Adrenaline-seekers can embark on an exhilarating jungle adventure with the Skyline Jungle Luge package. Ziplining through lush canopies, racing down Thailand’s longest luge track, and indulging in a delectable Thai buffet lunch are just a few highlights of this immersive experience. With private transfers and safety considerations, the excursion promises a hassle-free escape into nature. Whether you’re looking to challenge your limits or simply learn about the verdant surroundings, this thrilling offering from Skyline Jungle Luge promises an unforgettable day.

Key Points

Skyline Jungle Luge Ticket + Lunch With Private Transfer - Key Points

  • Inclusive round-trip private transfers for a hassle-free experience to the Skyline Jungle Luge adventure park.
  • Enjoy a delicious Thai buffet lunch and refreshments during the activity for added convenience.
  • Explore the thrilling 2,100-meter jungle luge course, the longest in Thailand, reaching speeds up to 40 km/h.
  • Experience the adrenaline-fueled adventure of soaring through the lush forest canopy on 21 ziplines, including some of the longest in Thailand.
  • Access the park’s network of 38 platforms and 5 sky-bridges, including the longest at 50 meters, for an immersive jungle experience.

Adrenaline-Fueled Adventure

Skyline Jungle Luge Ticket + Lunch With Private Transfer - Adrenaline-Fueled Adventure

With its thrilling ziplines, towering sky-bridges, and heart-pumping jungle luge, the Skyline Jungle Luge Adventure Park delivers an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

Soar through the lush, verdant forest canopy on 21 ziplines, including some of the longest in Thailand. Test your nerves as you traverse 5 sky-bridges, the longest stretching 50 meters.

Then, hop into a jungle luge kart and ride down a 2,100-meter course, the longest in the country. This action-packed adventure will leave you exhilarated and eager for more.

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or simply a unique way to learn about nature, the Skyline Jungle Luge has something to thrill every adventurer.

Thrilling Zipline Experience

Skyline Jungle Luge Ticket + Lunch With Private Transfer - Thrilling Zipline Experience

Soaring through the lush jungle canopy on 21 exhilarating ziplines, including some of the longest in Thailand, is the highlight of the Skyline Jungle Luge experience. Thrill-seekers will traverse a network of platforms and sky-bridges, reaching speeds of up to 60 km/h as they fly over the stunning forest landscape.

The zipline course is complemented by a serene nature trail walk, ensuring a well-rounded adventure. This activity offers an unforgettable blend of adrenaline-pumping excitement and immersion in the natural beauty of the region.

Navigate a course of 38 platforms and 5 sky-bridges, including the longest at 50 meters.

Experience the rush of plunging down a 15-meter abseil.

Enjoy a refreshing Thai buffet lunch to refuel after the exhilarating zipline adventure.

Lush Jungle Luge Ride

Skyline Jungle Luge Ticket + Lunch With Private Transfer - Lush Jungle Luge Ride

Descending the lush, forested slopes, the Skyline Jungle Luge offers a thrilling ride down a 2,100-meter track, providing an exhilarating experience for visitors.

Navigating hairpin turns and gentle slopes, the luge carts allow guests to enjoy the serene jungle setting while enjoying an adrenaline-filled descent.

Reaching speeds of up to 40 km/h, the luge ride offers a unique way to explore the natural beauty of the conservation village.

With safety as a top priority, the Skyline Jungle Luge is supervised by trained professionals, ensuring a safe and unforgettable adventure for all who embark on this lush, forest-bound journey.

Inclusive Transportation and Dining

Skyline Jungle Luge Ticket + Lunch With Private Transfer - Inclusive Transportation and Dining

Does the package include convenient round-trip transfers to ensure a hassle-free experience? Travelers can expect professional transportation services to and from the Skyline Jungle Luge Adventure Park, making it easy to focus on the thrilling activities ahead.

The package also includes:

  • A tasty Thai buffet lunch, complete with tea, coffee, and seasonal fruit, to refuel after the adrenaline-pumping adventure.
  • Unlimited access to refreshing drinking water throughout the day, keeping you hydrated and energized.

A relaxing 5-minute nature trail walk to appreciate the lush, verdant surroundings before embarking on the main event.

