As travelers seek to ascend the heights of discovery, the Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket offers a gateway to the essence of Hobart’s allure.

From the sweeping vistas atop kunanyi/Mt Wellington to the intricate tapestry of the city’s historical and cultural fabric, this tour beckons explorers to uncover the hidden gems of Southern Tasmania.

With an array of languages catered for and accessibility features in place, this experience ensures inclusivity for all.

Join the journey through Hobart’s wonders and let the adventure unfold before your eyes.

Key Points

Hobart: Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket - Key Points

  • Experience breathtaking views of Hobart and Southern Tasmania from the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington.
  • Enjoy a 4-hour tour combining the summit visit with a 90-minute city sightseeing loop.
  • Benefit from informative guides, modern transportation, and positive customer reviews for a memorable experience.
  • Ensure a comfortable trip by bringing essentials like warm clothing, camera, sunscreen, and water.

Tour Details

Hobart: Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket - Tour Details

Set out on a 4-hour adventure in Hobart with the Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket that offers a blend of scenic views and city exploration.

Visitors can expect varying weather conditions during the tour, so dressing in layers is advisable. From sunny skies to sudden changes, being prepared ensures a comfortable experience.

Keep an eye out for the local wildlife that call Mount Wellington home. Curious wallabies and colorful bird species might make an appearance, adding a touch of nature to the journey.

The experienced guides on the tour are knowledgeable about the area’s fauna, enhancing the experience by sharing interesting facts about the wildlife encountered along the way.

Customer Reviews

Hobart: Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket - Customer Reviews

Upon perusing the reviews, visitors consistently praise the Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket for its exceptional transportation and value for money. Here are some key points from the positive feedback:

  1. The transportation provided was top-notch, with comfortable and modern vehicles.

  2. Visitors found the ticket to be an excellent value for the experience and services offered.

  3. Many guests appreciated the informative guides who enhanced their tour experience.

  4. Overall, customers highlighted the well-organized nature of the sightseeing combo and the enjoyable time they had during the tours.

Meeting Point and Directions

Hobart: Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket - Meeting Point and Directions

Visitors ready to explore Mount Wellington and Hobart can easily locate the meeting point at the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre for the exciting sightseeing combo tour experience. The Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre, serving as the meeting point, is conveniently situated opposite the starting point for tours.

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by stunning views of the surrounding area, including iconic landmarks and picturesque landscapes. From the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre, travelers will embark on a journey filled with informative commentary, breathtaking scenic views, and memorable experiences.

Following the directions provided, you will begin their adventure to the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington and discover the beauty of Hobart through a comprehensive city tour.

Booking Information

When reserving your spot for the Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket, you can choose to pay nothing today and secure your place for a later date. Here are some key points to consider regarding booking this experience:

  1. Rescheduling Options: Enjoy the flexibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.
  2. Payment Methods: Various payment options available for your convenience.
  3. Booking Confirmation: Receive instant confirmation upon reservation.
  4. Customer Support: Reach out to our team for any booking inquiries or assistance.

Make the most of your trip to Hobart by securing your spot hassle-free and with the peace of mind that rescheduling is an option if needed.

Additional Information

Hobart: Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket - Additional Information

For those planning to explore Hobart’s sights and experience the journey to the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington, it’s important to come prepared with the recommended essentials for a comfortable and enjoyable tour experience. When embarking on this adventure, visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes, bring warm clothing, a hat, camera, sunscreen, water, and ensure their smartphone is fully charged. The tour experience includes a journey to the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington and exploring Hobart’s attractions. Plus, transportation options for the city tour involve open-top double decker buses, providing a unique and scenic way to see the city’s landmarks while enjoying the fresh air and stunning views.

Recommended Essentials
Comfortable Shoes Warm Clothing
Hat Camera
Sunscreen Water
Charged Smartphone


One of the standout features of the Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket is the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views over Hobart and Southern Tasmania. Visitors can relish a 30-minute summit experience at kunanyi/Mt Wellington, followed by a 90-minute city loop tour. The highlights include:

  1. Panoramic Views: Witness breathtaking vistas of Hobart and Southern Tasmania.
  2. Summit Exploration: Immerse in the beauty of kunanyi/Mt Wellington from its summit.
  3. City Loop Tour: Discover Hobart’s attractions and landmarks on a comprehensive 90-minute tour.
  4. Educational Commentary: Engage with experienced local guides providing insights into the region’s history and culture.

This combo ticket offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban exploration, making it a must-do experience for visitors to Hobart.


Visitors are encouraged to come prepared with comfortable shoes and warm clothing for the Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket experience. The weather conditions on Mount Wellington can change quickly, so it’s essential to be ready for varying temperatures. Packing essentials for this adventure include a hat, camera, sunscreen, water, and a charged smartphone. Ensuring you have these items will enhance your experience and allow you to make the most of the stunning views and attractions. By dressing appropriately and having the necessary gear, you can fully enjoy the 30 minutes at the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington and the 90-minute city loop tour. Stay comfortable and ready for any weather surprises during this exciting journey.

Packing Essentials Weather Conditions
Comfortable shoes Varying temperatures
Warm clothing Quick weather changes
Hat Windy conditions
Camera Sun exposure

Frequently Asked Questions

Hobart: Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring Food and Drinks on the Tour?

While on the tour, guests can enjoy picnic options and bring their beverage choices. It’s recommended to pack light snacks and drinks to savor during the journey. Remember to stay hydrated and energized throughout the experience.

Are There Restrooms Available During the Tour?

Restroom accessibility is ensured during the tour, with planned breaks for convenience. Participants can use facilities when needed. Lunch breaks are included in the itinerary for a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout the 4-hour journey.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants?

Age restrictions apply. Children must be accompanied by adults. It ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Check specific guidelines for minimum age requirements before booking the tour. Enjoy the adventure!

Are Pets Allowed on the Tour?

Pets are not allowed on the tour. The company has pet restrictions for the comfort and safety of all guests. It’s essential to respect the animal policy to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

What Happens in Case of Bad Weather?

If bad weather affects the tour, visitors receive weather updates. In such cases, they might be eligible for a ticket refund. Guests can stay informed and plan accordingly for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


To sum it up, the Mount Wellington and Hobart Sightseeing Combo Ticket offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the beauty and culture of Hobart in just four hours.

With stunning views, informative guides, and wheelchair accessibility, this tour caters to a wide audience and promises a memorable experience.

Don’t miss out on this enriching journey through the wonders of Southern Tasmania!

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