Embark on an enriching journey with the Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour, where nature’s wonders await. Picture yourself cruising on Lake Wanaka, surrounded by serene beauty, before setting foot on Mou Waho Island, a hidden gem with surprises at every turn. The tour promises encounters with unique wildlife and a chance to explore a secret lake nestled within the island. Curious to uncover more about this extraordinary adventure?

Key Points

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Key Points

  • Cruise on Lake Wanaka to reach Mou Waho Island.
  • Explore the hidden lake within Mou Waho Island.
  • Interact with friendly Weka birds on the island.
  • Enjoy nature, wildlife, and scenic views.
  • Experience knowledgeable guides and smooth transportation.

Tour Details

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Tour Details

Embark on an exciting 3-hour adventure with Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour, starting from $85.18 per person. The tour includes a live tour guide giving commentary in English, departing from Wanaka Marina on Lakeside Rd. Enjoy a water taxi to and from the island, along with walking poles and activity sheets for kids. The cancellation policy allows for free cancellations up to 24 hours in advance.

This tour offers a fantastic opportunity to explore Mou Waho Island, interact with Weka birds, swim in the hidden lake, hike to Tyrwhitt Peak for stunning views, and encounter diverse bird species in a nature reserve. Get set for an unforgettable experience full of adventure and exploration!

Experience Highlights

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Experience Highlights

Explore the diverse array of experiences awaiting you on the Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour, including cruising on Lake Wanaka and encountering Weka birds.

  • Cruise on Lake Wanaka
  • Explore Mou Waho Island
  • Discover hidden lake within the island
  • Interact with Weka birds

Set out on a journey filled with natural wonders and wildlife encounters. Feel the gentle breeze as you glide across the crystal-clear waters of Lake Wanaka.

Step foot on Mou Waho Island and uncover its hidden treasures, from secluded lakes to remarkable birdlife. Keep your eyes peeled for the curious Weka birds, known for their bold and inquisitive nature.

This tour promises a mix of relaxation and adventure, making it a must-do experience in Wanaka.

Customer Reviews

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Customer Reviews

As travelers share their experiences, the Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour has garnered an impressive overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 108 reviews.

Guests have praised the knowledgeable guides, giving them a perfect 5-star rating, highlighting their insightful commentary and friendly demeanor.

The transportation provided by the water taxi has also received high marks at 4.9 out of 5 stars, with visitors appreciating the smooth and scenic cruise on Lake Wanaka.

In terms of value for money, the tour has been rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars, indicating that most travelers feel they received a worthwhile experience for the price paid.

Testimonials from visitors further emphasize the beauty of Mou Waho Island and the enjoyable activities offered during the tour.

Important Information

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Important Information

Before setting off on the Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour, guests should remember to pack swimwear for the experience.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Swimwear: Essential for those wanting to take a dip in the lake

  • Sun Protection: Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sun safety

  • Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes for exploring the island

  • Camera: Capture the stunning views, wildlife, and memorable moments

These items will ensure visitors are well-prepared for a day filled with adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty.

Don’t forget to pack these essentials to make the most of your Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour!

Accessibility Information

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Accessibility Information

For visitors with mobility concerns, there’s important accessibility information regarding the tour to Mou Waho Island.

While the experience offers a chance to explore the hidden lake and encounter unique bird species, it’s essential to note that there’s a steep and rocky walk to reach the lake.

However, guests who aren’t comfortable with hiking can still enjoy the tour. The tour operators are accommodating and provide alternative ways for everyone to participate.

If you have specific accessibility needs or require assistance, it’s advisable to contact the tour company in advance to make necessary arrangements.

Ensuring a pleasant and inclusive experience for all visitors is a priority, and the team is there to help make that happen.


Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Recommendations

Visitors often find it beneficial to check out the recommendations provided by previous travelers before booking the Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour. Here are some key suggestions based on customer reviews:

  • Bring a camera to capture the stunning views of Lake Wanaka and Mou Waho Island.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes for the hike to Tyrwhitt Peak and the hidden lake.

  • Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the island’s beach.

  • Consider bringing binoculars for bird watching opportunities on Mou Waho Island.

Booking Information

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Booking Information

When reserving your spot for the Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour, you can choose the ‘Reserve now & pay later‘ option. This convenient feature allows you to secure your booking without an upfront payment, giving you flexibility for your travel plans.

To ensure availability for your preferred starting times, it’s recommended to check the schedule and reserve your spot in advance. Whether you’re planning a family outing or a solo adventure, this option makes it easy to plan your trip without any immediate financial commitment.

Reserve Now & Pay Later

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Reserve Now & Pay Later

Secure your spot on the Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour with the ‘Reserve now & pay later’ option for a hassle-free booking experience.

  • No upfront payment required
  • Flexibility for changes to travel plans
  • Ensure availability for preferred starting times
  • Convenient booking process for peace of mind

When you choose the ‘Reserve now & pay later’ option, you can lock in your spot for this exciting tour without having to make an immediate payment.

This allows you the freedom to plan your schedule accordingly and make any adjustments if needed.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic experience by securing your reservation in advance with the ease of paying later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wanaka: Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Meals or Snacks Provided During the Tour?

During the tour, meals or snacks are not provided. Visitors are advised to bring their own snacks or meals, especially if they have specific dietary requirements. Enjoy the sights and activities with a full stomach!

Can Children Participate in the Tour?

Children can absolutely participate in the tour. It’s a family-friendly experience with activity sheets for kids included. They get to explore Mou Waho Island, interact with birds, swim in the lake, and enjoy the hike.

Is There a Restroom on the Water Taxi?

Yes, there is a restroom on the water taxi. It provides convenience for passengers during the 3-hour tour. The facility ensures a comfortable experience for all guests, making it more enjoyable and practical for those on board.

Are Life Jackets Provided for the Tour?

Yes, life jackets are provided for the tour. They ensure the safety of all passengers during the water taxi ride and any water-related activities. Guests can enjoy the experience knowing that safety measures are in place.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for the Tour?

There isn’t a minimum age requirement for the tour. All are welcome to enjoy the experience. Feel free to bring the whole family along for a memorable time exploring Mou Waho Island.


The Wanaka Water Taxi & Mou Waho Island Tour offers a perfect blend of nature, wildlife, and adventure for visitors looking to explore the beauty of Lake Wanaka.

With knowledgeable guides, stunning scenery, and unforgettable experiences like interacting with Weka birds and discovering hidden lakes, this tour is a must-do for anyone seeking a unique and memorable adventure in Wanaka.

Book your tour now and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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