With these thoughtful inclusions, you can fully learn about the Skyline Jungle Luge experience without worrying about logistics.

Accessibility and Safety Considerations

Skyline Jungle Luge Ticket + Lunch With Private Transfer - Accessibility and Safety Considerations

Despite the thrilling nature of the Skyline Jungle Luge, the activity has specific accessibility and safety considerations.

Participants must meet certain height, weight, and health requirements to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The luge ride isn’t suitable for pregnant women, individuals with mobility impairments, those under 3ft 9in (120cm) or over 243lbs (110kg), or people with altitude sickness.

These restrictions are in place to protect the wellbeing of all participants. The adventure park staff are trained to enforce these guidelines and provide first aid insurance for added safety.

Flexible Booking and Check-in

The Skyline Jungle Luge offers flexible booking and check-in options, allowing adventurers to conveniently reserve their experience.

Customers can take advantage of the free cancellation policy up to 24 hours in advance, and opt to reserve their spot now and pay later.

Plus, the small group size, limited to 10 participants, enables an express security check to skip the line, ensuring a seamless check-in process.

Key Booking and Check-in Features:

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity
  • Reserve now, pay later for added convenience
  • Skip the line through express security check for a smooth check-in

Immersive Nature Trail Exploration

Skyline Jungle Luge Ticket + Lunch With Private Transfer - Immersive Nature Trail Exploration

Alongside the adrenaline-filled adventure activities, the Skyline Jungle Luge offers visitors an immersive nature trail experience, guiding them through a 5-minute stroll amidst the lush, verdant forest.

This serene walk allows guests to connect with the surrounding environment, taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of the conservation village. The trail is well-maintained, ensuring a smooth and safe passage for all.

Along the way, visitors can spot vibrant flora and fauna, providing a glimpse into the natural wonders of the region. This nature exploration complements the thrill-seeking luge ride, creating a well-rounded experience that celebrates the beauty of the great outdoors.

Highlights and Key Details

Skyline Jungle Luge boasts an impressive 2,100-meter luge ride, making it the longest in Thailand.

Visitors can also enjoy a range of exhilarating zipline activities across 38 platforms, 21 ziplines, and various other thrilling elements like a 15-meter abseil and 50-meter sky-bridges.

The adventure park offers a complete package, including:

  • Convenient transportation with pickup and drop-off services
  • Delicious Thai buffet, tea, coffee, and refreshing seasonal fruits
  • A relaxing 5-minute nature trail walk to immerse in the surrounding forest

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience or a serene nature escape, Skyline Jungle Luge delivers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Chiang Mai’s lush landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Time to Visit Skyline Jungle Luge?

The best time to visit Skyline Jungle Luge is during the drier months between November and April when weather conditions are optimal for the outdoor adventure activity. Visitors should avoid the rainier seasons to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks to the Park?

No, visitors cannot bring their own food and drinks to Skyline Jungle Luge. The package includes a Thai buffet lunch, tea, coffee, and drinking water. Bringing outside food and beverages is not permitted on-site.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Activities?

There are age restrictions for the Skyline Jungle Luge activities. Participants must be at least 3 feet 9 inches (120 cm) tall and under 243 pounds (110 kg). The activities are not suitable for pregnant women or those with mobility impairments.

How Long Does the Entire Experience Take?

The entire Skyline Jungle Luge experience typically takes around 3-4 hours. This includes the zipline activities, jungle luge ride, nature trail walk, and lunch. Guests can expect to spend a half-day immersed in the adventure park’s offerings.

Can I Customize the Itinerary or Activities?

The activity is a pre-set package, so participants cannot customize the itinerary or activities. However, the operator may be able to accommodate special needs or requests if communicated in advance. Customization options are limited for this experience.


Skyline Jungle Luge delivers an exhilarating adventure, soaring through the lush jungle on ziplines and careening down Southeast Asia’s longest luge track.

Enjoy a delicious Thai lunch and hassle-free round-trip transfers for a thrilling immersion in nature.

With flexible booking and safety considerations, this package offers an unforgettable escape for adrenaline-seekers.

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