dietary restrictions or allergies

Booking and Important Details

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Booking and Important Details

Booking the Evening Sip and Dine Tour is likely to sell out quickly, so guests are advised to reserve their spots in advance. The tour costs from €128.46 per person and offers a ‘reserve now, pay later’ option, allowing participants to secure their place without an immediate payment. On top of that, the tour provides free cancellation up to 24 hours before the event, granting guests the flexibility to adjust their plans if necessary.

Important Information
Tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible Service animals are welcome Nearby public transportation options available
Transportation is wheelchair accessible Guests must be 21 or older to book

Frequently Asked Questions

Sarasota: Evening Sip and Dine Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tour Suitable for Vegetarians or Those With Dietary Restrictions?

The tour accommodates vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions, as it typically offers a variety of menu items catering to different dietary needs. Guests can discuss any requirements with the tour organizers when booking.

Can I Bring My Own Alcoholic Beverages on the Tour?

No, bringing your own alcoholic beverages on the tour is not permitted. The tour includes a complimentary selection of wines and cocktails paired with the diverse menu items at the visited restaurants, so outside alcoholic drinks are not allowed.

Is There an Option to Extend the Tour Duration?

Yes, there may be options to extend the tour duration. Guests can inquire with the tour operator about the possibility of adding more time to explore the dining scene and local attractions further. Additional fees may apply for an extended tour.

How Do I Redeem Any Promotional Discounts or Vouchers?

To redeem promotional discounts or vouchers, contact the tour operator directly. Provide any relevant code or confirmation details, and they’ll apply the discount to the total cost at the time of booking. This can help save on the tour price.

What Is the Cancellation and Refund Policy for the Tour?

The cancellation and refund policy allows free cancellation up to 24 hours before the event. Customers can receive a full refund if they cancel within this timeframe. Beyond 24 hours, the policy may vary or not allow refunds.


The Evening Sip and Dine Tour in Sarasota offers a captivating culinary journey, immersing guests in the city’s vibrant dining scene.

From diverse regional flavors to local history and culture, this progressive tour showcases a well-rounded gastronomic experience that celebrates Sarasota’s unique character.

With carefully curated menu items, expertly paired beverages, and convenient transportation, this tour provides an accessible and inclusive way to discover the city’s thriving culinary landscape.

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