The ‘Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group’ offers travelers a comprehensive exploration of the Land of the Rising Sun. This carefully curated itinerary immerses participants in Japan’s captivating cultural heritage, from the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto. Combining iconic landmarks with hidden gems, the tour promises an authentic experience infused with traditional Japanese hospitality. With comfortable accommodations, included meals, and dedicated airport transfers, the journey caters to the needs of discerning travelers seeking a personalized and enriching discovery of Japan’s timeless splendor. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Japan enthusiast, this small-group tour presents an opportunity to uncover the country’s multifaceted allure in depth.

Key Points

Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group - Key Points

  • Comprehensive 15-day small-group tour exploring iconic landmarks, cultural heritage, and natural beauty across Japan.
  • Immersive experiences in Tokyo, Mount Fuji, historical regions, Hiroshima, and the timeless splendor of Kyoto.
  • 4-star hotel accommodations, traditional ryokans, and daily Japanese-style breakfast buffets.
  • Opportunities to sample regional cuisine and engage in authentic Japanese hospitality.
  • Seamless airport pickup, hotel transfers, and dedicated transportation for a hassle-free journey.

Tour Highlights

Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group - Tour Highlights

Travelers on the Discover Japan Tour will experience the country’s iconic landmarks, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty.

From the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto, this comprehensive itinerary showcases the diversity that makes Japan such a captivating destination.

Highlights include ascending to the summit of Mount Fuji, exploring the historic Kiso Valley, and visiting the moving memorial sites in Hiroshima.

The tour also provides an opportunity to take in traditional Japanese hospitality by staying at a ryokan, or Japanese inn.

With a maximum of 8 travelers, this small-group experience ensures personalized attention and an in-depth exploration of Japan’s most renowned attractions.

Itinerary Overview

Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group - Itinerary Overview

Exploring Japan’s diverse wonders, the Discover Japan Tour‘s carefully crafted itinerary guides travelers through the nation’s iconic landmarks and cultural treasures over 15 captivating days.

From immersive experiences in cosmopolitan Tokyo to the serene beauty of Mount Fuji, the tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Japan’s highlights:

Journey through the historical regions of Matsumoto and Kanazawa, discovering the Kiso Valley’s traditional villages and Nagoya’s vibrant cityscapes.

Witness the poignant memorials and stunning natural landscapes of Hiroshima and Miyajima.

Uncover the timeless splendor of Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan, with its temples, shrines, and geisha districts.

Conclude the tour with a final day in Tokyo, the modern capital brimming with cutting-edge technology and time-honored traditions.

Accommodations and Amenities

The Discover Japan Tour offers a diverse range of accommodations, from modern 4-star hotels in major cities to the traditional, time-honored charm of a ryokan near Mount Fuji.

In Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto, you’ll stay in well-appointed 4-star hotels, complete with amenities to ensure a comfortable and restful stay.

The highlight is the night spent in a ryokan, a Japanese-style inn, where you’ll experience the authentic atmosphere of ancient Japan.

In Hiroshima, you’ll stay in a 3-star hotel, providing a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality.

Throughout the tour, you’ll enjoy daily breakfast, and select dinners, allowing you to savor the flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Cuisine and Dining

Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group - Cuisine and Dining

Amidst the culture, the Discover Japan Tour offers a delightful exploration of the country’s renowned culinary delights, with a mix of included breakfasts and select dinners that allow travelers to savor the flavors of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Daily Japanese-style breakfast buffets, providing a variety of traditional dishes such as miso soup, grilled fish, and fresh seasonal produce.

Four included dinners at local restaurants, allowing guests to sample regional specialties and experience the warmth of Japanese hospitality.

Opportunities to explore bustling food markets and indulge in street food, from savory yakisoba to sweet taiyaki.

Guidance from the knowledgeable tour leader, who can offer recommendations and insights into the cultural significance of the diverse culinary offerings.

