Tucked away in a charming Tokyo neighborhood, the Ninja Clan Dojo offers a rare glimpse into the ancient arts of the samurai and ninja. Here, visitors can enjoy a 90-minute elite ninja experience, where they’ll master five basic techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors. Outfitted in traditional dogi, you will wield a bokken, learn the art of shuriken throwing, and uncover the wisdom behind these centuries-old practices. But the real question is, are you ready to take on the challenge and embrace the spirit of the ninja?

Key Points

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Key Points

  • Visitors can learn 5 basic ninja techniques, including sword techniques with bokken and the art of shuriken (ninja star) throwing, during a 90-minute immersive experience at the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo.

  • The dojo, nestled in a charming neighborhood, offers participants the chance to practice classic samurai stances and maneuvers while absorbing the centuries-old atmosphere.

  • Participants are provided with traditional outfits (dogi) and rental equipment, including bokken and shuriken, to enhance the authentic ninja training experience.

  • An experienced instructor guides the group, with the assistance of an online interpreter, to ensure clear communication and a personalized learning experience.

  • The dojo accommodates a maximum of 10 travelers per tour, ensuring an intimate and customizable session to cater to individual needs.

Overview of the Experience

The Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs is a 90-minute immersive experience that takes place at the Ninja Clan Dojo in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

Nestled in a charming neighborhood, the dojo offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the rich traditions of samurai and ninja culture.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will have the chance to practice classic sword techniques, shuriken (ninja star) moves, and typical samurai stances and maneuvers.

With the rental of traditional outfits and weapons, this hands-on workshop promises an authentic and unforgettable adventure for both novices and martial arts enthusiasts alike.

Activities in the Dojo

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Activities in the Dojo

Within the dojo’s tranquil confines, participants engage in a captivating array of activities that immerse them in the rich tapestry of samurai and ninja traditions.

Under the watchful guidance of seasoned instructors, they practice the art of wielding the wooden sword, known as the bokken, honing their skills in the typical stances and movements associated with this iconic weapon.

Participants also learn the intricacies of the popular shuriken, or ninja star, as they discover the precise techniques required to execute these deadly projectiles.

Plus, they’ve the opportunity to practice ninja or samurai moves, blending ancient wisdom with modern-day interpretation, all while absorbing the dojo’s centuries-old atmosphere.

Inclusions and Rental Items

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Inclusions and Rental Items

To enhance the immersive experience, the Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs package includes a range of specialized equipment and support services.

Participants will be fitted with a traditional dogi, or outfit, to don during the session. They’ll also receive a bokken, a wooden sword, to practice samurai sword techniques. The shuriken, or ninja stars, are provided for learning the art of throwing these iconic weapons.

Throughout the 90-minute session, an experienced instructor will guide the group, while an online interpreter ensures clear communication.

With these essential inclusions, aspiring ninjas can fully enjoy the ancient martial arts, honing their skills under the tutelage of the Musashi Ninja Clan.

Dojo Location and Directions

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Dojo Location and Directions

Musashi Ninja Clan’s Shinobi-Samurai Honjin Dojo stands tall on the 3rd floor of a brown building along Kappadashi dogai street in Tokyo’s Taito City.

A Japanese cafe bar named Kiraku occupies the first floor, with a Japanese knife store, Takanojin, situated next to it.

Visitors can easily spot the dojo’s distinct bay windows from the street below.

To reach the dojo, simply head up the stairs or take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Once there, you’ll find the unassuming entrance to the dojo, where you’ll learn the elite ninja 5 basic techniques from experienced instructors.

With its convenient location and immersive setting, the Musashi Ninja Clan Dojo offers a truly authentic ninja experience in the heart of Tokyo.

Booking Confirmation and Availability

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Booking Confirmation and Availability

Booking confirmations arrive promptly within 48 hours, subject to availability, ensuring guests can plan their ninja experience with confidence.

This policy allows attendees to coordinate their schedules and make necessary arrangements, whether it’s finding transportation or aligning the session with other Tokyo activities.

The organizers understand the importance of efficient communication, which is why they strive to provide timely updates on booking status.

Flexibility is also a key aspect, as the start time can be adjusted to suit the group’s preferences.

With a maximum of 10 travelers per tour, the intimate atmosphere cultivates an immersive and personalized training session under the tutelage of experienced instructors.

Age Restrictions and Policies

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Age Restrictions and Policies

Children under 12 must be accompanied by a participating adult to ensure their safety and engagement during the Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs experience. The organizers understand the importance of a nurturing environment for young participants, which is why this policy has been put in place.

Inattentive people may be asked to leave the dojo to maintain focus and safety.

Spectators are welcome, but there’s a 2500JPY fee per person payable upon arrival.

The start time can be coordinated to suit the schedule of the group.

The experience is limited to a maximum of 10 travelers per tour to ensure personalized attention.

These guidelines help create an immersive and enjoyable ninja training session for all participants.

Spectator Fees and Payment

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Spectator Fees and Payment

For those interested in observing the Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs session, there’s a spectator fee of 2500JPY per person, payable upon arrival at the dojo.

This fee allows non-participating guests to witness the traditional samurai sword skills, shuriken techniques, and ninja/samurai moves demonstrated by the participants under the guidance of the experienced instructor.

The dojo staff kindly requests that spectators pay this fee to help cover the costs of running the program and maintaining the facility.

Paying the spectator fee ensures that you can fully enjoy the 90-minute experience without any disruptions.

The maximum number of travelers per tour is 10, so arrive early to secure your spot as a spectator.

Scheduling and Group Size

90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs in the Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo - Scheduling and Group Size

The start time for the Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs session can be coordinated to suit the schedule of participants, allowing for a flexible arrangement that caters to individual needs.

The program accommodates a maximum of 10 travelers per tour, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience under the watchful eye of the experienced instructor.

Enjoy the session at a time that works best for you.

Explore the rich ninja and samurai traditions in a small group.

Receive personalized guidance from the knowledgeable instructor.

Make the most of your time in Tokyo with this customizable activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Samurai Sword?

No, participants are not allowed to bring their own samurai swords. The experience provides a bokken (wooden sword) for use during the session. All equipment, including the dogi (outfit) and shuriken (ninja stars), is included and available for use by participants.

Do I Need to Have Prior Ninja Experience?

No, prior ninja experience is not required for the 90-min Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs class. The dojo welcomes beginners and provides an instructor, equipment, and guidance to teach the fundamentals of traditional ninja and samurai techniques.

Are There Any Discounts for Students or Seniors?

The Elite Ninja 5 Basic Techs class doesn’t seem to offer any discounts for students or seniors. The description doesn’t mention any special pricing for those groups. However, you may want to contact the dojo directly to inquire about any potential discounts they might provide.

Can I Take Photos or Videos During the Session?

Participants are generally allowed to take photos and videos during the session, though an instructor may request they refrain if it becomes disruptive. It’s best to check with the staff upon arrival to ensure the policies for the day.

Is There Any Dress Code or Attire Guidelines?

There’s a dress code for the experience – participants are provided with a dogi (traditional outfit) to wear during the session. This helps them feel immersed in the ninja and samurai culture. Comfortable clothing is recommended under the dogi.


The Ninja Clan Dojo in Tokyo offers a truly immersive experience that transports visitors back in time.

Participants can master the ancient arts of the samurai and ninja, from wielding a bokken to throwing shuriken.

Outfitted in traditional dogi, this 90-minute session blends centuries-old traditions with modern interpretations, creating a one-of-a-kind cultural adventure that’s not to be missed.

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