Meeting Point and Transfers

Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group - Meeting Point and Transfers

The Discover Japan Tour begins in Tokyo, Japan.

Travelers will be met for airport pickup and hotel transfer, ensuring a seamless start to their immersive journey.

This convenient arrangement takes the hassle out of navigating an unfamiliar city, allowing participants to dive right into the tour’s activities without worrying about transportation.

With a dedicated transfer service, guests can settle into their accommodation and begin exploring the wonders of Tokyo, the vibrant capital that serves as the gateway to the tour’s diverse itinerary across Japan.

This thoughtful service sets the stage for an effortless and enriching experience from the moment travelers arrive.

Physical Requirements

While the Discover Japan Tour offers a comprehensive itinerary exploring the country’s diverse landscapes and cultural highlights, participants should be aware of the moderate physical fitness level required to fully enjoy the experience.

The tour involves:

  1. Navigating uneven terrain, including hiking trails and steps at historical sites.
  2. Standing for extended periods during guided tours and walking excursions.
  3. Carrying personal luggage to and from accommodations.
  4. Maintaining an active pace throughout the 15-day itinerary.

Travelers with any mobility concerns or health conditions that may impact their ability to participate in the scheduled activities are encouraged to consult with the tour operator prior to booking. With proper preparation and mindfulness, the Discover Japan Tour can be an immensely rewarding experience for travelers of various fitness levels.

Booking and Cancellation

Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group - Booking and Cancellation

Travelers interested in booking the Discover Japan Tour can do so directly through the tour operator’s website or by contacting their customer service team.

The tour is non-refundable, and any cancellations or changes to reservations may result in penalties or forfeiture of the entire booking amount. It’s crucial to review the tour’s terms and conditions carefully before making a reservation.

Guests are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to protect themselves in case of unforeseen circumstances. The tour operator recommends booking well in advance, as space is limited to a maximum of 8 travelers.

Once the booking is confirmed, travelers will receive detailed information about the tour, including meeting points, transportation, and any necessary documentation.

Guest Reviews

The Discover Japan Tour has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from past participants, with a 5.0-star rating based on 11 reviews. Travelers rave about the exceptional quality of the tour, noting that it exceeded their expectations at every turn.

The small group size, knowledgeable guides, and seamless organization have been consistently praised.

Highlights noted by reviewers include:

  1. The breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and the serene landscapes of the Kiso Valley.
  2. The immersive cultural experiences, such as the traditional ryokan stay and the visits to historic sites in Kyoto.
  3. The delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine enjoyed throughout the tour.
  4. The perfect balance of structured activities and free time, allowing participants to explore at their own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Extend My Stay at the End of the Tour?

Extending your stay at the end of the tour is possible, but it’ll require additional arrangements. The tour operator can provide information on extending your hotel stay or assist with booking extra nights.

What Is the Maximum Group Size for This Tour?

The maximum group size for this tour is 8 travelers. The tour operator has specifically limited the group size to ensure a more intimate and personalized experience for participants.

Are There Any Special Discounts or Promotions Available?

Unfortunately, there is no information provided about any special discounts or promotions for this tour. The tour details indicate it is a non-refundable package with a set price of $10,898 per person.

Can I Request a Vegetarian or Halal Meal Option?

Yes, the tour offers vegetarian and halal meal options. Guests can request these dietary requirements when booking the tour, and the tour provider will accommodate the requests to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable culinary experience.

Is There an Option to Book Private Airport Transfers?

Yes, private airport transfers can be arranged for this tour. Travelers can request this additional service when booking the tour, which provides a convenient and hassle-free start and end to their Japanese adventure.


The Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group offers an immersive journey through the country’s cultural highlights and natural wonders.

With a focus on personalized experiences, comfortable accommodations, and local cuisine, this tour provides a well-rounded exploration of Japan’s iconic destinations.

Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of Japanese heritage or simply want to marvel at its stunning landscapes, this small-group adventure promises an unforgettable travel experience.

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